Happy New Year! Enjoy the stupidity. - Reaper

Disclaimer: Okay, let me make it clear. I do NOT own inFAMOUS. If I did, there would be more explosions and Mad Bombers; and I mean hordes of Mad Bombers.

'This day just keeps getting better and better. First I had to get the trains moving, rescue hostages, and get chased through the city by psychotic mad bombers. But that just wasn't enough for these people! Now I have to escort this useless sack of flesh!' Cole ranted angrily in his head, shooting a glare at the paranoid engineer walking behind him who jumped at every little noise. 'At least the bridge is only a little farther.'

Five more minutes of walking and the bridge was in sight. "We're here!" The engineer ran ahead of Cole to the bridge's control panel. He turned to Cole with a panicked look and whispered, "Keep an eye out. Lots of Reapers roaming around."

Cole rolled his eyes, 'No shit. Like I need a warning.' He crossed his arms and leaned against the control panel. He sighed out of boredom and let his fingers spark, looking at the blue lightning dancing across his fingertips to pass the time. He was creating a tiny dog-shaped lightning bolt when the engineer decided it was a good idea to scare him shitless by death-gripping his shoulders, shaking him like a crazy man, and screaming in his face, "Here they come!"

Cole grumbled and wiped the spit off his face, shaking his head to regain his senses. "Are you insane?" he growled at the man, fixing him with one of his infamous death glares. Suddenly a shot came from the left, drawing a low groan from Cole. As he turned around, the three Reapers fired again, missed (of course : D), spewed their black vomit at him in anger, and ducked back behind a car. Cole snarled and blew said car to smithereens, knocking the three red-hooded gangsters unconscious.

The human light-socket started to turn back to the control panel when another shot was fired, this time from above. It hit the concrete next to his foot and ricocheted off to barely graze the crazed engineer's shoulder. The engineer screamed in absolute agony and crumpled to the ground, clutching his shoulder and sobbing like the drama queen he was. Cole gave the man a blank stare before turning his gaze on the two Reapers on the train tracks above the road.

They swung their guns around and fired repeatedly to intimidate him, while he simply raised an eyebrow as the bullets hit everything within a ten-foot radius of him—except him. Intimidation attempt: failed. While they kept up their mad dancing, Cole's ears picked up the faint yet distinctive sound of metal screeching along the tracks. "Hey, you idiots might wanna get off the tracks."

The Reapers paused, their tiny, mutated brains confused by the words. With the sound growing closer, he sighed and tried another approach. "You," he pointed at the brainless duo. "Get. Off. The. Tracks," he said slowly, walking the fingers of his left hand across the palm of his right, and then making the fingers jump off the hand.

One growled quizzically and the other tilted its head to the side. Cole shook his head in defeat, "Forget it. It's useless." He looked to the right, and watched the train as it hit the duo and sent them flying through the air. He laughed evilly as they bounced along the concrete, leaving little shreds of their hoodies and pants behind.

The electric hero walked over and looked down at the two dimwits who now resembled bear attack victims, then at the three still out cold in the street. "Heh heh. You guys really are stupid, aren't you?" One of the morons at his feet growled and vomited its black tar all over Cole's shoes. 'Yep. This day just keeps getting better.'