"This is quite simple you see basically I will have one spectrobe character fight any character from any game, book, movie, TV show, and comic. The winner will go onto round two depending on the amount of fights or people that actually make get into round two. Then all the contestants left will go one round with the monster behind that door" I said pointing at a very big door.

"SO FIRST WILL BE JADO AND… your kidding right he has no chance fine. FIRST FIGHT JADO V.S. OMNIMON FROM DIGIMON. Will both fighters please come here" a giant knight thing with a sword and laser cannon for arms and a cape comes down and so does jado.

"BEGIN" I yelled.

Some how jado actually dodged the really big sword that almost killed him. And that laser blast also that one he was doing surprisingly well.

Wait how did jado get on omnimon's head and where did he get that sword wait what.

"Um I guess since omnimon is dead jado wins" I said looking amazed at the fight.

"SUCK IT BIATCH" jado yelled.

"No" some guy in the audience said before shooting him.

"Um right next match we have a guest visitor in the form of an author who was part of the creative process behind this story and just felt like being here Winged Sword author of the story crow's rebirth for Chris Wooding's malice. But anyways him versus krux with the sword lance" I said as some guy with multiple swords and wings came into the arena with cargo pants on and a vest with slashes on the back for the wings to go through. And then krux came in with the sword lance thing.

"Hm I was hoping for a harder opponent" WS (winged sword dipshits) said.

"I will destroy you" krux said glowing with energy.

"BEGIN" I yelled jumping out of the ring.

Krux started shooting energy beams at WS who just deflected them with his arms.

"You bore me" WS said putting his hand on one of his sword's hilt and pulling it out a bit before fully sheathing it.

That was when krux fell apart cut in half.

"Wow to quick fights in a row" I said as WS left. "Next fight Jeena vs. Sonic" I said as they both came into the ring. You should know what they both look like.

"BEGIN" I yelled before jumping out of the ring.

Jeena simply tore Sonics' heart out of his chest.

"FATALITY" I yelled watching the gore with glee in my eyes.

"To easy" jeena said before leaving.

"Next fight which will be the last one for this chapter as a special feature Me vs. Link and since it will be me fighting no matter what link will advance I am just bored and it's my fic so fuck you people there was a warning that said 'BEWARE MAJOR BULLSHIT IN THIS FIC'" I said before a new ref came in.

"BEGIN" the ref yelled before jumping away.

Link rushed forward with his sword out and tried to cut me with it but I just kept dodging it.

"Demonic wrath" I said before blasting link with a dark beam from my hand.

"FINSIH HIM" the ref yelled.

I walked over and cut out one of his organ and made him choke on it.

"FATALITY" the ref yelled.

"Well that's all our time for this chapter next time who will fight who. Oh and if you wanna be part of the action drop a review and say your weapon of choice and one power you have and attack. No super god shit or invincibility only normal powers like flying, incredible strength, shape shifting, and super speed. NO AUTHOR POWERS ALLOWED" I said to a random camera that was flying around.

"So till next time keep reading and play your music louder than anyone else".