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Chapter 2

Montressor High set up the graduation ceremony to make sure everything and everyone were in their places. Ariel and her friends were nervous as they sat down in their chairs. Marina was standing in front of the podium and adjusts the mic. She cleared her throat and spoke into the mic, "Hello, everyone and welcome to Montressor High Graduation ceremony. Mr. Louis will be handing out the diplomas as I call out our graduate's names." Jim saw his redhead angel from afar in his lion form. He couldn't get in because was not allowed to go in the ceremony unless he was a family member. Sinbad was in his lion form and saw his son looking over the ceremony.

Sinbad lightly chuckled and walked towards his son. He sat by his side and said with a smile, "I'm sure she'll be safe with her friends and father." Jim said nothing and continued to watch his angel. Sinbad sighed and said, "You'll get to see her at her party. She'll be fine." Jim sighed and said, "I know it's just…" Sinbad asked, "Is this about what happened at Atlantis?" Jim sighed and nodded his head. Sinbad said with confidence, "Jim I know what you're feeling. I felt the same thing about your mother when she was an outsider." Jim asked, "What if I'm not around to protect her?" Sinbad sighed and said, "You are not alone, my son. You have friends and families who will help you in times of chaos." Sinbad started to walk away and Jim asked, "Do you know anyone with the initials J.S.?" Sinbad said and walked away, "No." Jim looked and found his angel getting her diploma.

Marina said into the mic, "Ariel Triton." The redhead walked on the stage and Louis handed her diploma. The photographer took the picture and Ariel went back into her seat and waited for everyone to receive their diplomas. After the diplomas were handed out, Ariel found her father and ran towards him. She gave her father a hug and Triton said with a smile, "I'm sure your mother would be proud of you." Ariel smiled and said, "Thanks, Daddy." Tiana and the girls walked up to their redhead friend.

Meg said with a sly smile, "What are we doing here? We should be at Ariel's having a party." All of the girls and Ariel saw her lion from afar. The redhead smiled and Charlotte said as she pulled her arm, "Come on, girl, we gotta get you ready for the after party." Ariel said with a smile, "Okay, I'm coming." Ariel followed the girls and looked back to find her lion watching over her. Ariel smiled and followed the girls. Triton said as he got into his jeep, "Ariel, something has come up at work. I'll come to the party later." Ariel said with a smile, "Okay, be safe." Her father chuckled and kissed her forehead before he left. Ariel sighed and headed home.

Jim was getting his suit on and said, "Okay, you can do this." Kayley knocked on her brother's door and said, "Come on, little brother we have your fiancée's party to go to." Jim said as he was putting on cologne, "I'll be out just a minute." Jim did a quick self-check and opened door and said, "Hey, sis." Kayley picked up her brother's cologne scent and asked with a half-smile, "Are you wearing cologne?" Jim said defensively, "What? I just want to wear this because it's supposed to be formal party." Kayley snickered and said with a sly grin, "The reason why you are wearing cologne is that you want to impress Ariel." Jim smelled his sister's perfume and smirked. Jim said as Kayley and he went downstairs, "Just as you are wearing that rose perfume to impress your fiancé."

Kayley hit her brother's shoulder and said defensively, "I'm trying to be more feminine. After all, I'm going to be married." Jim snickered said with a sly smile, "Yeah, to a dog." This got his sister riled up and Kayley said angrily as she transformed, "You little troll." She then pounced on him and both of them were rolling down the stairs. Sarah yelled seriously, "Stop it the both of you! I swear so help me, I will make sure both you are grounded for a month." Jim and Kayley separated and looked away in embarrassment. Milo came down the stairs and asked innocently, "So what did I miss?" Sarah sighed and said as she straightened out her dress, "Look, we are going to Ariel's graduation party and I don't want us to be in danger." Sinbad said as he came down the stairs, "Your mother is right. Some of Ariel's friends wouldn't understand like Ariel does."

Jane came down the stairs and said to her son, "You have to talk to your father." Sinbad sighed and asked annoyed, "What does the old cyborg have a problem with now?" Jane giggled and said, "Something about being in a monkey suit." The old cyborg lion grumbled as he came down the stairs and wore a black tuxedo. Silver said annoyed, "I hate these monkey suits. Every time I wear these suits makes me feel like a chubby waiter." Jane chuckled, kissed her husband's cheek, and said with a smile, "I think you look handsome." Silver smiled at his wife and said, "Fine, I'll wear the monkey suit." Jim chuckled and said, "Well, time to head for the party."

Flynn said with a sly smile, "Hold on there. We're coming too." Booster said with a smile, "After all, Ariel is our friend." Gurgi said with a smile, "Gurgi like Ariel. Gurgi is Ariel's friend." Stitch said as he walked to the door, "Ariel is ohana. She is family." Jim smiled and knew that he had people who were willing to save her. Sinbad opened the door and found Phoebus in front of him. Phoebus asked with a sly smile, "Ready for the party?" Sarah asked as she looked to find Phoebus's family, "Where is Esmeralda and Zephyr?" Phoebus answered with a smile, "They went on ahead towards the party. My wife told me that to make sure you were coming." Sinbad said with sly smile, "I never missed party Phoebus and I bet I can beat you there." Phoebus turned into his form and said, "You're on." Sinbad turned into his form and raced with the half wolf.

Tiana said to her redhead as she finished fixing her hair, "Girl, you are going to make him speechless." Ariel was wearing a dark aqua gown, white high heels, and the dark sapphire rose, that Jim gave her, in her hair. Ariel smiled and said, "Thanks, Tiana. You're a good friend." Tiana smiled and said as she was heading out the door, "Okay, I'll be downstairs setting up the party and I'll get dress." Ariel smiled at her friend and looked in the mirror.

Ariel looked almost like her mother and her head was starting to hurt. Ariel's vision was getting fuzzy and she fainted to the floor. Ariel woke up and found herself at the palace once more. Ariel asked herself, "I'm back here again?" Ariel went towards the balcony and saw her mother holding herself as a baby. Ariel smiled and walked towards her mother. Ariel stopped when she saw a lion walking towards her. Ariel looked at this lion and saw that this lion was different from the Hawkins's family lion forms. Athena looked at the lion and said with a smile, "Hello, old friend." The lion bowed his head and said, "It's good to see you again, Athena." The lion looked at her baby and said with a smile, "Such a beautiful child." Athena smiled and said as she sat down, "Her name is Arielna. She has her father's eyes."

Ariel thought as she heard this, 'I have another father…?' The lion looked over Athena and Ariel saw that the lion was looking at her. Ariel looked at the lion and the lion roared at her. Ariel woke up and found herself in her room again. Ariel said as she straightened out her dress, "I have to tell Jim about these dreams." Meg came into the room and said as she wore her purple dress, "Everyone is here at the party." Meg saw Ariel's face pale and asked worried, "You okay there Red?" Ariel smiled and said as she walked towards the door, "I'm fine." Meg said with worry, "Just take it easy Red." Ariel nodded her head and said with a smile, "Okay, I will."

Jim and his family arrived at Ariel's party and saw the theme was ocean and sky. Jim saw Ariel's friends and asked Charlotte, "Have you seen Ariel?" The blonde answered as Kuzco lead her away from him for some private time, "She's in her room." Jim said to his father, "I'm gonna go check on Ariel." Sinbad said as he heard the music, "Okay, your mother and I'll be on the dance floor with your mother." Sarah laughed and said as her husband took on the dance floor, "You are lucky that I'm in a good mood." Sinbad chuckled and said into her ear, "Admit it you miss this."

Silver saw this and said with a sly grin, "Well, are we going to let our child show us up?" Jane pulled her cyborg to the dance floor and said with a smile, "Come on, you old scalawag. Let's see if you still got it." Milo brought Anya and said as they walked in, "Well, what do you think?" Anya said as she sat down, "Milo, that's a pretty big step for us. Marriage, that is like a huge leap for us." Milo said with a smile, "What? I love you, you love me, and it would give us a lot of privacy." Anya smiled and said as she grabbed his hand, "Okay, I'll marry you. So do you have a ring?" Milo smiled and pulled out a ruby ring with six diamonds surrounding ruby and it had a silver band. Anya smiled and said as Milo put the ring, "You really are cleaver." Milo said with a smile, "I try."

Kayley saw Cale over with Phoebus's family and walked towards him. Cale smelled his fiancée and said with a smirk, "Someone is intoxicating." Kayley smiled and said as she wrapped her arms around his waist, "Just a perfume, I'm trying on." Cale whispered in her ear, "How about we go somewhere private?" Kayley smiled and said, "I like that." Cale led her out of party and Phoebus yelled as he watch the kids run off together, "No funny stuff." Esmeralda laughed and said, "Don't worry, they won't." Phoebus chuckled and said with a smile, "I forgot you had visions." His wife smiled and said as she watched Zephyr eating with Flynn's gang, "Madellaine is going to marry Garrett soon." Phoebus smiled and said as he grabbed his wife's hand, "That's our girl." Esmeralda sighed and said worried, "I saw Eris in one of my visions." Phoebus asked worried, "Do you know when she will strike?" His wife sighed and said, "No, I don't." Phoebus sighed and knew he had to tell Sinbad what his wife saw.

Jim was about to knock Ariel's bedroom door until Megara opened the door. Meg gasped and said, "You scared me ponytail." Jim asked worried, "Is Ariel okay?" Meg said worried, "She looked a little pale but I think she'll be fine." Jim said concerned, "I'm gonna go check on her." Meg nodded head and went back to the party. Jim opened the door slowly and saw his angel on her bed. Ariel smiled and ran towards him. Jim caught her with his arms as wraps them around her waist. Ariel rested her head on his chest and how she loved that heartbeat of his. Jim said with a smile, "I missed you." Ariel said into his chest, "I missed you, too." Jim lifted her chin with his finger and kissed her longingly. Ariel sighed happily and returned his fervor. Jim put his love and passion into the kiss as his hands roamed her back up and down. Ariel's hands went towards Jim's head and her left hand played with his ponytail while her right hand massaged his scalp. Jim broke the kiss and started to suck his angel's neck and Ariel gasped at Jim's touch.

Jim picked her up bridal style and laid her on the bed while still sucking on her neck. Ariel couldn't think about what happened to her, Jim was making her forget those awful nightmares and knew that Jim was her home. Ariel said breathlessly, "Jim, there's something I have to tell you." Ariel saw that Jim wasn't listening because his lion instincts took over him. Ariel knew what to do and brought his lips to hers once more. Jim could feel that he was getting close to making her into a lioness and he broke the kiss. He opened his eyes and saw his angel smiling at him. Jim said with a slight chuckle and smile, "Sorry, about that. That never happens to me before." Ariel smiled and said as she held her lion close to her, "It happens and besides I liked it." Jim said with a devious smirk, "I can't wait for the honeymoon." Ariel giggled and cuddled close to Jim.

Ariel then remembered what she wanted to tell Jim. She asked innocently, "Do you have any more lions in your family?" Jim said as he held his angel closer to him, "No. Why?" Ariel explained, "I had another dream again and I saw this lion. He was different and felt he was from ancient time." Jim thought of the ancient & legends book he got for his fifth birthday. He read about a lion that had the ability to travel through time. Jim said concerned, "Aslan." Ariel asked innocently, "Who is that?" Jim explained as he got up from the bed, "He's supposed to be this lion that travels through time and comes to when the worlds are in danger." Ariel then asked, "Then why didn't he come when Maleficent attack Atlantis and Montressor?" Jim said as he pulled her off the bed and held her close, "I don't know. Maybe he thought we could handle it." Ariel said as she rested her head on his chest, "I love you." Jim chuckled and said as he buried his face in her hair, "I love you, too."

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