"Then Shrek kissed the Princess, and she turned into a beautiful ogre, and they lived-" Puss in boots said, spinning Shrek and Fiona's tale to his comrades. The gang was gathered in Shrek's house, enjoying a few hours of relaxation. After some begging, Puss agreed to tell the young ogres the story. They liked it best when he told it, accent you know.

"Happily.' Donkey continued. Puss urged the others to add their own details and participate in the ending while he strummed his cat-sized guitar for efects.

"Ever." Fiona joined in looking affectionately at her husband.

"After." Shrek finished. The young ogres and "dronkies" cheered at the end of the story they loved so much. With the story done, Puss slipped to a fairly comfortable corner. Strumming his guitar thoughtfully.

"Man, I'll never get tired of that story." Donkey said.

"Speak for yourself." Shrek said with a light chuckle. The others talked amongst theme selves, paying no attention to the tomcat. Until a thought crossed the talkative mules mind.

"What about you?" Donkey asked the Spanish tabby.

"Hmm?" Puss responded pausing his guitar playing.

"Oh I'm sure you've got some great stories to tell." Donkey responded.

"Involving a Fraulein or two." One of the three little pigs said. His brothers nodded in agreement.

"We've heard my story more times then we can count." Shrek said taking notice of the conversation. "A new story is music to my ears."

"I don't know..." Puss muttered. He naturaly kept his past to himself. No one ever had an interest in it.

"Oh c'mon! Puss! Puss! Puss! Puss!" Donkey had hoped that the gang would join in. They didn't.

"You know he won't stop." Shrek told the cat.

"It's a long story." Puss warned.

"Ooo, my favorite kind, I'll get the popcorn!" Donkey rushed into Shrek and Fiona's kitchen.

"Well, if you wish." Puss gave in. He took his place on top Shrek's large armchair. His friends gathered around in front of him, eager for a new story. Donkey came back with enough popcorn for everyone and sat down. Looking at Puss with an anxious gaze.

"So it is a love story you desire mi amigos?" He pushed his hat a few centimeters down for a mysterious effect. "I have one. But, it dose not end with a happily ever after."

"But everything should end with happily ever after!" Donkey pouted.

"Si, Should. But if you don't want to hear it..."

"No. no. I'll stop talking." Puss blinked. Surprised at Donkey's statement. "Okay." He shrugged. "My story begins when I was a kitten in a small corner of Spain..."

Note: This is not connected with the upcoming Puss in boots movie in any way. I thank in advance everyone who reads and reviews.