Contains spoilers.
Just a short little thing I wrote while waiting in the van while my mom ran into superstore. IsshikixHina, sort of.

It was stupid. Completely stupid. Allowing Nishizaki to manipulate him like that was complete idiocy. Well, it wasn't like Nishizaki had expected him to do as he ordered, just for some transfer student. And now the dark-haired boy knew that Hina was special to him. Not that she seemed to remember him at all. She kept insisting that they'd really only met yesterday. How could that be? Was it even possible to forget things like that? He never could. There was no way anyone could forget something like that, something that important. And he was sure that he wasn't mistaken. This Hina was the same Hina who had been his friend back then, who had saved him before suddenly vanishing and leaving him in the darkness again. Her name, looks, and even the way she acted were the same. The girl hadn't changed all that much, and he was absolutely certain that it was her. Did he really matter t=so little to her that she'd forget him so easily?

It hurt. He'd never admit it, not to anyone, but he was really hurting inside. She was his first true friend. The person who had fought to save him when no one else would. She'd stormed his house with rocks, kidnapped him, and even jumped off of a bridge after him. She'd gone through the trouble of dragging him to school everyday. How could she forget that? She had to remember. Everything that meant so much to him – how dare she forget it like that! Until she remembered, he was done helping her. She was cruel for abandoning him, but she was even crueler for forgetting. That fool Koshiba could be the one to help her. If she'd needed him, she wouldn't have forgotten him. So he must have meant nothing to her after all.

But why would someone jump off a bridge for someone they didn't even care about?