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Now, so this isn't a total waste, here is a mini chapter! (does not count as one of the last three chapters).

Sirius sat on the bed, staring out the window. The bachelor party was in one day, and while Remus planned everything out, Sirius still needed to work on his practical joke. Deciding he could work on it from the hospital, he pressed the button, buzzing in the nurse.

I stout woman of about 50 walked in with a fake smile on her face.

"You rang, deary?" She said with a thick Scottish accent.

"What's an Scottish lass doing here in Russia?" Asked Sirius, taken aback by the lady's dialect.

"Oh, we here at M.P.C.R. get hired from everywhere. I originally was to work at St. Mungos, but alas, the hours were too extensive and the pay too small. Only six galleons an hour! It was madness. Anyway, what did you want me to do for ya?"

"I was wondering if you could get me an owl. I would like to send out a letter. Also, is there any place I could floo someone?"

"I can't help ya with the floo, but I can sure help ya with that owl. I take it you want an express?"

"Yes, please."

The nurse disappeared for a few hours, then arrived again with a hawk owl, a quill, and some parchment. Sirius thanked the nurse and began to write.


I know you will be back here to get me for the party, but before you do, I am expecting a package. It is extremely urgent that you grab it, but don't look at it! It's for the party.

If you could please just grab that package and bring it to me please.

I love you,


Remus was panicking. He must have gone into the bathroom to brush his teeth, fix his hair, and straighten his bow tie more times than he could count. When he got back to the hospital, he was going to propose to Sirius. After the incident this week, he didn't want to waste a second longer. Finally satisfied with his appearance, he walked into the kitchen, about ready to apparate to MPCR. He was just about to turn on his heel when an owl swooped in through the window and dropped a note on the table.

Brow furrowed, Remus picked up the note and read.

A package? Why on earth would he be expecting a package? Remus looked around the flat until he finally stumbled upon what could only be the package in question. It was a deep, shining purple with a green string binding it. Remus recognized this package anywhere. This was a Zonko's delivery. Rolling his eyes, Remus opened the package to see what was in it. It won't hurt to peek, he thought as he untied the string and popped the top off.

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