Hey guys. I know, I don't update in a year and then I just update with an author's note. I'm a terrible person, flame all you want, I just wanted to let you guys know what the deal is.

So, last year, my school year was more trying than usual, and it took up all my time and energy, and I had no time for writing of any sort. So I didn't update. I know, usual excuses. HOWEVER. I WILL be working on Alliances, Logic and Magic, There and Back Again, and When An Eagle Meets a Swan very soon!

. . . notice how I didn't say UPDATE.

As of right now, WAEMAS is the only one that will be getting updates, Alliances, LAM, and TABA will all be going through major REWRITES. Why? Well, I read back, thought that the previous chapters sucked, and also saw quite a few inaccuracies with canon, due to me being scatter-brained.

So, what will most likely happen is you won't see any activity on those stories for a while until I update them all up to their current points, and then I will resubmit all the chapters.

Another reason for my doing this is that I'm going to try to be more organized with my stories, as I really have no idea where some of them are going, and I want to fix that.

Notice how Point of No Return wasn't mentioned up there. I WILL be updating on that one, but I am actually contemplating on re-writing a few chapters within that, but not making it go through such a dramatic re-write as Logic and Magic and Alliances will be going through. Most likely though, you will be seeing updates on that one.

And for those who are wanting a sequel to Old Friends and No Rules, sorry, but those are going to have to wait until I can loosen up the load on my plate at the moment. I MIGHT post a one-shot sort of sequel to No Rules though, depending on how I feel. Those of you who are big fans of Doctor Who will be liking that one-shot.

Again, I'm so sorry for the wait. Also, sorry to those who I promised one-shots to, or promised to use their OCs in the stories. I can't promise if I'll be able to include them or not. I realize now that was a rather unprofessional and unwise move on my part, and I apologize.

So, that's about it. I'm not dead (yet!), I'll be updating When An Eagle Meets a Swan (and POSSIBLY There and Back Again, as that one isn't as bad as the other two), and will be working on re-writes for Logic and Magic and Alliances.

Thank you all for being so patient!

~The Sophster