There was the smell of blood in the air. I had to get away from that smell. I just had to get away. Itachi was now dead. Tobi told me everything, but it just left me feeling bitter and cheated on the inside. I was an Avenger. I am Sasuke Uchiha. What am I now? I have nothing left to live for. I raced to the river behind the Akatsuki hideout. When I reached the river I breathed in the fresh air. I stared at the waves, remembering vaguely my fight with Naruto on the water. What was he doing now, I wonder?

"Do you remember that day when you first meet Kakashi", someone female whispered from behind.

I turned around quickly, pulling out my sword. Why didn't I sense her chakra?

"You said that you wished to kill a certain some body and restore your clan." How did she know that? " Well you may have noticed that you killed your brother" she said frowning slightly, "and now you need to restore the Uchiha".

She stated it so simply, like she was stating the obvious.

"Who are you" I said glancing at the girl before me. She was a teenage girl with brown, curly hair and thick glasses. They reminded me of Kabato's glasses, but I could tell she had no chakra whatsoever. She was not a threat, best to ignore her. Or so I thought. I continued to stare at the river. Apparently this girl did not know who was talking to. Like she could order me around.

"My name is of no concern. You may call me whatever, "she stated walking closer to me, "I am a matchmaker for the Uchiha and I refuse to let the clan die out." glasses continued.

Now I was getting really annoyed. The last of the clan was gone and I still had to face crap like this. I hated fan girls. They were loud and whined constantly. I would rather die a painful death than marry some chick for the sake of a dead clan.

"A matchmaker? Uh… I do not care who or what you are. Leave before I decide to hurt you." I said threatening.

"In the Hyuga clan there is a young heir. She has a kind heart and is passive in nature. Her name is Hinata. Do you know of her?" She asked ignoring my threat, and looking unimpressed by me.

I vaguely remembered a shy girl named Hinata from school that had an obvious crush on Naruto. She had short hair and never said anything in class. …This was ridiculous….Why was I even thinking about her? I had to get away from this place and this strange girl with glasses. I started to head back to the hideout. They would start looking for me soon. This girl was not worth the energy it would take to kill her. As I walked away she whispered something that I would not have heard were it not for my ninja hearing.

"The Sharingan is a dominant gene. If a person with the Byakugan had a child with a person with the Sharingan … that child would be the ultimate ninja. They would have a pure Sharingan eye untainted by impure chakra. Moreover with such a gentle heir her own clan may try and kill her soon…." And then her voice faded.

I turned around as she whispered the word "kill", but she was gone. It started to rain. The heavy droplets flattened my hair to my face. I stood out in the rain for a bit think about the girl in glasses (was she even real)? , Naruto, Sakura, and ….even Hinata. I understood that if an heir was found too weak that he/she would "accidently" die suddenly before she was named as Clan Leader. After all a clan as strong as the Hyuga did not allow those deemed unworthy to lead them.

Remembering young Hinata I knew that Glasses was right. Soon the clan itself would kill Hinata. She was far too unassertive, under confident, and compassionate. I was surprised she had lived this long actually.

Hinata's POV

Hinata was very aware of the predicament she found herself in. She had indeed proven herself time and time again strong and powerful. She trained constantly, and believed in herself. This was why the clan left her alive so long. They knew she had potential. But there were things about herself she could not change. She was still terribly shy, and she did not kill…ever. Even if the missions required assassination, she was never able to take a life. She was too forgiving and compassion to ever slash a vital organ or stab a ninja with the final blow no matter how bad they were. This was a weakness that could not be ignored by the clan. They would kill her soon; she knew they were waiting for the right opportunity.

"Hello sister….how are you doing today" Hanabi said politely. Hanabi, my younger sister had not been branded to the second branch even though she was second born. That means only one thing. She was expected to be the true heir and Hinata was to die.

" I am…hn….doing fi-fi-fine" I lied. I shuddered because her eyes were smiling. She knew… I was to die soon. I left quickly and returned to my room. Oh Naruto…I wish you would save me. But I cannot explain to you what is happening. I am always being watched. I guess I will die soon. It will not be so bad. It will be my final act I play for my family. I am not needed anymore.