"BASTARD YOU CANT DIE NOW" nick yelled at Rallen.

Rallen wasn't doing to good what with the hole in his chest.

7 months ago.

"Dammit" nick said looking up from the lake he was swimming in. "Getting kicked out of school is not gonna help me convince her parents I'm not that bad of a person".

That was before something swam past him.

Now nick was about 5'10 ish. He had brown hair, green eyes that turned orange once they got to far from the pupil. Other than that he was pretty nondescriptit. Until you got to his records for things.

Nearly burning down the school by lighting a lighter in the school when there was a hydrogen leak.

Throwing down on the football teams main players. They asked for that was what he told anyone who asked.

Yet those were the smaller things on the list.

Bigger ones include: Sneaking out of history to play songs made up of the words Fuck, Shit, and other words like that. During a musicals big number getting three other people to help him play some scream music while the big number played. Breaking a teacher's desk. Breaking the principal's desk during a football game running onto the field and popping the football before tackling the home team's quarter back. Getting into a fight in school and punching some random people. Exploding stink bombs in every classroom at once. Oh and the best one stealing the principal's wig and burning it before locking him in a porter potty and knocking down a hill.

The last one got him suspended recently, not helping him with the problem he had with the girl he wasd dating parents.

They were Christian.

He was atheist and ran into a church and yelled "WHERE'S THE BOOZE" before burning a bible and kicking a priest in the nuts.

They were strict and had a curfew for their daughter of 9:30.

He tended to bring her back home at 11 o'clock.

And last but not least: He was a troublemaker and was arrested multiple times.

Her dad was a cop.

Ah the irony there especially the first date that was strange in so many ways especially when he searched him at school for weapons. Yes that was very strange.

So here he was at a lake where apparently alligators lived. Funny now he remembered being the one to steal that sign now that he thought about it.

And here came one particularly nasty one he pissed off a while a go by slashing open one of its eyes.

Man those things are way scarier in the water then on land that was for sure.

And apparently hey had good tactics since while one chased him one went around him to cut him off. Alligators should be ranked higher on the intelligence chart don't you think.

"Mother fucker" I swore as one of them clawed my arm.

I remembered something I learned while reading a book.

I wrapped my arms around its mouth to keep it shut before I slipped onto its back.

Now that is not too great a thing to do you see alligators are really good at barrel rolls in water.

I am not.

So I improvised and bit the alligator near it ear before trying to jump swim away while it was stunned.

I some how made it onto land.

"HA SUCK IT YOU SCALEY MOTHER FUCKERS" I yelled at the alligators.

Before a really big one came and lunged from the water. Bit my arm and dragged me under.

That was when I noticed the alligators were not the normal dark green but red blue and purple.

That was what I noticed before I passed out from lack of air.

Now I'm no genius but when you drown you tend to be dead.

So I was surprised to find myself back on top of a lake.

But now there was a giant mutant alligator that was red and like thirty feet away from me.

Man I really am having a bad day.

Now big alligators can be out swum so I looked down to see if there were anymore.

There weren't but there was a spear topped stick and that was good enough.

But how to get passed the sleeping monster.

Oh yeah I know how to.

I dived… fast; I was quite good at swimming being a life guard means I can swim as much as I want at the pool I worked at.

By the time the alligator went under after me I already was at the spear thing.

Now that I had it when the alligator was close enough I swam over it and stabbed the spear at the back of its neck towards the bottom of the neck.

The thing thrashed around a bit before going limp.

Finally no more alligator thing.

When I got to the top of the water so dipshit decided to move into the water.

"You know there are alligators in this lake" I told him.

The guy jumped quite obviously surprised by me being the welcome to my life asshole.

"Um why are you in the water then" the guy asked.


"Well if I knew why I WOULD TELL YOU" I yelled at him now that I looked closer he had red hair and was wearing some kind of armor stuff.


I started to swim out of the water till I was at the shallow water and stood up he was the same height as me.



"FUCK YES ILL BEAT YOUR SORRY ASS INTO TOMMOROW BITCH" I yelled at him before punching him in the face.

He was quite mad because I did that so he got up and punched me.

Now I can take punches easily. But I was PISSED.

So I kick him on the side of his head. Before moving into a combo made up of punches to his face. And ended with a sidekick into his stomach that knocked him to the ground.

Now I did something anyone would do.

I picked him up and threw him to the ground.

"I THREW YOU TO THE GROUND BITCH" I yelled before stomping on his back.

Oh shit I think he might be dead. So I checked for his pulse…. And found one.

Okay so he is alive.

"RALLEN" so girl yelled before coming from the forest.

She was dressed like the guy and had pink hair.

"Who are you" she asked before seeing the guy on the ground. "And what happened to Rallen" she asked.

"Um well I'm Nick and me and him had a disagreement that ended with me throwing him to the ground" I said.

"Ugh he really needs to stop fighting people for no reason" she said before checking him with a laser thingy.

"So his name is Rallen I'm guessing" I said.

"Yep" the girl answered.

"So who are you" I asked her.

"I'm jeena" she said.

"Okay, is you're ha" I tried to ask her.

"Yes" she said.

"Okay then is he gonna be all right" I asked looking at Rallen.

"Yeah he's taken worse" jeena said.

"Oh um do you know what the thing was in the lake" I asked her.

"Um what thing" she asked.

"It was a giant red alligator" I told her.

"Is it still in there" she asked.

"Well yeah I did sever it's spine it's no going anywhere unless it can heal that" I said.

"Please tell me you were paranoid and stabbed it in the head to" she said.

"I was not… Wait that THING can heal from a wound like that" I said.

She just nodded.

"Fine then give me something sharp and I can fix that problem now" it told her.

"Um that might not work either" she said.

"So it'll by some time for him to wake up or something else to happen so sharp pointy object please" I told her holding out my hand.

"Fine use this" she said making a sword come from no where.

"Okay I meant a stick with a point on the end but what the hell this'll do" I said jumping back in the water to see the thing swimming in a circle.

Okay move above it at stab it in the head with the sword to kill it.

The thing apparently was smarter this time and came at me faster than before.

I moved to the side and lathed onto its back before sliding up its back to get above its head and move the sword into position and thrust it straight through the things head.

The monster jumped from the water and crashed onto the ground.

"There one monster alligator best eaten grilled" I told her getting of its back leaving the sword in its head.

Heal that bitch.

"Uh that actually was quite fast" she said looking kind of surprised.

"Egh didn't put up to much a fight it's a one trick pony I guess" I told her before leaning against a tree. "Say where are we" I asked the question just crossing my mind.

"A lake duh" she said.

"Where though I was dragged under in a lake not surrounded by a forest then I woke in one surrounded by forest now I cause trouble on a daily bases back home but that's a different story than this" I told her.

"You're not a local" she asked.

"No" I told her with a no shit Sherlock look on my face.

"But then how did you get to this planet" she asked.

"Wait are we even on earth" I asked her.

The look she gave me said it all.

She didn't even know of a planet earth.

"That thing what is it" I asked her pointing at the monster.

"It's a krawl breed for swimming and water combat I would say" jeena answered looking at the thing.

"Wait don't go near it" I told her.

"Why" she asked.

"It's still breathing" I told her. "Can I have to swords this time or just a hammer maybe" I asked her looking at her.

"Here" she said giving me a hammer that came from nowhere.

I cautiously walked towards the krawl and removed the sword from its head before swinging the hammer down on its head. HARD.

Its head blew up quite nicely really.

"There come back to life now" I said before reaching into my pocket.

And pulling out my waterproof lighter.

"Actually don't" I told the body seeing it move before lighting it on fire with the lighter.

"There should stay dead now" I told jeena. "Here's that stuff back" I told here giving her the sword and hammer.

"Thanks" she said.

"Is he gonna wake up soon" I asked her looking at rallen's downed form.

"Maybe how hard did you hit him" she asked.

"Really hard" I told her before I poked him with a stick.

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