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"Danny has been missing for a week now. Im worried. I know him being a hero keeps him a few days but never two weeks. I can't remember that day very well. I can remember going to school with you and Danny but only returning with you Tucker. I really miss him. I haven't even told him how I feel about him. What if something happened to him?" Sam said to Tucker, her violet eyes began to fill to the brim with tears.

"Sam he will be fine. You know him." Tucker said, sitting with Sam on her black gothic bed. Sam smiled hoping Danny was okay. Sam sat up from her black and red bed and walked across the room towards her DVD rack and pulled out dead teacher 1 out of its DVD case. Tucker grinned as he watched the TV with excitement filling his facial expression as the screen flickered. Sam quickly played the film and returned next to Tucker. "We will have a look for him after the film. All we have to do is get the specter speeder and see if it finds any real world items." Tucker said, finding a pillow to shield his face from the zombie teacher tearing off a students limbs. Sam laughed on Tuckers reaction.

"Where's my camera?" Sam said, grinning looking at Tucker. Sam watched the film with Tucker, Danny still on the back of her mind. After more gore and death the film ended and Sam and Tucker stretched before heading downstairs to collect there shoes and go to Fentonworks. "Is it safe to go in Fentonworks and get the specter speeder?" Sam asked, an eyebrow raised at her friend.

"No. They're looking for...Danny" Tucker said, his eyes looking down to the floor avoiding eye contact with his goth friend. Sam walked to the door of FentonWorks and run straight downstairs to the lab. Sam and Tucker looked at the specter speeded as it sat in the middle of the lab. Sam and Tucker quickly entered the speeder.

Sam pressed a button quickly igniting the engine. Sam smiled as the light and buttons turned the correct colours. Tucker pushed the gear forward as the speeder headed into the ghostzone. Sam watched the screens hope filling her.

"Turn on real world items scanner." Sam said, the machine made a beeping sound in response.

"No real items detected." the machine said, in a monotone. Sams heart broke as she looked at Tucker. His facial expression matched Sam. Tears flowed down Sams cheeks as she hugged Tucker for comfort. Tucker patted her back as tears ran down his cheeks too.

Sam and Tucker exited the speeder that had been placed in the lab again. Sams eyes were red and her make up had dripped on her face. Tuckers eyes were puffy and blood shot from sobbing so much. "Sam...Lets Go." Tucker said, pulling Sam towards the door. Sam followed Tucker until she reached her door. Sam walked upstairs slowly. Her fear and worries overwhelmed her.

Sam went into her room and pulled out a fresh set of clothes and two black towels. Sam pulled her shoes off. Sam felt the warm soft towels against her soft finger tips. Sam walked into the bathroom. Placing the shower to warm, the goth girl quickly took her clothes off and took her hair bobble out and stepped into the warm shower. A small smile grew on her face as her muscles relaxed. Sam began to wash her hair with anti animal testing shampoo and conditioner. She ran her hands through her raven black hair. She smiled as she finished washing and exited the warm shower to the cold air. Goosebumps covered her arms so Sam wrapped the black warm towels round her body as she felt at peace. After exiting the bathroom the goth girl went into her room trying to persuade herself that Danny would appear. With no avail.

Tucker sat in his room. His eyes had returned to normal. Tucker threw his PDA to the side as he lay in his bed. Looking at the roof. Unable to sleep knowing his friend was out there somewhere possibly even in danger. Tucker felt tears falling down his cheeks. "Come back dude." Tucker whispered before falling into darkness.

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