Sirius sat there, thoroughly confused and concerned by what he was hearing. Why couldn't this be a simple stomach bug? Or food poisoning, why couldn't it be that? He came to the hospital wing fearing flue, stomach bug, food poisoning, or even intestinal cancer. But the news he received from Madame Pomfrey made him wish he had the latter.

"How… how is this possible?" Sirius asked, muddled with disbelief.

"It is a very old form of magic Mr. Black," the young matron said, apparently in shock as well. "I don't quite know exactly how it works, but after educating you we must help you decide what course of action you will take. You may decide, and the Ministry encourages this option, to-er-remove the-cause of your symptoms, or you may carry it out. If you decide the latter of the two, we will make sure to keep it as secretive as possible so you may, if you wish, try to live a happy and normal life."

"Thank you, Madame," Sirius said, looking up at the woman standing above his bed. He was still trying to wrap his head around what was happening. "I-I'll need some time… to think about this."

"That is understood Mr. Black." Madame Pomfrey nodded curtly before turning her heel and walking away. She paused momentarily to look over her shoulder and give one last word of advice. "I would suggest notifying the father."

Sirius' heart dropped. The father. How would he go about telling the father? What the bloody Hell am I supposed to do! I am sodding pregnant! This is what GIRLS worry about… not guys! How did this happen! Sirius, sitting up in bed, slumped over, putting his head down, his hands buried in his hair. How am I going to tell Remus? It is not like I can just waltz on over to him and say "Hello love, I'm pregnant."

Sirius sighed, a note of despair clearly in the air. He looked over at his bed stand, where some leafs were sitting, all with pictures of wizards in casual robes, smiling holding a child, or one wizard staring lovingly at another wizard, very pregnant. He grabbed one with a younger couple, a ginger and a blond, holding a baby and smiling. The leaf had golden blocky print across the top, reading "Male Pregnancy: The myths and the facts." Sirius snorted at the name as his eyes glanced as the writing changed to say "All you need to know on male pregnancy: how it happens, what it means, and how to break it to your partner."

Fine… What is there to know? He thought. The page changed before his eyes.

What is Male Pregnancy?

Male pregnancy is a wonderful thing. It only occurs when two wizards share a loving and intimate relationship so strong, that a magical charm is unknowingly performed. This charm allows the most submissive of the couple to carry a child.

Sirius snorted. I knew he should have taken bottom more often. He kept on reading

The charm causes a womb, much like a woman's uterus, to form inside the "carrier", just in front of the rectum, with an opening, much like a woman's cervix, connecting the two (refer to diagram a).

Sirius glanced at diagram a. It showed a split picture, one of the male reproductive system normally, clearly marking the rectum, the other showing the same graph, but with womb in between the rectum and the vas deferens. How do I even get pregnant! The words changed again.

Conception and Gestation

When the womb is conjured, it will remain in the carrier until the love between the pair is no longer mutual. During this time, the carrier will create an egg, sort of like female ovulation, except instead of releasing an egg from a gland once a month, an egg will appear everyday until fertilization happens.

When fertilization and implantation occur, an undetectable expansion charm is automatically placed on the womb so the baby can grow without damaging the carrier's organs.

Sirius glanced at the changing diagram. It showed the same image with the womb as before, except a little circle labeled "Egg" showed up. The diagram changed like a movie to show the fertilization, and the baby growing. This was all too much. What am I going to do? Shit the baby out!

The page then changed to a new chapter and diagram on delivery.

Sirius scowled. Great. I DO shit the baby out. And I thought Remus' prick was painful. And what will I do AFTER the pregnancy? Will I be left with the womb all my life?

The page changed again.

Long Term Effects

After you carry the child, or terminate pregnancy, the womb will disappear, and your reproductive system will go back to normal. Long term effects include moodiness, low testosterone, fluctuating libido, and heightened risk of re-conjuring the womb.

Effects on the Baby

If carried out, the chances of your child being a squib are 285 to 7556. The magic needed to let gestation happen has a tendency to, in a manner of speaking, absorb most of the growing child's magical abilities. The child, when born, will be magical, however, they will not be a witch or wizard.

Sirius wanted to know more, he was so busy reading he did not even notice a familiar figure standing by his bed.

"What the Hell are these leafs Sirius!" Remus' voice boomed, confused and angry.