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"So that's why he was so..." Tucker began as he looked over to the halfa with sad eyes. His friend had been through so much and had bottled it from them...from him, someone he considered a brother. What happened in their must have been hell if he was comfortable around his arch-enemy.

"Guys, could I get some alone time with Danny?" Sam asked wanting to sit by her boyfriends side for a little while in peace, the two men looked at each other before granting the Goths wishes.

Vlad and Tucker stood outside the room, an awkward silence built in the hallway, Tucker smirked at the man making him feel even more uncomfortable.

"So do they?" Vlad said awkwardly pointing at the door.

"Go out? Yeah. Got any tech?" Tucker asked realizing he was in the home of a billionaire. The elder hybrid blinked before responding to Danny's friend.

"Of course." Vlad said and as if he lit a firework the boy shot off searching for the technology in the home, the man just raised an eyebrow at the boy before smiling.

"You do have some odd friends Daniel." Vlad muttered with a small smile, he had never formally met Danny's friends before for obvious reasons. They seemed like Daniels type: odd but special. From what he had gathered Sam was a very strong opioned girl, protective over Danny. Then there was Tucker, a sibling like friend with qualities that could be used tactically too, they were perfect for the boy...which explains why his demeanor had changed being around them.

The man snapped out of his musing before pulling out his phone, the school would likely be curious of the teenagers disappearing act. Quickly contacting the schools reception he began to form a lie.

"Hello, I was just calling to inform you that Daniel Fenton, Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley are at my home. Daniel had been severely startled by the ghost attack earlier so I took him to my home to calm him down." Vlad lied as the woman on the end of the phone responded.

"Poor boy, just drop them off now the ghost is gone." The receptionist replied making Vlad roll his eyes at the woman on the other line.

"Daniel won't be back at school for the rest of the day, he's still very traumatized by the that be acceptable? I am his god father after all." Vlad said in a charming tone. Maddie and Jack had placed Vlad as Daniel and Jasmines legal guardian if anything happened to them but that was a story for another day.

"Yes, inform Manson and Foley that if they're not in school in the next hour that their parents will be contacted." The receptionist said before bidding Vlad a goodbye.

The man slotted his phone into his pocket before opening the door to find an amazing site.

Danny and Sam were cuddling each other, blissfully sleeping. What had Vlad so amazed was Danny: The teenager was hugging his girlfriend protectively, his closed eyes showing complete bliss, to top it off the boy was smiling softly...something the man hadn't seen before.

"Sam?" Vlad said as he awkwardly shook the sleeping girl who just groaned in response making Vlad raise an eyebrow, never having a child of his own he didn't really understand a groan translated into leave me alone he began repeating the process again only this time Sam woke groggily as she looked up to find Vlad standing above her, with that image and their past history the girl yelped falling onto Danny causing the boy to fall from the bed with his girlfriend.

"Sam, you and Tucker have to be at school in an hour." Vlad said making both the teens raise an eyebrow.

"What about Danny?" Sam asked the man defensively.


"Danny, Vlad." Danny groaned as he stirred.

"Danny is weak, he needs to rest, if he goes home his parents will be suspicious." Vlad said as he looked at the purple eyed girl.

"But what if-" Sam said only to be interrupted.

"Don't worry Sam. He's right." Danny said struggling to get himself onto the bed, the boy looked fragile and in pain. The Goth glared at the man in defeat before helping Danny to his bed. The Goth hugged him tightly.

"I love you Danny." She whispered as cuddled Danny's ghost form.

"I love you too." Danny responded tightening the hug, he truly loved the girl.

With those words the Goth left to find her friend.

Vlad stood next to the young halfa as he got up from the bed, his body ached. The man stood with a first aid box, both hybrids were relaxed as if it was a normal occurrence. The young halfa turned into his human form.

"If your helping me you can look away when I take my shirt off." Danny said gesturing the man to turn around. The man had been through this before with the very stubborn boy and compiled with his request. The teen was so self conscious but then again it was natural for teenagers.

After a few moments of silence the man turned around to find the teen facing away from him, trying to hide something from the Vlad. Without a word the elder hybrid faced the boy to find the slice across his chest had been reopened most likely because of the fall he had earlier, the teen looked up at the man his eyes showing great discomfort. Not only had this wound been rather painful but it had also been inflicted by the Guys in White months ago.

"Lie down, please" Vlad asked awkwardly as he took a needle and thread from the first aid box, the boy was shaking, he was terrified of pain especially from a needle but he had no other option. The man handed the boy a numbing cream to place on his wound, if Danny had control over most of the procedure things would would run smoother.

"What if they find me Vlad." Danny asked as the man prepared the needle, placing a thread through it. The man winced at his question, knowing the answer was too disgusting, too horrific.

"They will never find you. From now on Danny you listen, okay?" Vlad almost commanded as he looked at the boys terrified eyes trained on the needle.

"Yes Vlad. Sorry I didn't listen." Danny whispered as he closed his eyes feeling like an idiot for needing to apologies to his -not as much- arch enemy. Vlad began carefully stitching the wound each time the boy winced. As soon as he finished stitching he sterilized the wound making the boy whimper in pain. After completing the most painful part he began wrapping them once again. Scars littered the boys body from long, thin ones to large ugly ones. It was enough to give Vlad the urge to destroy those monsters but he held his composure as he finished bandaging the boy up.

"Vlad?" Danny said his voice low and weak as he looked up at the man as he finished fixing Danny.

"Hm?" Vlad replied, his mind concentrating on the wounds, luckily were on visible in his ghost form...his ghost form, it was full of scars much more than his human form. Dannys ghost form was still unstable so wounds and physical factors varied, luckily for the teen his hair was in tact in his human form.

"Can't...can't I just stay with you?" Danny asked looking away from the man, embarrassed that he was asking his arch-enemy about living with him. It wasn't because Danny liked Vlad but he was safer with him, after all the man was powerful enough to keep them away. It was for survival, nothing more.

"Danny, your not thinking straight." Vlad said the boy was delusional! Why on earth would he willingly stay with him?

"If anything gets worse will you consider it?" Danny asked his eyes full of desperation, Vlad nodded and without expectation the young hybrid hugged the man causing his to become confused,

"Thanks." Danny said pulling away feeling like a fool for doing such a odd thing to his arch enemy.

The elder hybrid chuckled ruffling Danny's hair causing the blue eyed boy to cringe in disgust due to the mans bitter sweet response. "Now get some sleep, I need to talk to your parents." Vlad said walking away.

"Hello Jack, It's Vlad." The elder hybrid said hiding the annoyance in his tone as he talked to his former best friend.


"Yes I know, my arm is fine, I was just calling about Danny." Vlad responded as rolled his eyes.


"He's fine, he had a run in with a ghost today, he's ruffled up but I'll bring him over tonight after dinner?" Vlad responded as his patience began to thin.


"No, we'll have dinner at my house." Vlad said almost sighing.


"Sure, you could come over too..."


"Six it is then. See you and Maddie then." Vlad said as a small smile became visible on his face.

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