Chpt 1

gus- after being beaten by zenoheld he had vanished and orader his gaurds to take care of me. I was now on the ground looking up at the last ashs of vulcan my bakugan. I wanted to cry but didnt cause I be showing my weackness to zenoheld wich would make him want to do worse to me then what he was already doing to me now. A seco latter two gaurds show up and foce me to my feet and hand cuff my hands behide my back. They walk me down some hallyways and stairs with me between them each holding an arm. Then they take me down to the prisoner holding bay of the ship. Then they open a cell and lead me in and one removes my hand cuffs and kicks me in the back foceing me to fall to the ground. They laught and lock door behide them. I get up and walk over to coner and sit down and cross my legs and put my head down and let the tears fall for vulcan. An hour latter after I finsh crying I lay down on the ground and try to sleep.10mints latter comes in and bents down and pulls my head in to his lap. He then shine a light in to my eyes seeing puple spots under them. Then he say[gus yours sugers are low .he then pulls out something to drink and pushs it to my lips and tells me to drink.i ask him why he is helping because now I am your ecemy he say it dosent matter if you are my ecemy or not cause you still need my help gus.i nod and begin to drink a litte bit . Then say partly why I am here gus is because I know you have leukeime and wether you tell keith/spectra is up to you and that I promiose him that I look after I am able say to him is oh. Then he say say with low blood sugers and leukeime you wont last long with out me and that keith/spectra will kill me if something happen to you I finsh drinking lays my head back down and say I will be back latter to check on you gus. He leaves and locks the door behide him. I close my eyes hopeing master spectra and others find me soon.