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The boarding house was all in arms. How could something like this happen to their Arnold?

" What are we going to do" Suzie cried, her husband Oskar patted her back carelessly. The boarders started to talk in amongst themselves.

" Well I know what I would do. Ge the TNT form under my bed and blow up who ever did this!" Ernie yelled, slamming his hands together. Mr. Hyunh shook his head, stating that they didn't even know who took them,

" You just going to run into the situation blind. That is very stupid" Hyunh continued. This just made them all start yelling. Phil didn't have time to listen to this.

" Hey, all of you need to just head to bed. Me and Pookie have called the police and have done all we could for know. We need a clear head, if we're going to go out looking Arnold and Helga." Phil sign. The boarders agreed, they could all reconvene in the morning.

" Nigh Phil' they said one by one, filing up the stairs and up the their rooms. Phil let out a long sigh and stretched, going to sit back in the living room.

On the other side of town was quite, except for monkeyman making his rounds.

The sliding of the fan was all you could hear in Phoebe's room. She laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She had a bad feeling, ever since she called Arnold warning him about Big Bob. Her heart-felt like it was going to stop. Her mouth dry.

' There in trouble I know it. But what can I do? I'm power less...' Phoebe sighed. She rolled over and reached for her phone on the night stand. The light of the phone hurt her eyes as she dialed.

" Hello" a person answered.

' Thank the stars in heaven he answered. I know he will know what to do'

" Gerald, I don't know what to do, and I know they are in trouble!" Phoebe breathed fast. Gerald had no clue what Phoebe was so upset about. He expected that she didn't get an A on a paper that she deserved.

" Hey, Phoebe I would love to help, but I don't know what is going on."

" I'm talking about Helga, Arnold and Big Bob" She started. Phoebe rolled her eyes as if he could see her reaction.

" I feel like I need to take a seat for this" Gerald joked to her. Phoebe continued to tell about how Big Bob has gone insane. Gerald really did need to take a seat. How could all of this happen without him knowing. Poor Helga, even though they only take in passing, no one deserves to be beating. Not a women, they were to be treated with respect, among other things.

" Phoebe I think that we should head over to Arnold's house and just check things out" Gerald spoke. He didn't like were her stories were leading, and he knew Arnold if he was in trouble he would have called him, " I'm coming over and we can see together."

Gerald hung up the phone and walked down stairs to see his father in the living room reading. His mom and sister were out on a girls weekend, leaving the men to do whatever they wanted.

" Hey dad, I'm going to go out be back in a few" Gerald waived. His dad gave a simple wave of the hand, continuing to read the paper. He knew he had a good son and knew he would be back at a decent hour.

It took Gerald about 20 min to walk all the way to Phoebe's. The street light flashed on and off every step they too. The wind picked up, making in cool. Phoebe shivered, pulling her arms to her. Gerald took off his jacket, rapping it around her.

" You don't need to be cold anymore" He gave her a toothy grin. She smiled back, pushing the hair out of face. She as glad she called. She rapped her arms around his as they walked. Moments later they were at the step of the boarding house.

" So far so good." Gerald smiled, knocking on the door. Phoebe was going to open her mouth when the door opened. A cat, pig, and other animals ran out.

" Hey gramps, is Arnold here? " Gerald asked, but was met with a sad face.

" Arnold isn't here and nether is Helga. Someone broke in his room and took them. Leaving glass and blood every where." Phoebe dropped to her knees, dropping to stairs. Her gut feeling was right.

' I should have done something sooner, now I might have lot my best friend.' Phoebe cried

" I TOLD YOU THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG!" she screamed. It took Gerald by surprise, but was soon down at her level and whispered things he hoped would make her feel better.

" Okay, you were right. Now we have to find out who took them and get them back" He winked at her. She shook her head.

What were they going to do?

" We don't even know where to start, let alone know who took them." Phoebe spoke, choking back tears. Gerald stopped and thought.

'Who could help us. This is kidnapping, dangerous killers...think think Gerald...'

It came to him moments later,

" We need to get down to docks and fast." grabbing Phoebe's hand, taking off down the street. When they were out of sight Phil look up to the sky and breathed in deep.

' I don't know if you can hear me Arnold, but I know you're a smart kid. Use you head." Closing the door.

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