Clare took a deep breath. "I don't have to read it, if you don't want me to." She said.

"Do you want to read it?" Eli asked.


"Then read it."

May 12th, 1955

She's leaving me. I saw the letter in the mail. She's leaving me for him. Her boyfriend, Josh. He lives in New York. And she's going to some photography school there, to be with him. Her acceptance letter came in the mail today and I saw it on the kitchen table. I picked it up and she tried to take it away from me. But I read the whole thing before she got the chance to. It said that she was accepted for the fall semester and that she should call quickly if she wanted a dorm. "You're just going to take off, just like that. You said you wouldn't Felicity. You said you'd stay with me until I was old enough to move out and live on my own. You can't leave me here with them. With mom and dad. " I said. She didn't say anything. So I left the room. I hate her. I hate her. I hate her so much. She's a liar and I can't stand her. I hope she dies or something when she's having fun with Josh in New York. Good riddance.

Clare finished reading the entry and looked up at Eli. She couldn't believe what she just read. She knew Eli didn't mean what he wrote. He loved Felicity more than anyone. He was just confused, scared. Her eyes met Eli's.

"I didn't mean what I wrote." Eli said.

"I never thought you did." Clare responded.

"I was just so nervous, and pissed off and I had all these emotions running around in my head that…I just freaked out. That's why I don't what Felicity to read my journal. I don't want her to think I meant those things. I don't want her to think that I wished she was dead." Eli began to pace back and forth across Clare's room. His hands were intertwined together behind his back.

"I don't think Felicity will think that Eli. She probably will realize that you weren't thinking straight. And anyways she said she didn't want to read it, so know worries." Clare placed the book down onto her night stand. She stood up and walked over to her closet and opened it. She took out a sweater and pulled it on.

"She actually said that she wasn't read. So there still is the possibly that she might want to read it sometime in the future." Eli rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands.

"Well if the time comes when she wants to read it, we'll just have to see what she thinks." Clare pushed her clothes that were in her closet to the side. She traced the outline of the entrance of the secret room with her finger. "Did anyone else ever go down here?" She asked Eli. "I mean anyone besides me?" She corrected herself.

Eli moved his hands away from his eyes and saw that she was standing in front of the closet. "Felicity did. She kept a bunch of papers and files concerning my death down there. I think she has a box hidden in one of the floor boards." He said,

"Why would she keep that hidden?" Clare asked. Clare leaned against the wood in the back of the closet, making it slowly open up.

"Probably because most of the papers had theories written on them about my father being the cause of my murder." Eli said. "Felicity always thought my dad had something to do with my death. She could just never put the pieces together. Which I don't blame her, I mean I never expected my dad and Tyler to be in cahoots. So if I were her I wouldn't know where to start."

Clare nodded her head and pushed the door all the way open. She reached over to the side of her closet and grabbed a flashlight that she had hung on the wall.

"Why are you going down there?" Eli asked. He walked forward towards the closet.

"I just want to see what Felicity kept down here. She might have found something that could help us figure out a way to make cross over." Clare answered. She turned on the flashlight and proceeded down the narrow steps. Eli sighed and followed Clare down the stairs.

When she reached the bottom, Clare walked over to the lap and turned it on. The lap illuminated the small room. She set the flashlight down onto the desk and dropped down to the floor. She ran her hand over the wooden floor. She knocked on it on panel a few times and then moved onto the next one and did the same thing.

Eli furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you doing?" He chuckled lightly.

Clare looked up at him. "You said you think she kept the papers in on of the floor boards. I'm trying to see in any of them are hallow."

Eli pointed to the right back corner of the room. "I think it's under one of those panels over there." He said.

Clare turned around and crawled the short distance to the right corner of the room. She knocked on a few panels until she heard a small echo from underneath on of the wood panels. She smiled. "I found it." She said. Clare picked at the corner of the panel until she was able to pull it out of the ground. She reached into the hole and pulled out a box. She placed it on the ground and then covered the hole back up with the woo panel.

Eli walked over to her and bent down. He watched as she opened the box and pulled out papers. Some were handwritten notes and others were newspaper articles. Most of the articles were the same ones that her mother kept in her manila folder.

"I guess you're right. Felicity did suspect that your dad was the reason for your death. She has so many theories." Clare pointed to the yellowing paper that rested next to her leg. "Some of them make absolutely no sense." Clare picked up a paper and read it over. "It says that she interviewed some of your dad's employees, in an attempt to find out if they had anything to do with it." She bit her lip. "Why didn't you just tell Felicity yourself how you died? Well, after you figured out that you could talk to people."

"I don't know really. I guess I just went so long without talking to her, that I didn't want to start again. I didn't want to ruin her life." He answered.

"How would knowing what happened to her brother ruin Felicity's life?" Clare questioned.

"It wouldn't! But me…me talking to her would. I guess." He said.

Clare nodded her head.

Eli scratched the back of his neck. "If she only knew about Tyler…she would be able to figure everything out on her own. She would be able to prove he had something to do with it. He and my dad would be in jail."

Clare looked up from the paper her eyes wide and her lips form an "O."

"Clare? Are you okay? I mean I would say you look as though you just say a ghost…but I'm pretty sure you're used to it by now." Eli chuckled.

Clare ignored his statement and looked back down at the paper and then back up at Eli. "Do you think that's the reason why you're a ghost?" Clare asked.

"What reason are you talking about?" Eli asked.

"No one knows who killed you Therefore no one has been blamed for your death. It's still a cold case. Maybe…maybe that's the reason why you haven't crossed over yet. Maybe your still here because you have to help someone close your case .Maybe that someone is me." Clare said.

Eli looked at her with wide eyes. "You might be right."




Clare collected all the papers and put them back into the box. She brought the box upstairs and set it on her bed. She pulled the wood wall back into place and went back over to her bed. She sat down and then collapsed onto her bed, her head bounced as it hit the mattress. She closed her eyes and tried to take in everything that just happened down stairs.

"So what are we gonna do?" Eli asked. She was standing a few feet away from Clare's bed, his hands stuffed into his pocket.

Clare opened her eyes. "Well…" She said looking up at her ceiling. "Were going to have to find Tyler, and convince him to tell the truth."

"And how the hell do you expect to convince him. He's just not going to come out and tell the world he killed me because some 15 year old girl told him to." Eli said.

Clare sat up and looked at Eli. "That's why I'm going to need your help." She said.

"My help? What can I do?" Eli asked.

"I was thinking that you could show him…you." Clare said.

"What? Are you saying that you want me to reveal myself to him? My enemy? My killer? Are you crazy Clare?" Eli asked, his voice becoming louder and louder.

"No, I'm not crazy. I'm serious. If he sees what happened to you, what you became. Maybe he'll want to help. Maybe he'll feel guilty" She said.

"I don't think that's going to work Clare." Eli said.

"Well if worst comes to worst you could always scare him. You know, freak him out a little bit. Throw something at him perhaps." Clare suggested.

"I can't just throw something at him." Eli walked over to Clare's vanity and tried to pick up her lip gloss, but his hand went right through it. "I can't pick stuff up."

"Then-then how did you throw stuff those kids, the ones who came into your house. And how were you holding your notebook the first time I met you?" Clare asked.

"I'm not completely sure, but I think sometimes when I'm really pissed. I can move things, like without touching them. They just move by themselves. It happened that time the kids came into the house. I was so pissed off that someone thought it would be okay to trespass into my house. All I remember to looking at them and the next thing I knew a candle flew out of nowhere and hit them." Eli looked back over at Clare who smiled at him.

"Well if I need to, I'll just piss you off so you can beat up Tyler with your magical object throwing powers." Clare giggled.

Eli laughed and shook his head. "Tyler's old now, I don't think he would put up that much of a fight."

"So will you do it? Will you show Tyler what you are?" Clare asked.

Eli hesitated at first but then nodded his yes.

I hope this chapter answers some people's questions :)