"Now then the finals, ah this is so special, I'll loop the digimon theme song while writing it, that's how special this is. It's worth the digimon theme song on loop, so remember that as your reading this chapter" I said standing on a balcony looking onto a planet. "This is our stage, and you are our gladiators, now then fight for our amusement."

"Good luck" Break said.

"Why?" Nick asked.

"Because I can kill you, I can't kill that guy" Break said lounging on the waiting bench. "So at least try and weaken him."

"Thanks for the faith" Nick said looking towards the 'stage'. "Might as well see if any of this was worth it, or if I'm gonna be wasted after coming this far."

On the Battle Planet.

"Now then to make this more fun, there will be others here as well, like the creepers from minecraft, maybe some digimon, a lot of things" I said projecting my voice over the planet. "So good luck to you fucks."

"Wait, CREEPERS" Nick yelled before jumping forwards and spinning before shooting at a tall lanky thing. "FUCK YOU."

"YOU ARE INCOMPATIBLE, YOU SHALL BE DELETED" A robotic voice said behind him.

"OH fuck" Nick said jumping out of the way of a laser, turning the gun into a high powered laser.

And obliterating the cyberman.

"I have shitty luck" Nick said looking around him.

"RASENGAN" A loud, incredibly annoying voice yelled as a blond in orange ran straight at him, from over three hundred feet away.

"He's not that bright huh" Nick said shooting him again to kill him, again.

"CHIDORI" A another voice yelled out.

"Fucking A" Nick said shooting the emo looking kid in the face as well. "They're like fucking ants."

"HIYAH" A incredibly high pitched voice yelled out smashing the ground Nick used to be standing on into dust, before being shot in the head.

"Fuck em all" Nick said before flipping the gun into a shotgun. "I'll kill em all."

"HUMAN MEAT TANK" A voice yelled out.

"THOSE AREN'T EVEN THE RIGHT WORDS" Nick yelled shooting the spinning ball of person with the gun killing it.

"CHOJI" another voice yelled.

"YES I KILLED HIM, AND NO I WILL NOT PAY FOR IT" Nick yelled shooting the owner of the voice as well. "And now, time to swagger off."

Goku, being able to destroy anything that got in his way with a bat of an eye, was having next to no trouble at all.

Since he no longer had the limiter he was in SS3.

"LEAF WHIRLWIND" A guy in green spandex yelled kicking Goku.

Goku just obliterated the guy.

With Nick

"LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE" Random girl yelled before throwing a huge ass boulder at Nick.

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" Nick yelled jumping out of the way of the rock and shooting the girl in the head.

"KAME HAME HA" Goku yelled, blowing apart most of the planet.

Fucking over powered maniacs.

"Right, there's still him" Nick said looking at Goku decimate anything that came near him. "He doesn't look that smart really, maybe a few tricks will do it?"

"THIS IS SPARTA" Spartan guy yelled.

"No its not" Nick said killing the guy with the gun.

Goku kept on murdering the population of the planet.

"Right, guess I'm up" Nick said hopping to his feet. "Oy, big guy, my turn now right."

Goku began charging up an attack.

"Wow wow wow, wow hold on there, you shoot that, you die as well" Nick said holding up his hands. "So lets handle this manoemano eh, no trick, no weapons, just our fists."

"Fine then" Goku said landing on the ground and reverting back to normal.

"Cool" Nick said getting into the basic fighting stance. "Come at me then."

"Fine then" Goku said before smashing him through a boulder, and another one, and another.

"Damn, he hits hard" Nick said falling out of the last boulder. "Maybe this wasn't such a great idea."

Just as Goku came and smashed him into the boulder again. And again. And again.

"RAWR" Nick yelled biting into Goku's neck with his smashed teeth, making mince meet of it before biting again, before Goku threw him away clutching his neck. "Can't believe that worked."

"HARRRRRRRRA" Goku shouted shooting an energy attack at Nick.

"I had a good run" Nick said before being destroyed by a literal atom smasher.

"GOKU IS THE WINNER" I yelled out over the comm system.

"Can someone look this over" Goku asked indicating his neck.

"Sorry, that's against the rules" I said as Break appeared on the planet.


"Not bad kid" Break said slashing at Goku with his sword. Only for Goku to us his harder than steel skin to block it.

"Damn it" Break said. Before swinging again, and again.

With the same result.

"Mad Hatter" Break said calling on his chain to help him.

Multiplying the swords cutting power by twenty.

Cutting Goku's arm clean off.

"ARH" Goku shouted grabbing the stump.

"So sorry friend" Break said going in for the kill, just for his vision to falter from use of his chain.

"RAWRRRRRRRRRR" Goku shouted destroying the remains of the planet, and Break.

"Um, I guess Goku wins, but why did he destroy the planet?" I said looking at the space the galaxy of the planet used to be in. "Damn over Powered heros."

"So um, Goku is the greatest of season one, Congrats" I said re-materializing Goku. "Here's your Trophy, and one wish."

"Thanks" Goku said taking the trophy and walking away.

"Wonder what his wish is" I said watching him go. "Probably something really cool."

"So review about the ending, and if you wanna be in the sequel. Peace Peace."