Sorry it took so long to eek something out but I finally got a bit of inspiration. Thank you Wendy. This is unbeta'ed at the moment so read at your own risk.

Previously on Broken

I could feel the feelings of someone I thought was gone for good. What the fuck is Edward doing here? Could he be wanting my Bella, could he burning with feelings and thoughts about hurting her once more? If he is I would tear him apart, he can't just come back and expect things to be the same, nor can he just expect to be able to tear her world apart once more. If need be I will let my more dominant side out to deal with him, oh yes the Major would just love to tear him a new one, mostly for already hurting our mate. Our adorably gorgeous and sexy human mate, an internal snarl comes from the beast that is rattling his cage as thoughts of Edward hurting her flood my mind.

Currently on Broken BPOV:

The sadness in his expression is something else, he told me he didn't love me and yet has the nerve to look like someone killed his favorite pet. I know he is just upset because his brother loves me, he just wants me so no one else can have me. The sad thing is if I let myself I would forgive him, not in an I will get back together with you kind of way. No, I wouldn't ever hurt my mate like that but in a brother/sister kind of way.

I wish nothing bad to come to him, no matter what he did to me. It's not in me to wish anyone harm, however he deserves everything he gets and quite frankly I am happy with my mate. Now it is time to tell him that he won't stand a chance of getting me back and the snide comments about my mate won't stand. I won't deal with him being mean to Jas, he doesn't deserve it after pulling me back together and back from the edge of despair.

"Edward, can I talk to you?" I say quietly.

"Yes, love." He responds causing my heart to hurt with what I am about to do.

"Don't call me that," I say irritated.

"Why, not that is what you are to me?" He responds moving closer to me.

"This can't continue, you cannot say those things about your brother. You cannot continue to try to get me back, I don't want you in that way. You had your chance, you threw me away and quite frankly I am glad that you did. You could have gone about it in a better way but if you hadn't have broken up with me I wouldn't have my mate right now and for that I am grateful." I say softly.

His face gets kind of stony, "He is not your mate Isabella, I am and the sooner you remember that the better." He grabs me and crushes his mouth to mine in a brutal kiss. His arms tightening around me, his eyes darkening one of his hands comes loose and starts tearing at my clothing.


As I was taking down a mountain lion, I stumbled. The pain in my chest becoming unbearable. BELLA, I am coming my darlin'. I start running for the house, my rage building as her terror starts hitting me. What is he doing to her? As I near the house I start feeling something that scares the shit out of me, his rage and lust warring with each other. NO! He best not be doing what I think he is going to do.


The red haze clears as I burst through my cage. My speed picks up as I get even closer to the house I hear the sound of her clothing being shredded. That sick fuck thinks he can touch my mate in this way? A thundering roar raises from my throat as I crash through the door and see the state my mate is currently in.