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"Come on Nova we are going to be late again," Yugito yells back at her sister as they rush to school. Nova throws a kunai handle first into the back of her sister's head.

"Only because you wanted to get sushi for breakfast, do not try blaming this on me," Nova yells back at her as she past her turning it into a race. "Oh last one there gets to do dishes for a month."

"You're on," Yugito yells making people on the streets look at them. Coming up to a large red and white building both pick up speed hearing a large bell ring telling them they only had five minutes to get to class. Right as the last bell rings both makes it to their class room.

"Yugito, Nova why are you both late AGAIN," their Sensei yells at them. He stood a little over 5 feet 8 inches' tall. The man has brown hair that he keeps in a ponytail dark eyes and a gash across the bridge of his nose which he has had since his youth. He wears the standard Konoha Shinobi outfit complete with forehead protector, sandals and flak jacket.

Both Yugito and Nova share a look before speaking at the same time.

"Yugito wanted to get Sushi so we had to wait for her order/Nova would not get out of bed in time to get breakfast."

Their Sensei groans knowing both are telling the truth and speaking at the same time to stay out of trouble. "Go to your seats. We will deal with this later."

"Hai Iruka Sensei," both say before running to their seats in the back of class. Nova had her hair in messy wolf tail keeping it out of her green eyes. She had on a skin tight tank top jump suit. The cloth had armor weave into it making it able to stand up to a Kunai thrown from a Genin and a few weak Chūnin. The Armor itself was a dark grey running from the top of her neck to just above both her knees. Around her waist is a dark grey belt holding her toll pouch, a combat knife and two extra clips of ammo for the Rifle she was working on with Sarah.

Yugito is wearing a black and white shirt. The top part of the shirt was black stopping right just under the top of her rib cage, both sleeves weir also black. She had on purple pants with clouds on the bottom of the legs. Her kunai holster was tied to her right thigh with her own combat knife. Unlike her sister she did not like the feel of the Rifle so she began to make a Psi Blade staff like Naruto's. Only problem was both Sarah and Naruto told them they could not use it on the field until they became Genin and their Jonin Sensei gave them the ok to use it.

Both of them had their own fan club and following of boys. One for who their guardians' was, mainly Naruto. The other because unlike the other girls who dieted they did a lot of training to kept the fat away and get a will define body. Only problem was two clan heirs who kept trying to get them. And both started the first day they join the academy.

-Flash back-

Two years earlier a month after arriving.

It was the first day of the next school year and the parents once again walk with their children into the class room. Each year they did this so they would get an understanding what would happen. But this time the clan heads look forward to this one. Rumor was two new students would be joining both post to be able to take on a Chūnin on their own.

Sarah dress in a white shirt and black pants walk with Nova and Yugito trying to find the class room. She had her combat boots on to hide her knife in case she needs it. On her right leg was a tactical thigh holster holding her pistol. Her hair was cut back a little so when let down it only reach mid back. Rolling her shoulder Sarah tries to do her best to get use to the clothing she was in. Looking at the girls Sarah smiles seeing them talking to one other about their new home. Coming up to the door she notes they were not the last people to get there. Walking in she spots a lot of the clan heads.

"Go find some seats girls," Sarah says pushing the girls as she walks up to an open seat by a woman with long spiky brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. She has fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick. She was wearing the standard outfit of a Konoha Shinobi. As she made her way Sarah holds her head high as many of the men watch her move. Taking the seat she closes her eyes and relaxes into the chair.

Both Nova and Yugito got seats in the front of the class next to one other. Both look around the room wondering who the strongest student in the room was. After finding them they talk about who they thought it was.

"It's that weird boy in the back," Nova says first taking another look back at the boy.

"The one with the glass or shades," Yugito asks looking back as well.

"Shades talking to the bug on his finger," Nova said mimicking him.

"No I think it's the one laying his head down on the table. He's a Nara. They are post to be really smart," Yugito says under her breath. "They can also control shadows. But nothing likes Otousan can."

"Yea that's true Naruto is pretty strong. Hey why did you just call him dad," Nova asks.

"I did not call him that did I," Yugito says blushing.

"You did to," Nova says grinning. "You now I think about it Naruto and Sarah both weir up late last week working on some paperwork. When I talk to them about it was to make them our guardians or something. So would that make them our new parents?"

"I think so. But let's ask first before we start calling them Otou-san and Oka-Chan," Yugito says quietly. Both stop talking when another student sits down in the only open seat next to them. Looking at him to see him lean forward to rest his mouth in his enclose hands and close his eyes. Not a minute later another student marches up to them and starts to yell.

"What do you witches think you are doing sitting next to Sasuke-kun," the girl yells. The girl has bright pink hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She is wearing a red qipao dress with white circular designs, tight dark green shorts. Both Yugito and Nova clean out their ears from the scream the girl let out at them.

Nova speaks first, "we got here first, that boy just got here so go sit somewhere else. Beside these were the only two chairs by one other when we got here."

"I sit next to Sasuke-kun now move it witch," the girl says making a move to grab Yugito. Before she could even get a good grip on Yugito shirt she felt something being press into the back of her skull as well as two blades one to her neck and the other just above her pelvis. Both Yugito and Nova grin seeing Sarah standing there with her pistol digging into the back of the girl's cranium.

"What are you doing to my daughter you good for nothing street walker," another woman who looks like an older copy of the girl scream seeing what was going on. Sarah turns to face the woman keeping her pistol to the girls head.

"Why I am stopping her from harming a girl under my care. Now unless you want to join her shut it and find a seat. I am not in the mood for dealing with any one right now," Sarah snaps at her whishing she had her rifle heck was fully arm and had her armor on. But no Naruto said do not use it unless on a mission or training.

The woman starts to laugh, "You must not know who I am. I am Sakumo Hanuro and I am a member of this village's council. Unhand my daughter now."

Every clan head in the room watch wondering what Sarah would do. Would she bow to a civilian or would she grow a pare as some would say. Too much joy of the civilian Sarah lowers her gun, with a chuckle.

"I am sorry but these two were here first so your daughter needs to find another seat. Now for your screaming I think you need to clean out your ears or get rid of those large earrings because they must be making it hard for you to hear. Here let me help you out," Sarah brings up her gun so fast and fires two rounds before anyone knew what was happing. Sakumo screams loudly as her earrings get rip/ shot out off her ears. Grabbing them she tries to stop the bleeding to feel something press into her forehead.

"Now you listen up. I made a promise to those girls to keep them safe. And I plan on keeping it even if it's from a woman who thinks she is queen of the world because of some title. Will let me tell you something. I have killed people with way more power then you and have more guards then people in this room. And that's when they go to the bath room. So you tell me if I should be scared. So shut up, sit down and stop whining like the wench you are," Sarah says grabbing the woman by her left ear and pulling her to her feet. "Or I will give you something to whine about."

The two ANBU in the room stood still understanding there orders only to intervene if things got out of hand, only if things got out of hand, like Sarah trying to kill the hussy. Both look at one other and shrug.

"You will pay for this. The council will see you hang for hurting one of their members," Sakumo growls at Sarah. Sarah just grins making the woman hurry and find a seat. Sarah looks at the two of them grinning.

"Good reflexes' but a little slows still. And Nova the pelvis is a one shot do not always go for it," Sarah tells them before taking her seat again. Jettisoning the old clip Sarah loads a fresh clip before holstering her weapon.

-End of flashback-

Thanks to them both moving so quickly they had a fan club following them now. Yugito and Nova both learn quickly how shallow they could be.

"Now everyone is here we may begin. We are going to go over what types of missions you will be facing once you become a ninja. Now does any know what the mission ranking system is," Iruka asks the class standing next to the chalkboard ready to write down the right answers. Several hands went up at once. Looking around he points to a civilian family girl in the third row.

"They go from A-E right," the asks only knowing about six levels to the mission system.

"Close Ami but its D, being the lowest, to A with S ranks being the highest. Now what type of mission would you most likely be going on if it was C-rank," Iruka asks righting the ranks with space to write under them.

Nova hand shoots up into the air knowing the answer, "escort mission usually in the country. High C-rank missions may take you to other countries that are on the border and are friendly terms with the country and village."

"Very good Nova. Now what would I most likely face on these missions," Iruka asks.

Yugito puts her hand up before answering, "bandits to low level ninja mostly Genin if you face any at all. Only because you are within your country."

"Very good you two. I am surprise you know this only because, YOU TWO SLEPT THROUGH THAT LISSION," Iruka shouts at the end making everyone laugh at the two. Both shrug their shoulders before grinning.

"Very will now what is an S-rank mission," Iruka asks wondering if anyone would know. He barely went over them because they should not know about them. Iruka smiles to himself seeing four hands go up. Shino was the first to raise his hand follow by Yugito and Nova, Sasuke raise his last with the same smirk he always seem to have on his face.

"Shino what is an S-rank mission and why is call S-rank," Iruka inquires as he looks at the boy.

"Assignation," is all Shino says making everyone gasp. Iruka nods his head before finishing for him, "true but you are forgetting missing ninja rank. If you rank into an S-rank Mission ninja on any mission level it becomes an S-rank mission. Another thing is all S-rank mission is only known by three to four people. First being the Hokage, next the ninja that has been given the mission. The client and the target are the last two people who know about the mission."

Iruka looks at his class and smiles seeing them thinking and talking it over between themselves what he just said. A few minutes later boy in the middle of the class raise his hand, "are we able to talk about them after we do the mission with are family and friends?"

"I just told you who knows about them. All you can say you went on an S-rank mission and that's it nothing more. People could use those missions against us for their own gain so we do not talk about them unless the Hokage gives you the ok," Iruka explains a little more, pausing to let it sink in. Both Nova and Yugito look at one another and nod in understanding now why both Sarah and Naruto did not always talk about the missions they went on. Yugito raise her hand and waits for Iruka to nod at her.

"What if more than one person goes on the mission," Yugito asks wonder if they both got their own mission. Iruka smiles at her before answering, "Thank you for asking. I am telling you now I have never done an S-rank mission. So I would not really know. I have friends who have, and they tell me if more than one goes on it they do talk a little about it. To be truthful I do not think they told me everything. They are very tight lip about those missions."

Yugito bows her head in thanks before lowering her hand. Iruka looks around the class and knows they need a break now. Looking at the clock seeing they only be in class for about an hour Iruka started class, "I am going to give you ten minute break to think and talk some more. After the break we will be doing spars."


A small group of Jonin and ANBU stood in the Hokages office looking through his all seeing crystal ball of his. They at that moment watching the graduating class. It was at this time the Jonin who would become Jonin instructors for new Genin teams started to pick what Genin they would like on their team. Two Jonin stood in the crowed to pick a student who would replace a missing member of team, that ether quit the ninja force or had die on a mission or in the Chūnin exams. Another stood there to take a look at who would be joining the force. Standing in the crowed was an ANBU with a cat face mask on watching the class.

Yugao was making plans on retiring from the ANBU core and taking on a team of her own, she already had her eyes set on her adopted cousins and now just need to pick a third teammate. Her eyes stop on another new student that join a few months after Yugito and Nova had. She knew at once the boy was toy solder for Danzo and his Ne forces. If that was true he would be a good team member to pick he had good midrange attacks and show signs of knowing how to use a sword. She also figure if she could get Naruto or one of the Templers to enter his mind and show him the truth they would get a nice little spy.

Looking to her left stood two Templers making everyone in the room a little uneasy. While most of the ninja force had met one or more of them at one point in time it still did not help with the way look and talk. The only clan that openly great them and show signs of friend ship was the Yamanaka clan. The only other clan that show any sign of friend ship was the Hyuuga clan only because the Head of the Hyuuga clan was trying to make an alliance with Naruto and the Templers. Yugao shock her head thinking how the Hyuuga elders try and pull a marriage contract and force Naruto and Hinata Hyuuga to be married. While the contract was real, Naruto believe it would unwise for him to marry a girl who should have been his age now close ten years his junior.

Both Hiashi and Naruto had to fight it out in the Chūnin exam arena. The Elders had also picked two other Hyuuga to fight for them. Naruto had Sarah and one of the younger Templar's battles the other two. Both end the fights quickly and without a lot of blood lost. It was after that Hiashi started to come over with both his daughters to talk with Naruto in private saying his home had one too many eyes watching. From what she could find out was Hiashi wanted to find a way to make an alliance with Naruto and the Templar. It took them nearly a year before they came to agreement. Even Yugao was not sure what it was. But she did see Hinata Hyuuga around the compound a lot more.

To her right was her friend and rookie Jonin. She wears make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Her regular outfit consists of a red mesh armor blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Over this is very broad material which resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs are also wrapped in bandages and she wears the Konoha Forehead Protector and regular Shinobi sandals. Her shoulder-length black hair frames her face drawing out her red eyes that had two rings.

"Kurenai who do you think will drop out now," Yugao asks her friend as she watches the students talk about the mission ranks and what could happen.

"Most from a civilian family will drop out before the end of the day or fail the last test to have another year to think about it. Anyone from a ninja family will most likely stay," Kurenai says as she looks over at the other Jonin in the room. One of the Templers to Yugao left leans down to talk to her.

"Would it not be wise to push everyone through any ways? Give a post that will not place them in danger," the Templar asks, even for being on the planet for two years they still found it hard to understand Terran way of thinking. The Protoss would get any one who wanted to join the military a place that would help. But with the war with the Zerg grew more and more got push onto the front lines.

"Because of the civilian council has got a lot of say in what goes on in the teaching of the students. Also laws have been lay down to keep that from happening. I agree with you at times it would help, Ardraxxus. But, it would hurt the ninja force more than help it. Higher rank ninja would need to be pulled from other post to teach them or watch over them. Also if our force grows to much the other villages may go to war with us to destroy our village thinking we have become too powerful," Yugao says to Ardraxxus giving him the short and quick version.

Ardraxxus nods his head seeing the logic behind it, making a quick hand sign to his partner before both vanish into the shadows. Yugao blinks her eyes before looking back around the room to see the door open and five people walk into the room. The Hokage looks up to see his two former teammates now two of the three village elders with Danzo. With came in Sakumo Hanuro now head of the civilian council and Hiashi Hyuuga. Yugao figure Hiashi came to speak with the Hokage about where his daughter would be place.

"Ah it seems we made it just in time," Sakumo says with a smirk before sending a glare at Yugao. Since what happen on the twins first day at the academy Sakumo has done everything in her power to destroy them and Naruto. Yugao had heard a few rumors about Sakumo going around on a plan to take control of the Templers, and have them kill Naruto. She was not sure how true they were, but she passes them onto Naruto and Sarah when she heard them never the less.

"What does the village elders and civilian council leader need today," the Hokage asks fighting not to sigh seeing them enter. He knew Hiashi was going to be coming to talk with him. But that was not till after he was done with this meeting.

"We have come to see how the team will be built this year and make sure they are built right. The Ino-Shika-Cho trio will remain the same taught but your son, Asuma. Next we believe it would be best to have Yugito and Nova both slip apart," Sakumo starts hiding her smirk only for Yugao to cut her off.

"Will not happen. Naruto-san made sure before leaving if they both pass they would remain on the same team. Beside they already work well together, it may take a little time for them to get uses to a third member even with the drills they do at the academy," Yugao growls at her not liking where it was going.

"Naruto has no say in this matter. He is not even head of the clan, or ninja council member there for has no rights to have any say in the team," Sakumo says with a grin, "while I am head of the civilian council."

"Can you repeat the last two words again," one of the Jonin asks as he pulls out a cigarette and makes to light it only stop from a glare sent at him by Kurenai.

"Civilian council. Why does that matter, I am the head of it," Sakumo demands not knowing she just sign her own death warrant.

"Thank you as you said you are part of the civilian council. You deal with the civilians not the ninja side of life in the village. So team place meant would fall outside your say," the Jonin tells her before going on. "Beside clan heads have a right to pick one of two things. One, they may request a Jonin Sensei to be in charge of the team their child is on if said Jonin will be taking a team. The other is they may request who is on the team. Now knowing Naruto-san from what I have heard and know about him, would want to place his girls together only because it would mean less of those Protoss, you civilians hate so much, running around keeping an eye on them. So why do you not go and deal with something that would be helpful for once."

Sakumo remains quit for a minute thinking everything over. Growling under her breath she bites backs a cursing seeing how she was beaten at her game. She forgot about the Protoss watch dogs as she called them keeping an eye on the twins, "very well they may remain but we pick the Sensei and their third teammate. We already pick ether Sasuke Uchiha or Sai, both would work great with them."

"You can't put the Uchiha on their team. Have you forgotten what Naruto-Sama did to the Uchiha last time he met him," Kurenai asks everyone in the room. "He nearly killed him, you should be grateful that Anko and his mother could calm him down. If they had not your Uchiha would be missing more than an eye."

"That de- Naruto-san had no right to harm the great Uchiha-Sama," Danzo said with a smirk hoping to gain some control in the room.

"you forget Danzo that your Uchiha went up to Naruto-Sama and demand for him to teach him everything he knew, then told him to sign a marriage contract that made it so both Nova and Yugito were nothing but slaves to him. I believe he even went as far as demand him to have the Protoss train him and give him their weapons and armor," Kurenai says standing up for her friend cousin and land lord.

"They have no right to hold those weapons and armor just for themselves," one of the elders snaps.

"But they do, they have no tie to this village other then Naruto-san," the smoking Jonin tells the pain in the rear end. "So unless you want to piss them and Naruto-san off I would stop trying to get there gear."

The elders both glare at him before backing down. When Yugao speaks up, "Lord Hokage I will drop off my list later today. I have promise to meet the twins for lunch, so if nothing else I will take my leave."

"You may are all dismiss. Kakashi you better give me the list before the tower closes or you will be doing E-rank mission in your free time. Hiashi you may stay," the Hokage tells everyone as Yugao and Kurenai bow quickly before leaving. Once everyone left Hiashi sits down in one of the chair with a sigh.

"Sorry for entering during your meeting, but I felt you may need some support from the Ninja side of the council," Hiashi tells the Hokage who just nods his head.

"What can I do for you Hiashi," the age Hokage asks as the Hyuuga clan head pulls out two scrolls.

"As you know the Hyuuga Elders have tried to get Naruto to marry my daughter Hinata in a way that would make the Hyuuga get the better deal. I am here before you today to have you sign a clan transfer contract, and immunity contract," Hiashi tells the Hokage before giving him the scrolls to read over.

As the Third reads over the scrolls he smiles lightly, "so this is what you two been working on. I must say I did not think you would go this far to protect them."

"It is the only way. The elders are planning on marking her with cage bird seal as soon as she becomes a Genin. They fear she may join the branch and main houses together again. While I want to see that happen I cannot protect both of my daughters. By doing this I can clear the path way for my youngest to take the head seat."

"You have everything here cover. What does Sarah have to say about this?"

"Naruto has explained it to her. She agrees, while Hinata will not be part of their family but place under the branch family with Yugao as her guardian. I am unsure if Naruto has spoken to her about it yet."

"Keep her close to keep an eye and keep her safe but still make it look like she open. You want the elders to do something."

"They have been at our heels for the last two years. Naruto believes this will be the best way to also draw out any traitors with in the village. Kumo has also been making threats about wanting Yugito-san back. The Templers will not attack unless one of the members of their clan is."

"Naruto is play a very dangers game here. This could blow up in your faces. But Kumo has been making threats. Only problem is the Templers are becoming more known to the other countries. The only thing keeping them safe is their base is hidden away somewhere. Those cloaks of theirs must be what are keeping them hidden."

"I think it's something else. I believe they are using Naruto's land as an outpost and a gateway. It has those pylons and cannons covering the wall and gate to enter the compound," Hiashi says remembering seeing the drones working around the property. The third nods his head before thinking over a few things.

"Has Naruto talk about taking a seat on the council," the Third ask without warning as he stands up to look out over the village. He knew he need to keep control or he may have a civil war on his hands that would weaken the village to the point of another great war.

"I have brought it up a few times. Each time Naruto-san has shown little in taking his family seat. In fact last time I talk to him about he thought of giving it to Yugao. I believe it may to do with his loyalty to the Protoss. This village has not been real welcoming to him and his family. While many of the clans are slowly welcoming the Protoss many still do not trust them."

"Yes I can see that mainly from the Civilian clans. The day Naruto and his team left to go back to the place he grew up, I had over a thousand requests to storm his home and take everything to ether given to young Sasuke Uchiha or for the general use in the ninja force."

"Did they really request for the Uchiha to get all that gear?"

"Not strait out. But I figure it out from who was asking. What I am worry about is someone making a grab for the twins to use them to get Naruto hand over the Protoss weapon and armor. He clear stated that we as a people are not ready for it or will be getting any accesses to it. The only people I know who have so far is Anko and Tsunade outside his little family. Yugao talk about to seeing if I would talk to him about getting some armor for the ANBU."

"That would be helpful even if it was just armor. Shield may give us away as for they do give off an energy that you can feel if they get to close. Even their structures have shielding that would help the village greatly in a time of war."

"But it would also make this village a major target to other villages. If we grow to much the other great villages will declare war on us to gain or destroy anything that they see as a threat. Iwa already has been poking at our borers most likely to get at Naruto."

Hiashi sat quietly thinking everything over, "just the wall and a few key area and buildings and a few none key structures. No clan compound or we will have the council claiming they need it for their houses as well."

"They are already trying to get me to have assign extra ANBU to them. They want two full units to guard each of them and their families. That would pull all of our ANBU from the field," the Third says with a sigh today was going to be a long day.

-With Yugao and Kurenai-

Both made their way through the village slowly. They took their time to get to the park Yugao told she would meet them at.

"Who do you think will be place as the third member of your team," Kurenai asks her friend as she spots a Protoss watching them before vanishing into the shadows.

"The council will push for the Uchiha because he wants the twins. If I could I would rather get root ninja. That way I can control what Danzo learns about my team or the twins. He has been pushing to get them or the Protoss Tec a lot," Yugao says before waving to an ANBU who nods back before moving on with his patrol. Several other ANBU sat on key buildings watching the street below.

"If the council does get its way they will have Kakashi as team Sensei. While I trust him to fight for the village I would be weary that the council uses his father's death as blackmail to get him to do stuff. He is the only person left in the village that has a Sharingan still anyways," Yugao tells her friend as they come to a cross street. "You going to join us or do you have plans?"

"I need to meet up Tsume-san. Kiba is one of the three I would like on my team. His bash behavior would help somewhat breaking Hinata out of her shell," Kurenai replies making her friend laugh.

"I will pass that along to the twins. They been working on that since she started to come over," Yugao says with a laugh before throwing a wave to Kurenai and head to the right as her friend head off the clan compound of her hopeful future student. Yugao made her way to the park remembering how her life got flip upside down by her cousin showing up again. While at first she was upset she later let it go, he did fight tooth and nail to make sure she kept her ANBU squad, even if she was not longer in charge of all Female ANBU. When talking to him, Naruto told her it was play at to hurt him through her and to punish anyone who was friends or family to him. Shaking her head Yugao tries to not dwell on those thoughts. Her mind did turn to her family and wondering what he was doing with his team.

Sorry for taking so long on getting this chapter out but I really wanted to get some sub plot going back in the elemental nations. I have the pairings mostly plan out for the twins aka Yugito and Nova. Still trying to figure out who gets who. The three main ideas are Gaara, Haku-male, and Shino; I may do Sai but not sure. This will be most likely the only chapter in the elemental nations until Naruto and crew come back. Was thinking of adding Fu to the group read a really good Naruto Fu pairing thought it would be fun. Tell me what you think about that. If I get a lot of good feedback on that idea I will add her. Otherwise it will just remain Sarah and Anko, who I have plans for.