Shakuras 2473

Three Dark Templers walk into a small cave. They all felt a great power arrive. The Female off the three held an air of power and control around her. The first male with green eyes held an air of power and skill. The third a male with yellow eyes had an air skill and control. The three of them are the strongest Protoss on the planet. The female being their ruler.

"Zeratul are you sure this is not a Zerg," the male with yellow eyes asks the other male. He was dress in leather like armor and helm, only showing his eyes. In his hand was a staff with two blades coming out from ether in a sickle like form. He stood at the rear of the group to keep watch.

"Mohandar, fear not, Zeratul would not have brought us here if the Zerg weir here," the Female tells him. She wore a simple brown robe with shoulder pads made out a metal and a green stone of some kind. She held nothing in her hands other then a small sphere that glow a light orange color.

Zeratul nods his head. His face was cover by a mask, that reach almost down to his knees if not pass them. He had on no chess plate or any armor, just a cloak and some shorts of some kind. He too had a pare of shoulder pads like those that the female Protoss has. On his right arm was an arm guard with a green blade ejecting from it.

All three step in to find a small bedroom in the back of the cave. A Female Protoss steps out of the shadows seeing who enter her home. She wore attire denotes her position as a scholar, dark robes held in place by a wide hieroglyphic-inscribed sash that signifies her profession. A wide collar is locked around her neck with a thin etched tablet of Xel'naga origin attached to it-her prize possession. In her arm, she held a small bundle.

"Greetings again friend Zeratul. Welcome Raszagal, Mohandar, to my home," the female says with a small bow. Her amber eyes glow lightly in the dark room. Raszagal notes the bundle but does not say anything.

"Thank you Scholar Xerana. Zeratul brought us here saying you found something," Raszagal says returning the bow. Xerana turns her head to look at Zeratul who nods back before him and Mohandar walk out side to stand guard. Xerana looks down to the bundle she holds before holding it out to Raszagal. Raszagal takes the bundle before looking down at it. to her surprise she finds a male Terran baby in it. he already was showing signs of blond hair. On his cheeks are three scares. Even in the dark cave she could make out his blue eyes looking up at her. The baby lets out a small cooing sound before reaching up and grabbing one of her braids.

"Xerana where did you find this Terran," Raszagal asks worried they may have been found and Xerana kidnap the child.

"here in my home Matriarch. I woke up to him crying three moons ago. Zeratul was scouting in the area at the time," Xerana tells her worried she would have the child kill.

"I see then no Terran have found us. Xerana what is the Terran name," Raszagal asks, she could feel his power. if taught how to use it he could grow up to be stronger then Zeratul. If she could smile she would at that thought.

"from what I could gleam from his mind. His name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, but what worries me is what he holds in him. he holds a demon of great power. I fear the Zerg would do any thing to get it," Xerana says.

"yes I can feel it as will. it seems to be confused," Raszagal closes her eyes for a minute. "there, now that should fix it. Interesting, it knows of us already before coming here. Ah, so this Terran boy is not from our reality but another altogether. Xerana until he reaches the age of trial, you are to raise him in our ways. The great demon in him will teach him of his home ways. Zeratul will remain here to help."

"yes Matriarch," Xerana says with a bow taking back Naruto who coos at her not sure why he was being pass around or who they where. "I shall raise him in our ways. Is there any thing else Matriarch?"

"yes until he reaches the age of trials this is your job as it will be Zeratul. I see him playing a great role in times to come," Raszagal tells her before leaving.

Xerana looks down at Naruto. Noticing him reaching out she gives him a one of her finger to play with. 'Need to get him some toys and find food for him until he can feed off energy like us.' She had been feed him small berries for the last few days and milk from a Kakaru.

-five years later-

A small five-year-old Terran ran into his mother's room. He just woke up from a nightmare.

"Kaa-Chan," he calls out in a shaky voice. Even with his mothers teaching he still could not get into her mind and speak when she was asleep. Xerana slowly rolls over in her bed to look at the boy. Reaching out she touches his head.

"Yes Naruto," Xerana ask already knowing what happen.

"Can I stay with you to night. I'm scared," Naruto asks. His hair reaches mid back. Like his mother, it was in braids or locks. Xerana sits up then picks up Naruto. Caring him back to his bed.

"You must learn to face your fears. Do you not want to grow up like Zeratul," Xerana asks play to Naruto's hero.

Naruto nods his head now knowing where it was going, "ok Kaa-Chan. But can you read to me tomorrow night please."

"Yes I can," Xerana says as she places Naruto back into his bed. Touching him on his forehead Naruto understands this is her way of kissing him goodnight.

"Night Kaa-Chan," Naruto says before falling asleep again.

Xerana leaves after a few minutes. Making her way back to her room she starts to worry she report the dreams to Raszagal who was trying to figure out what they meant. Only time would tell.

-Naruto age ten-

Naruto stood facing Zeratul. Naruto had grown to about 4'5". His blond hair now reaches the small of his back, like Xerana and Zeratul; he had his hair in braids. He wore a dark leather shirt and pants. Naruto's bare feet shift in the soft dirt, as he gets ready to strike back. Zeratul holds a staff in his hand unlike Mohandar this one had no blades, it had to wooden blades to teach young Protoss.

Zeratul looks down at Naruto who is cover in sores and cuts. Naruto for his part was having the time of his life. He always found it fun to fight Zeratul even when he was holding back greatly. Today was the day he would land a hit on him.

Ducking under a swing Naruto tries to punch his gut only for him to block it with the staff again. Opening his hand Naruto makes to grab the staff right before he hits it. Grabbing it, Naruto uses it to pull himself forward into Zeratul. Zeratul just sides step it making Naruto spin right back into him thanks to him holding on to the staff. Zeratul lets go and jumps back. Naruto lands in a roll before charging in at his teacher. Zeratul soon was on the defensive ducking and weaving through Naruto's attack. Zeratul then notes Naruto was not attacking like a Dark Temper or a Zealot. In fact he attack in such an away only Zeratul years of training and battles kept him from getting hit. It was like fighting a fox if he knew what one was. Naruto look at the staff before breaking off the blades. Going on the attack again, he felt alive. He never felt like this before the battle, life, or death. Zeratul notes Naruto eyes change from his cheerfulness into eyes of a person who train for years. Seeing this Zeratul smirks, it seem Raszagal was right. He would be stronger then he was.

Zeratul ducks under another swing aim for his head before rolling to the side. Picking up another staff Zeratul starts to fight back. Naruto soon was moving backwards. Being smaller and weaker then Zeratul made it hard for him to keep up. Leaping to the side Naruto throws his staff at Zeratul hitting him in the arm. Landing in a heap Naruto grins like a mad man.

'yea I got you finally,' Naruto shouts finally able to talk with his mind.

'will done Naruto, But you still have much to learn,' Zeratul says wondering why Naruto broke the wooden blades on the staff. Weight or could it he did not like them. 'come it's time for me to teach you blink.'

Naruto grins like a crazy fox getting to learn something new.

-eight years later-Fujita Facility-

A woman's eyes snap open. She felt a great power scream out. She felt something like this before. But this time it was so strong it felt like the air was gone making it hard to breath. Reaching out she tries to find this power source. To her surprise it was many light years away. She swore to herself she would find this power or person learn from him or her.

-Shakuras same time-

Naruto was doing The Shadow Walk. The Shadow Walk is an element of Dark Templar culture. Protoss must pass it before officially becoming a Dark Templar. It requires the aspirant to walk down a valley and keep only to the shadows, out of which Dark Templar will spring out unexpectedly to assault him/her. Once making it to the end of the valley without being incapacitated, the Protoss passes the test.

Will more he just pass it. letting out a scream he release all of his power unconsciously, making a person in his future swear to serve him. Naruto was now standing in front of Raszagal.

'well done Naruto you are the first none Protoss and most likely the only to pass the Shadow Walk. I welcome you to the Dark Tempers. May the Void guide you on your journey,' Raszagal tells him as he grins like a fox. He had grown to be just over six feet tall. His hair still reach mid back, his clothing had not change ether other then color. Naruto some how found a way to dye it a dark orange color. On his left cheek was a clan marking. It was a half arrow pointing to his mouth. In the center were two vertical lines space evenly. While Xerana was not part of any true clan, Naruto found it hidden away. When his mother found out lets just say the Shadow Walk was a walk in the park to what she did.

'thank you Matriarch,' Naruto says with a bow on his back was a custom made staff. On his right arm was arm guard holding his Warp blade. On a black belt hang another Warp blade, this one forming a sword that he found fun to use.

'now its time for you to live among the Terran. While you have grown strong you must learn of your own kind. But fear not, Naruto, you shall not be far from help if need be,' Matriarch tells him returning the bow. 'Now go get ready for your journey.'

Naruto bows one more time before leaving to get ready. Moving quickly through the Shadows Naruto made it to the small cave the his mother and him live in. Xerana was reading over some notes someone asks her help on, when Naruto walk in. She knew just from the power that he passes. Reaching out with her powers she felt him longing to beheld. Getting up and leaning down she pulls her son into a loving hug. Naruto returns the hug.

'I leave soon,' Naruto tells her not really wanting to leave since it would be his first time being away for her for longer then a week.

'you will be finding. Aiur will watch over you on your journey. I know you will do many great things," Xerana tells her son helping him to calm down. 'Beside the Matriarch wants you to find a Terran female to grow close to and love. I think she wants to have Terran Dark Templers if you ask me or just more mini you running around.'

'did she tell you this or did you probe her mind,' Naruto asks.

'just be feeling my son. You forget she was laughing when you painted the great faces of Aiur, and Khas under the nose of Zeratul and the rest of the Dark Templers,' she tells him making Naruto smile.

'yea Mohandar start to scream bloody murder at me then try to hunt me down in his Void Ray,' Naruto says remembering the event.

'now pack my son. You leave soon,' Xerana tells him pushing him to his room to pack. Xerana walks to her own room. Walking over to a secret compartment she opens it. pulling out four scrolls she holds them closely. She had not told anyone when she found Naruto these weirs with him. she read the only one she could open. She knew he would feel hurt for not telling him. but she did as the scroll told her. Walking back out she found Naruto already pact.

'these belong to you my son. When I found you these lay beside you. the first one explains why I did not give them to you sooner. In fact I am to wait three more years, but I feel you are ready my son,' Xerana tells him as she hands him the scrolls. Naruto looks at them before placing them in his bag. Naruto then hugs Xerana. Xerana returns the hug and places her forehead on his. Nether knew they would only see each other then Zeratul would return at the end of the Great War.

Duke: "This is Duke. The Emitters are secure and on line."

Kerrigan: "who authorized the use of Psi Emitters?"

Arcturus: "I did, Lieutenant."

Kerrigan: "what? The Confederates on Antiga were bad enough, but now you want to use the Zerg against an entire planet? This is insane."

Raynor: "she's right, man. Think this through"

Arcturus: "I have thought it through, believe me. You all have your orders. Carry them out."

Arcturus: "I will not be stopped. Not by you or the Confederates, or the Protoss, or anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me."

A twenty one year old male sat looking at the screen. He wonders what the last part meant. Getting up the male picks up a staff and walks out side. Keeping to the shadows, he makes his way down the street stopping when some walk close to him. A large dog like animal stops close to him sniffing the air it turns to face the shadow the man was hidden in. with out warning the large dog like creature was yank into the shadows. Shortly after, it came back out walking two steps before falling over dead. It never knew what happen. The man steps out of the shadows and runs down the streets. Coming up to a broken bridge the man grins.

'thank you Zeratul,' is all he thinks before vanish in a blink and dark shadow like smoke and reappearing on the other side in the same way. Spotting a body the man walks over to it. Seeing it was a Terran Marine, with his rifle lay near by him. Picking up the rifle the man looks at it before aiming down the sites. Grinning the man picks up a few clips of ammo before moving on with the rifle at the ready. Slowly making his way along he spots an Overlord hanging over a large courtyard. Making his way closer to it, he spots three Hydralisk. Taking aim, the man fires off three rounds. Three Hydralisk drop to the ground.

The man looks at the rifle before throwing it and the ammo away. To loud for him, making his way through the courtyard the man hears cannon fire coming from the other side of a mall. Slowly entering the mall the man finds himself looking strait into the barrel of a C-10 rifle. On the other end was a female Ghost in a hostile environment suit. A pare of green eyes look at him as the rifle barrel move to point at his head. The man remains and relaxes as if no one was pointing a rifle at his head.

"Who are you? How the hell did you get here," the Ghost asks keeping the rifle aim at him. The main reaches under his cloak. The woman tightens her grip and shifts a little telling him to stop. The man withdraws his hand holding a recording device holding out the woman takes. Hitting the play button, she is shock with what she hears.

Duke: "This is Duke. The Emitters are secure and on line."

Kerrigan: "who authorized the use of Psi Emitters?"

Arcturus: "I did, Lieutenant."

Kerrigan: "what? The Confederates on Antiga were bad enough, but now you want to use the Zerg against an entire planet? This is insane."

Raynor: "she's right, man. Think this through"

Arcturus: "I have thought it through, believe me. You all have your orders. Carry them out."

Arcturus: "I will not be stopped. Not by you or the Confederates, or the Protoss, or anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me."

The man turns to look out side the mall. Walking over to a window he pulls out his staff. Looking around he spots three Protoss with a dragoon making their way down the street. Holding the staff lightly he turns to look back at the woman who now was talking to someone. Picking up a small stone he throws it at her then point out side. The woman notes the Protoss making their way up the street. Cursing she pulls the man deeper into the mall. The man just follows her not caring. Finding a small clothing store, she pushes him into the changing room, gets in, and locks the door. After a minute, they both hear footsteps. Someone tries to open the door. The Ghost aims her rifle at the door as the man readies his staff. Soon a blue blade shoots through the door's lock cutting it open.

A Protoss steps into the room wearing yellow armor. On each arm was a blue Psi blade. The man and the Ghost both could hear the energy of the Protoss shield crackling around him. the Protoss was a Zealot the lowest warrior any Protoss could be, mostly the lower class became Zealots, and a few made it pass and became a pilot. The Zealot turns to look at the two. To bad it focuses on the Ghost first. The man shot forward ramming his shoulder into the Zealot sending both of them through the wall thanks to the Zealots shield. The man rolls off the Zealot onto his feet. Spinning, the man swing his staff at the Zealot as it leaps to his feet. Leaping over the low swing the Zealot charges at him.

The Ghost runs out after the two hoping to get a quick shot off before the Protoss's friends show up only to find the Zealot being push back by the man. The man ducks under a swing and brings his staff up between the Protoss legs. If it was a human will he would be sing in a very high pitch voice. The Ghost even felt the blow, but what happen next made her wonder who the man was. The man kept forcing his staff up picking the Zealot up then swings over his head brings the Zealot crashing down headfirst. Leaping back the man starts to grin as the Zealot gets back up.

"your pretty weak for a Protoss. I mean I face fresh Templers and they gave me more of a fight then you have been giving me. But then again I did train under Zeratul for almost all my life," the man says aloud now grinning like a fox. The Ghost takes a closer look at the man and notes a few more things about him. His blond hair reach down to the small of his back. Looking into his eyes the Ghost under stood even thou, they held a soft caring side in them. These blue eyes knew what it meant to fight for your life. However, made her wonder the most was the tattoo and the scares on his face came from. The tattoo looks almost like a Protoss tattoo.

"come now Terran shows me what you can do to a Protoss," the Zealot taunts not knowing he was signing his death warrant with his neck line. "Come now so I can send your mother your head before having my way with her then killing her."

The man looks strait at the Protoss before speaking in Khalani, 'you should not have said that.'

The man lets out a roar making the Zealot wet himself in fear. The man now had a dark red cloak of energy covering him. His eyes now change to red with slit pupils. His fangs grew a little as did his nails, becoming claw like. Throwing his staff at the Ghost the man pulls out a small metal item, with a hand guard at one end. Turning it on, a glowing green blade appears taking the form of a Katana blade.

"Zerashk Gulida!" (Oblivion waits)

The man screams before charging the Zealot. Ducking under a weak counter attack the man swings from the Zealots right hip to his left shoulder killing him before the armor knew what happen. The man closes his eyes before speaking again. "Adun Toridas." (Adun hide you.)

The man turns to looks at the ghost as he puts his sword away. Taking his staff back he leads her to a real safe place to hid, a meat locker. Closing the door the man lets out a breath.

"who are you and how the hell do you know how to speak what they speak," the Ghost demands.

"My mother taught me. Moreover, I am Dark Templar Naruto Uzumaki. And who are you," Naruto asks the ghost as the Dragoon walks by.

"Sarah Kerrigan. My forces are on the other side of the mall. If we can get their we should be safe. But now," Kerrigan starts.

"look I know a few people. Maybe they can help," Naruto says running a finger under his nose looking away. Kerrigan wonder why he was looking away now. Looking down she notes some how her suit got rip up. Jumping, will more like falling to the ground she does the best to cover herself up. Naruto throws her his cloak. Kerrigan puts it on feeling warmer already. Looking she notes Naruto had on a custom made C-10 rifle. In fact it almost looks like a barrel with the hand grip and a stock. The scope was also custom made so not to tie into any headgear. It carried an 8 round clip of Psi rounds that took him and Zeratul a year to make. He found them to be better then most other rounds. For one they made no sound when fired and left no real shell behind. Next, they could destroy a tank or just nock out a baby. The stock and butt of the rifle was built to make sure the rifle had no recoil at all.

Next, he pulled out a bunch of throwing knives and places them on the ground. A few look a little weird with what look like tribal art on the handle of it. after that he places his arm guard on the ground with his staff. Looking at Kerrigan he waits for her to show what she had. Picking up on that she nods to her rifle, "that's it. I got a knife too but I am not pulling that one out."

"ok that's fine. Just want to know is all," Naruto says raising his hand to hold off any attacks.

Looking down Naruto close his eyes taking a few deep breaths. After a minute, his eyes snap open. "She's closer then I thought. Come on you can help me."

Naruto stands up and opens the door. Peaking out side, he spots no one around. looking back he notes Kerrigan looking at him if he was crazy.

"yes I am crazy. Now grab your things we need to move or the I may miss my chances at find her," Naruto says giving Kerrigan his best crazy smile.

"who's her. Your girlfriend who ran away from you," Kerrigan ask with a sharp bite at the end.

"no someone from where I come from. How she got here, I have no clue. So come on before the Zerg or the Protoss find them," Naruto say charging deeper into the mall. Kerrigan follows behind him not sure, why she was following him. Along the way she loss her hood to her suit letting her long red hair fly behind her. Naruto turns a sharp corner by grabbing onto the cornet and using it to pivot his body.

Kerrigan turns the corner to find another Zealot in a pillar twenty feet away. Naruto brings up his rifle to bear before firing one round into the Zealot head killing it. making his way at the same pace Naruto tries to stop in front of a small diner. Naruto goes sliding into a small coffee stand. Will he would if someone had not step onto his gut stopping him.

"Mohandar you did miss me I knew it," Naruto says to the cloak Templar.

"You did that on purpose," Mohandar says aloud in Terran as he de-cloaks. Kerrigan brings her rifle to bear only for Naruto shout at her.

"stop he's a friend of mine. Oh mind getting off of me. I am not a foot rest like some want me to be," Naruto says as Mohandar removes his foot from his gut. Naruto leaps to his feet before giving Mohandar a friendly hug that he returns.

"your mother is fine Naruto," Mohandar tells him before both take a step back to look at Kerrigan, who had not lower her rifle.

"Sarah meet Mohandar, Leader of the Dark Templers fleet, and the best pilot I know of. Mohandar meet Sarah Kerrigan, one hell of a Ghost if she got her act into gear," Naruto says before making his way into the diner to let them talk it out.

"so Protoss going to help your friends wipe my men out to kill the Zerg," Sarah asks.

"no. while I do not hate or wish death on them. I shall not take in their ways of killing everything. And why does a Terran defend the Zerg any ways," Mohandar ask in return.

"orders," is all Sarah tells him.

"Aaahhh stop doing that," Naruto cries out. He comes running out with two blond ten-year-old girls chasing him with knives. One some how got a Psi Blade. "I did not mean it that way. Why do you Terran take very thing so literal? I meant as a place to be safe and have fun. Not that way you little snot nose brat."

Kerrigan and Mohandar both watch as Naruto got chase around the mall by two ten-year-olds. One with green eyes and the other with dark color eyes. Other then those they weir clones of one other. Both Sarah and Mohandar at first thought they weir twins. But after some mind probing it turn out the dark eye girl seems to adopt into the old family. The green eye on seem to be more out going not so worried what others would think as the other.

"get back here you stupid adult. I am going to cut you nice and slow for what you said to my sister," the green eye girl yells.

"like heck I am going to let you cut me with that. those hurt like he-double-toothpicks. If you use your sisters knife that she has now then I may," Naruto cries out as the green eye girl throws her knife at him.

"Nova please stop," the dark eye girl asks her sister.

"why for all we know he could want to take us some where and sell us into slavery," Nova says loudly not knowing all her yelling as bring the Dragoon to them.

Naruto stiffens up and looks down the hall way as the Dragoon comes into view.

"great thanks to your yelling we got that," Naruto says pointing at the Dragoon making its way down the hall. "Mohandar can you."

"take them and run I can deal with a Dragoon," Mohandar says vanishing once again.

Naruto uses blink to get behind the girls waiting a few seconds Naruto grabs them around the waist before using blink again to vanish to another area out of site of the Dragoon. Soon he returns grabbing Sarah. One of his is arm around her waist the other right under her neck. Yet again he vanish using blink, Letting Sarah go Naruto grabs one of the girls and picks her up. Grabbing the other ones hand, he leads her and Sarah through the mall again. This time looking for an exit closes to his ship. Turning Naruto ducks into a clothing store. Sarah follows them in wondering why the change. Naruto grabs Sarah and pulls her father back into the store covering her mouth. Using his hand he tells her to keep an eye on the girls while he goes to scout out the area.

Naruto vanish into the shadows once again. Sarah looks around and not sure to thank Naruto, god, or someone but it turn out she end up in the women area. Looking around she finds some clothing that fit under armor. Placing on a dark pink camo tank top and some dark camo pants, puts her armor back on. Moving around a bit she makes sure she could still move freely. Grinning that she can she hear something she never wanted to hear?

"This is Captain Collin we stop the Protoss but a Zerg wave is moving in. We need pickup now."

"Belay that order. We are moving out."

"what! Your just not going to leave her."

"all ships prepare to move away from Tarsonsa on my mark."

"aaahhhhh sir. About that pickup?"

"damn you Arcturus. Don't do this."

"it's done. Helmsmen single the fleet and take us out of orbit. Now!"

Sarah turns off the radio no longer able to bare it any more. Arcturus turns out to be no better then who he was fighting. Sarah looks at the two girls who hid in the changing room. She wanted to go and help her men but knew it would not help. If she went, everyone would die. Maybe she could save these two and herself. And the Naruto guy seem like he was able to get them out off here.

"um ma'am are you ok you like your going to cry," the dark eye girl as softly scared as she hold onto her sister.

"I am not sure. Someone I trust just turn his back on me and my men. And now I can do nothing to help them," Sarah says softly. "but I promise to get you two out of here alive ok."

"ok," the girl says softly, hiding her face behind her sister.

Sarah moves so she could get a good look over the store. Making sure no one could get in or out with out her knowing it. other then Naruto and anyone that could cloak themselves. Lying down on top of her stop, she drapes Naruto's cloak over her to create a sniper blind. The only thing showing was her barrel and scope of her rifle. Sarah looks down to see both girls locking the door to the changing room. Reaching down to her right leg, she grabs her side arm. She figure not tell Naruto in case he tried any thing. Using her powers she makes sure it lands with out going off or making much noise in the changing room the Sisters lock themselves into. Sarah then notes movement out side the store. A large dog like creature walks into the doorway.


Sarah takes aim for its head. Firing one round the creature drops like a log. Soon two more show up sniffing the air. Holding her fire, Sarah waits for a clear shot to take them both out. Before she could gun fire could be heard. It sounded like a Marine rifle being fired on full auto. Soon both Zerg go running off to find the Marine who save her life.

Biting her lip Kerrigan looks down before turning the Safety on. No matter what she promises them she would get them out alive. Now she just hopes Naruto got back soon. He seem to be able to tell when something bad was about to happen and then get out of it with easy. Sarah then notes movement in the shadows. Stepping out of them, Naruto looks around before waving up at her. Holding up three fingers on his right hand and four on his left, he taps his ear then mouth. Sarah notices what he meant. Changing her radio channel to three-four, Sarah waits a minute before speaking softly.

"Who's the Marine that still alive," Sarah asks Naruto who also pulled out his Rifle and aim at the door.

"Talking to him. I hid a died Marine's Rifle before coming into the mall. I went out and got it before throwing a clip into a small fire. Look like it works. Any way my ship is about two clicks east of here. If we move now we can get there with in an hour at a good pace before the Zerg find it," Naruto tells her loading a fresh clip into his Rifle. "how are you on ammo?"

"I got three clips left and half of clip in my Rifle still. The girls have my side arm and that has three clips of 20 rounds each," Sarah tells him checking her ammo count.

"ok before we move out I will give you three clips of my ammo. Eight rounds each. But they can stop a Battlecruiser with one shot if you hit the right place with it," Naruto tells her as he moves closer to her keeping an eye on the door. Sarah did the same but kept an eye on him as will to keep him covered. "I know this sound weird now. However, do you think after this is over I could buy you and the girls diner or a drink. I know this small restaurant on this one this beautiful beach. White sand blue water. What do you say?"

"if you get us out of here alive I will kiss you," Sarah said.

"no you keep the kiss I just want to buy you girls' diner or can I get you something else," Naruto says now under her hiding spot.

"about we figure this out once we get off this planet," Sarah snaps not wanting to hang around any longer.

"fine. You want me to get them out of the changing room and you cover the door," Naruto ask keeping his Rifle on the door way still.

"yea," is all Sarah says turning off the Safety as another large dog shows up.

"hold your fire. Let that one go no need to bring more then is needed," Naruto tells her as he moves back into the changing room knocking on the door that held the two girls. It opens a crack Naruto sees one green eye looking back at him. it closes again before opening all the way showing the green eye girl holding the pistol in both hands. Naruto waves them over. "You two stay close to me. We both will get out two out of here." Naruto leads them back to a place he can cover the door and Sarah as she moves to a new place to cover the door and them. Naruto tells the two to go over to Sarah and give her the three clips he promises her. The girls run over to Sarah who thanks them and smiles softly.

"Sarah I will move out to the small snack cart out side and use it to cover you. Get the girls out and head right. Find a place to hide. I need to check out another thing before we leave. If I am right it should only be a minute," Naruto tells her over the radio. Sarah hits the mike once before waiting for the all clear from Naruto to move.

Naruto moves to the snack bar and looks down the hall both ways. He spots a Zerg sniffing a dead body to his left. Taking aim Naruto gets ready to fire when he stops. He spots a Terran walking up to it. The Zerg backs away from the Terran. Naruto now watches as the Terran picks up the body and leaves. Following him with his scope Naruto waits until he is sure he is gone before calling Sarah and the girls out. They move down to a toy store and hid in with the large stuff animals. Naruto makes his way back to the Diner finding the Dragoon lying on the ground with a large hole going strait through it. looking around Naruto can not see or since Mohandar any where close to him.

'damn runs as soon as he could. That's fine. But I could have use the help,' Naruto thinks to himself before going to get Sarah and the girls. On his way he starts to think about Sarah and why she seems to glow. Her powers also seem to be greater then any other Ghost he had ran into or seen. Blinking into the store Naruto spots a Zerg sniffing around. Naruto pulls out his staff. Once again Blinking Naruto drops onto the staff screaming in his mind "Zerashk Gulida"

Naruto activates the warp blade on his staff as he slams it into the Zerg brain. Naruto rolls to the left as he comes up swing his staff back into the Zerg cutting of a leg and it's head in one go. Standing up Naruto turns off the warp blade and puts his staff back onto his back. Blinking over Naruto picks up his rifle again. Making his way in he radio's Sarah.

"All clear or how ever you say it. However, let's move anyway. I just saw a Terran that the Zerg back away from. So who ever he is lets not stick around and find out," Naruto tells her as he keeps an eye on the doorway again. Sarah joins him again this time caring the Dark eye girls who seem too scared to let go. Naruto figure she saw the Zerg or him kill it. he would talk to her later about it. leading them out of the store. Naruto stops to pick up the green eye on and place her on his back. Naruto and Sarah make their way down another hallway. Finding a stair well Naruto opens the door slowly looking around he spots no one or senses anything. Waving Sarah in Naruto closes the door after them.

This time Sarah leads them down the next three flights of stares to the ground floor. Naruto moves to the front to open the door. Opening it Sarah looks around before moving back out into the open. Naruto sweeps in after her closing the door. As they head east they find two more Zerg that they both take down with a will time shot. Moving on Naruto takes lead again once out side. Sticking to the shadows Naruto leads them down the same path he came in. Naruto stops and pulls Sarah back farther into the Shadows as a large group of Zerg walk by. Following after them was a weird looking cocoon. Naruto takes aim at the cocoon before empting his clip into it. all the Zerg start to scream and run around looking for who damage the Cocoon. The cocoon opens up as a black hair ghost drops from it Sarah lets out a small gasp knowing her. Naruto loads a fresh clip into it before looking at Sarah who nods slowly knowing he was going to keep her from feeling any more pain. Sarah turns away making sure the girls could not see as will. Naruto notes the woman was looking at them. Naruto mouths sorry to her and get a shaky smile and a nod back. One shot was all he fired before leading Sarah again. The ghost head drops to the ground as she closes her eyes for the final time.

Naruto leads them to another courtyard. Stopping he places the girl he is caring on the ground before making his way out into the courtyard. He comes running back a minute later nodding his head. picking up the girl again he looks at Sarah.

"stay right behind me and just keep moving. My ship is cloak right now so we need to move fast. Those Zerg will have smell our trail by now and are coming after us," Naruto tells her. Sarah nods and gets ready to follow Naruto. Naruto looks again to make sure no one was around. Running Naruto vanish shortly follow by Sarah. Sarah barley changes her pace in time to be running up a few steps into a ship. Naruto stood off to the side. Once she got in, he hits the latch closing the door. Leading her to the cockpit. Naruto places the green eye girl into a chair before strapping her in. Sarah finds only on other chair. Moving the girl to her lap Sarah straps them in as Naruto jumps into the pilot seat and turns the ship on. Sarah watches as Protoss words race across the screen as Naruto's hand dance across the controls. Soon the ship leaps to life as they bolt into the air. Naruto throws the ship into a hard right turn before hitting a few keys. Naruto then takes them out of the plants atmosphere once clear of the planet and the junk in space Naruto punches a few more keeps before opening a rift in space. Once open Naruto flies strait in vanishing from a terrain spy ship that remain hanging around to make sure everyone died on the planet. To bad for them Naruto made the jump before it could track it. but the new emperor knew someone and made it off the planet and knew of what he had done.

Naruto closes his eyes once they weir safe. Turning his chair around Naruto looks over the three he just save. Sarah was still holding the girl who now seem to be past out. The other just kept glaring at him but her eyes soften when she notes him looking at her.

"we are safe now. In a few days we will be with the rest of the Dark Templers on Shakuras. I think Mom would not mind housing you for the time being. Or until we find you a better place to sleep," Naruto tells them.

"who is your mother," Sarah asks.

"Xerana she is a scholar who now remains on Shakuras so I can find her with easy if I need to talk to her. Don't worry I think she will mother you to death once she she's how beat up you are," Naruto says with a smile.

"Beat up? I may have a few cuts and bruises but I am not beaten up in any way," Sarah snaps back.

"Not you the brats," Naruto says pointing at the sisters. The green eye one nods her head before getting out of her chair and walking away. Her sister soon joins her

"So what now other then meeting your mom," Sarah asks as she close her eyes hoping Raynor made it.

"wait and pray we can find a way to stop the Zerg. Not only that, the Terran I saw is still out there," Naruto tells her.

"and they now look like the Zerg are taking captives," Sarah points out about the ghost they freed and saved in a way.

"I am not sure. Something tells me she was no prisoner. In fact, I think the Zerg plan on infecting her with the Zerg Gene. If that is true they could be starting a brand new race of Zerg," Naruto says softly incase the girls came back.

"but the way she was guarded and from how many Zerg their were. Tells me she was the only one. If not how many," Sarah asks pulling her knees up and resting her chin on them.

"one. She was the only one. Think about. Your every day Terran does not have the Psi level to draw the Zerg to them. Ghost do, I also hack into your forces database. She was the only other ghost still alive at the time. I kind tracked all of your idée's. It is also, why I stop before jumping. We cannot let them get hold of that type of power," Naruto explain to her.

"what else did you hack," Sarah ask looking at him.

"oh a few camera's, mostly base camera. But I do remember seeing a red head get attack in her room by two guys," Naruto tells her not knowing it was her and that happen four days ago.

"any thing else," Sarah asks with a small tease.

"hey I know what's ok or not ok to do. The question should be did you want me to or not," Naruto asks turning the table. "any way if you want a place to sleep you and the girls can have my room. After that happen to day I think I am not going to get much sleep."

Sarah stands up slowly looking at Naruto, "you sure?"

"yes. Besides I have a few things to do. Oh leave your arm out side your room. I will see if I can fix it up a little," Naruto tells her as she leaves.

Naruto sits at a work bench fixing Sarah's armor when he feels a tug on the back of his shirt. Looking down he sees the dark eye girl looking up at him.

"your like me. Baa-Chan keeps yelling at me to attack you. why," She asks not sure what would happen.

"how many," Naruto asks wondering so he could help her master hers.

The girl holds up two fingers, Naruto holds up nine and grins, "yea but I had a friend help me control it and help the fur ball out as will. When they get sealed into something or someone they lose parts of their mind. It gets worst every time they get sealed. My friend fixed the fur balls mind so I was able to control her with greater easy. I can help by keeping yours from talking to you in your sleep or taking over. But to fix its mind you need to find someone stronger then me with the mind to that."

"Sarah," She asks making Naruto blush a little.

"she could maybe one day. Now hold still," Naruto tells her as he places his hand on her head. as he puts up some walls he sends a message to her Demon telling it to back off or else.

"there how does that feel," Naruto asks her.

"better. Um," She starts not sure what to ask.

"what," Naruto asks wondering what wrong now.

"how can you hold the Kyuubi when you only been missing five years and be older then me. Are you a ninja," the girl asks with big eyes.

"I was sent here shortly after the sealing. If not right after by my fathers student. As for why I am older I have an idea. I believe that time moves at a faster rate here then back where we both weir born. How long have you been here, and how old weir you when the Kyuubi attack my birth place," Naruto ask wondering what the time would be like.

"I was five and I been here five years. However, how are you still older then me. Kaa-Chan sent me here about the same time you got sent here," the girl says as tears start to form.

"because the sealing went wrong dear child," a female voice says as a female Protoss steps out from the shadows.

"you still got to tell me how you do that Matriarch," Naruto says with a small head bow.

"in do time Naruto. Child, when your mother sent you here something happens. It took it 7.5 years for the seal to fix it's self. During that time, you would not know what was happening. Therefore, when you finally emerge, in this galaxy you believe did not know you waited 7.5 years. I believe the seal found Naruto and sent you here because you both come from the same world. This also my explain your need to find her Naruto," the Matriarch tells them and explains. The girl sniffs a few times but nods her head. the Matriarch places her hand on the girls head fixing her demons mind as she did with Naruto. "Dark Templar Naruto I want you to help her master her demon if she wishes to learn how to use it. I shall see you when you arrive."

With that she vanishes. Making Naruto grumble about good for nothing show offs. Turning to look at the girl Naruto gives her a warm smile, "want to help me fix Sarah's suit. I am trying to figure what color would be best. But remember it needs to be dark."

"purple. I think she would look pretty in purple or pink," the girl says with a smile as she walks over and stands on her toes to see the workbench. Naruto reaches down and picks her up sitting her in his lap. Looking down the girl notes Sarah's suit seems to be looking a lot better then before. However, she wonder about the arms since Naruto replace them with a Templar cloaking shield and personal shielding unit. Naruto also adds in a Wrap blade on her right arm. Like his, the blade can come out over the elbow. The final add on is a new power unit.

"purple, red and blue right. I think I have some dye we can use," Naruto says as he places her on the bench before looking around for it.

The girl watches him look around before pulling out some dyes and walks back over, "ok you mix them and I will dye it ok Yugito."

"hey how do you know my name I never told you it," Yugito snaps at him.

"sorry I saw it when I enter your mind to put up the shields. I wanted to know what your name was. The Templers do not enter minds unless they feel they must. So what do you say you mix and I dye it," Naruto says as he opens the dies for her.

"ok," she says with her first smile Naruto had seen. Naruto tells her about his home as she mixes the dyes together. Once finish Naruto shows her how to dye clothing and save most of the Dye. Once finish Naruto hangs it to dry. Picking up Yugito he starts to make his way to put her to bed.

"I'm not tired. And Nova kicks in her sleep," Yugito says softly.

"must be a black moon then," Naruto says randomly as he makes his way back up to the cockpit with Yugito.

"black moon," Yugito asks not sure what that meant.

"once a year. The moon turns black. Every time it does, I can not fall asleep. In addition, no matter where I am at I always feel it. Hm mmm, how about I teach you how to fly. We are in slip space so we are safe. And you can't run into any thing like I did when I started," Naruto says sitting her down in the pilot seat. "ok first these control speed. I lock the speed in so do not worry about that. 'Naruto points to two buttons' this one is the breaks do not touch. Next these control pitch, main use them when not in space. Lastly, these are the fun ones. They control where you want to go."

Naruto looks at a screen and grins, "how about we make a fly by over Korhal. Spook those guys down there."

"ok," Yugito say as she gets ready to start flying. Naruto hops into the seat her and Sarah both sat in earlier. Tapping his foot on a button a panel opens up and another control pad slides out.

"ok Yugito you have control when I drop us out. But if need be I can retake control. So if you lose control do not worry ok," Naruto tells her as he brings them out of slip space.

Yugito fingers start to push the buttons making the ship turn hard to left. Naruto keeps an eye on the radar and frowns seeing three small fighters coming out to meet them. Naruto powers up the shield and weapons, "sorry play time is over Yugito. strap in you can be copilot. See the small green screen with the three yellow dots on it."

"yes. What is it," Yugito asks as Naruto throws his ship into a hard dive to the right.

"Radar. Tell me if you see any more show up," Naruto starts to curse in Protoss, "why I dropped us out here. Should have dropped us out over some other planet. Haven would have been a better one to drop out over."

"um Nissan, two more showed up and they are bigger," Yugito says as a rocket goes flying by.

"Yugito go get Sarah. Then I want you and Nova to remain in that room. Tell Sarah to move it and get up here," Naruto says as her hits the breaks as another rocket flies by. Yugito jumps down and run to the bedroom. Naruto does his best to keep out of reach spinning the ship around he notes the new comers weir Battlecruiser. Sarah runs in dress only in her pants and a sports bra. Looking around she notes the cruisers closing in on them.

"what happen," is all she asks as she stands behind Naruto who jumps up and push her into the chair as he runs to the other one.

"Thought I could teach Yugito how to fly. I did not know the cloak turn off when we took off. Right now I need a copilot to keep an eye on the shields and return fire," Naruto tells her as he jumps into the pilot seat. Once again his finger race across the controls spinning the ship to the left and diving low and under the cruisers. "ha I like to see Maverick do those."

"You got three more Cruisers coming in. They are boxing us in," Sarah yells. "How do I return fire?"

"Red button fires missiles. Yellow is photon cannons. Hold on this is going to get hairy," Naruto cries out as he spins the ship into a corkscrew dive before giving a yell over the open com-channel, "Na Adan Atum!"

Sarah looks up at him if he was nuts once more. Looking back, she fires three missiles at the closes cruiser making it slowly lean to port. Firing photon cannon into the hall breach Sarah eyes widen as the cruiser explodes taking out three smaller ships coming by it. Naruto shouts nice one as he pulls up. Hitting the slip drive Naruto watches as the rip opens once more. Flying into Naruto lets out a breath of relief now being safe, "next stop Haven then home."

"we would be if they did not track us. You did not note the spy ship in the area did you," Sarah asks as Naruto stands up looking tired all of sudden.

"I did. That's why we are going to make a small jump then another three jumps to make sure we lost them before heading to…"

Naruto finish as he falls to the ground. Sarah jumps up and grabs him before he hits the ground. Finding him sound asleep. She lowers him to the ground resting his head in her lap. Sarah has a small blush on her face as he just sits there waiting for him to wake up.

One down who knows how many more to go