Hinata's POV

Sasuke left. I felt alittle bit lonely now. I had just made Naruto's dreams come true and now I had to convince Sasuke to marry me or my own clan would kill me. Great….I had no clue what to do. I sat on the edge of the bed and counted the tiles on the ceiling. I was not as if I hated Sasuke, actually I was beginning to like him a lot. It seemed that my crush on Naruto was a distant memory now. …

"You must seduce him" a voice beside me said. I jumped up and nearly fell over. Where the heck did that girl come from? It was Glasses. Why didn't I sense her chakra?

"It is obvious that he is attracted to you. You just need to seduce him. Once he becomes attached to you he would be far too possessive to ever let you go." I did not trust her one bit. She seemed to have her own hidden agenda.

"Listen to me," Glasses said, "you will have to be demanding for once in your life…."

I do not know how she talked me into it, but here I was staking Sasuke. I figured out how Glasses sneaked around. She discontinued all her chakra, thus with no chakra no one could sense her coming or going. It was hard to completely shut off one's chakra, but I managed after some practice. The plan was to tie him to his bed, reason with him, and seduce him. Just thinking about it made me almost feint. I could not do this!

He entered the empty room where I was waiting. I grabbed his wrist using his own balance against him. It resulted in a very surprised Sasuke landing square on the bed, where I fasten the handcuffs.

"What are you doing?" he demanded. I swallowed real hard and climbed on him holding him down.

"We…ne-ne-need to talk" I stuttered out.

Sasuke POV

She took me completely by surprise. This girl was a lot better ninja than I gave her credit for. I was pinned under her. I was mad….at first, but then I noticed the slim frame so close to mine and I had to push down a wave of desire.

"Talk then" I said

She just looked at me obviously noticing their proximity, and leaned forward ever so slightly to push my lips to hers. Then she shifted her hips into the perfect position. Her hands were curiously traveling under my shirt and over my chest. When did the shy kitty get so bold? Her curiosity was driving me crazy. I could tear these handcuffs off in a second, but I found I rather enjoyed her being on top of me like this. It was utterly arousing. I let me explore to her content, not moving an inch and allowing her whatever access she desired. I could deny her nothing, especially when I knew what I would be taking from her tonight.

As her gentle kisses became more deepened I began to demanding more. I broke the cuffs and flipped us over. I was now on top and her below. Her hands were still on my body and I shivered as her fingernails inched under the top of my pants. I stripped her of her clothes. Why did she wear so many layers? It was like a form of torture. I finally reached the pale skin located beneath all that cotton. She was shaking. We were both naked.

"Sasuke….do not leave me" she whisper into my ear.

" I never will….I promise. Never again" I promised. Then I made her mine.

Glasses stood outside the window smiling at the couple she had created. In her hand she held a paper from Naruto stating that Sasuke and Hinata could marry and set up a clan inside the Village Hidden in the Sound. She had her eyes on Naruto for some time. Maybe he would be her next assignment. Who knows? Glasses had the ability to get people to do what she wanted them to. She got Naruto to agree to her plan after all, and she got Sasuke and Hinata together. But her assignment was far from over.