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"So plans, you guys got any" Nick asked as they had decided to stop running for a bit.

"No, without the geo that thing is too big to actually fight" Rallen said looking at the krawl.

"What's this geo thing?" Nick asked.

"Here, it's a stone that has the spirit of a incredibly powerful spectrobe inside it" Rallen said handing Nick the geo.

"This can kill that krawl yes?" Nick asked looking at the geo.

"If we could make it work, yes" Rallen said.

"Five minutes please" Nick said walking away with the geo.

"He's gonna break" Rallen said watching him hit it against a tree.

"It's already broken so who cares?" Jeena said watching.

"Okay, your a magic stone, and were all in some crazy place where everything is fucked up horribly, and we all might die soon, but if you activate apparently you can save us." Nick said staring at it intently for a minute. "So please, work, do something, save some people's asses, and show that maybe, just maybe, miracles are real."

Two minutes later.

"Fuck you two stupid rock" Nick said throwing it on the ground and walking away. "Yeah, we dead."

"See, I'm not the only realist here" Jeena said looking at Rallen.

"Oh no, you are, but I just wasted like two minutes giving a rock a pep talk, that is not a good sign" Nick said before grabbing the geo again. "But maybe, maybe I can try one last thing."

"What?" Rallen asked.

"You'll see" Nick said looking at the giant krawl as it came closer. "But I'll need to be close to that thing."

"Okay lets go" Rallen said. "Jeena, wait here where it's safe."

"What, why?" Jeena asked.

"Because if we die, then you go get help as it kills us" Nick said walking towards the krawl.

"Oh, right" Jeena said.

"What, no good luck kiss" Rallen said with a smirk.

"Come back alive, and then we'll talk" Jeena said watching them go. "Yep, were all screwed."

At the krawl.

"Okay here goes the fate of a planet" Nick said grabbing the geo.

"What exactly are you doing?" Rallen asked.

"This" Nick said.

Throwing the geo at the krawl's head.

"Man, your stupid" Rallen said looking at the krawl.

And amazingly. Nothing happened.

"Yep, were all fucked" Nick said looking up.

"Yes, we are, so wanna die like men, or what?" Rallen asked looking up as well.

"You fucking know it" Nick said grabbing two knives from Rallen. "Let's do this."

"Wait, that's my line" Rallen said looking at Nick.

"Well, fuck you" Nick said running at the krawl.

Soon to be followed by Rallen.

"Geo, save our asses" Rallen said slightly praying.

"HEY YOU GREAT BIG OAF, come get some, mothafucker" Nick said jumping onto it and stabbing it's leg, repeatedly.

Doing nothing.

"Right, forgot I was working with a dumbass" Rallen said watching him do nothing for three minutes.

Just as the geo fell onto Nick's head knocking him off.

"Mother fucker" Nick said grabbing the rock. "Fucking rock, stupid ass thing inside is probably just a pathetic weakling."

And then the rock started glowing.

"Oh, your glowing, so scary, I'm quaking" Nick said insulting the geo even more.

And then in turned into a giant ass Dragon.

"YOU DARE INSULT ME, HUMAN" The Geo shouted looking down at Nick.

"Did he just fix it, by insulting it?" Rallen asked no one.

"Yeah I did, you and you giant scaly ass were just gonna hide in a rock until we finished fighting, and then we'd probably be dead, and you were just gonna hide until it was safe weren't you, you little bitch" Nick said grabbing the Geo's snout.

"NOBODY INSULTS ME" The Geo shouted glaring at Nick.

"Well then hello, My name is Nobody. And I, am insulting you, and your great big pussy ass, not even gonna try and fight huh, well then, I'll just shank you motherfucka" Nick said grabbing the knife and holding the point on the Geo's head.

"YOU'VE GOT GUT'S, OR MAYBE YOUR JUST STUPID" The Geo said with a laugh looking at Nick.

"Hey, do you know who I am, well then I'll enlighten you" Nick said letting go of the Geo's snout. "I am the toughest motherfucker around, and don't you forget it, you see, whatever kills me just makes me stronger."

"Well, I guess I know that you stupid, and not brave" The Geo's said having shrunk.

"Shut up you" Nick said looking at the now normal sized dragon. "Or maybe I'll just cut you up anyways."

"I don't mean to interrupt your bonding time, but theirs a giant krawl hell bent on killing shit" Rallen said.

"Fuck the krawl, this thing is annoying me" Nick said looking at the Geo.

"Well then, if you so sure of yourself, let's see you handle this krawl, after all as you said, your the toughest motherfucker there is" The Geo said with a mirthless laugh.

"Fine then, UGLY GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE" Nick shouted at the krawl, making at look down on him. "YEAH YOU, get your ugly mug down here before I come up there."

The krawl, not being smart bent down.

"Now then you gonna kill yourself" Nick said looking at the krawl.

"ARRRRRR" it screamed.

Only for Nick to slap it.

"Shut you fucking face" Nick said looking at it knife in hand. "Next time, you die."

The krawl tried to stand up fully. Only to be stabbed in the eye making it stay down.

"What the fuck did I just say. I believe it was, Shut the fuck up, and die" Nick said before continually stabbing it in the eye.

"Ar-" It tried to scream. Only to get stabbed in the other eye.

"Shut the fuck up right now" Nick said before punching it on the nose. "Wait no, that's sharks."

"Is he really killing that thing like that" Rallen said watching the scene.

"Well you see, he was angry, and it was annoying me, and I didn't feel like killing it so I wanted to see if he actually could" The Geo said. "But all that's happened is that's he's scared it using physical abuse, it now fears the pain the that will be inflicted upon itself if I does something wrong."

"So, he stopped it with a bitch slap?" Rallen asked.

"Yes Rallen, he stopped it with a bitch slap" The Geo said slowly.

"Wow, surprising" Rallen said watching him slap it again.

"Well, you humans are a stupid race, ridiculous race, retarded race" The Geo said.

"Right" Rallen said watching him slap it again, like he somehow owned it.

"Gun Rallen" Nick said holding a hand.

"Right" Rallen said tossing him a gun.

"I own you, and no, I'm returning you to" Nick said shooting it in the face, a lot. "Problem solved."

"Right" Rallen said watching the krawl die.

"Well, not really, in the short term, yes, but long term, no" Geo said. "You see, more will come."

"Whatever" Nick said walking towards the destination. "Not my planet."

"So, you still should care about the people living here" Jeena said.

"How many people live here?" Nick asked.

"Really. maybe thirty people" Geo said.

"Fuck'em all" Nick said not caring.

"How could you say that?" Jeena asked.

"Thirty people, people I don't know, might die, possibly, not definitely" Nick said leaning on a tree, and then falling over. "I'm gonna nap for a bit now. See you guys later. Except you, your a dick."

"Wait, whose a dick" Rallen asked looking at him.

He was already sleeping when Rallen asked that so he didn't have to answer.

"So we just leave him here?" Jeena asked looking at him.

"Why not?" Rallen said walking away.

"See ya" Geo said turning into a rock.


If only that was a legit option in spectrobes for boss fighting.

Giant krawl, what do you do.

Bitch slap.