Hey everyone! I've been trying to fix this up for a while. Writing for Feliciano is kind of a daunting task... Anyway, here it is! Comments are appreciated!


Ludwig looked at me uncomfortably. "Do I really have to be here?" He asked.

"Veh~" I didn't want to face my brother by myself. Which sounded bad. So I only responded with my typical answer. He accepted it willingly.

"You know Romano doesn't like me."

I smile at him. "He needs support, Ludwig. Big brother Spain told me to come here. And the more, the merrier, right?"

He shrugged. "I suppose. But shouldn't this be just family?"

"You count as family." I say simply. After all, I love him and Romano might be okay with that now that he's been concussed.

Ludwig gave me a soft, gentle smile and said nothing. It's my favorite smile, because it's so honest and handsome. My handsome and honest Ludwig… I'm so lucky! It makes me happy just to be with him. That's why it always bothers me that Romano loathes him so much. It hurts to see the two people I love the most so opposed to each other.

At least Ludwig tries his best to be nice to him, but Romano loses it too easily. He's always so angry. That's why I'm so worried about seeing him today. He might be angry at me. I don't know why he'd be angry, since I did nothing wrong, but… I don't know. He loves me, I know that, but he expresses it in a weird way.

And honestly, Romano's kind of oblivious.

Don't misunderstand me! I love my fratello more than anything, and I really want to see him. Spain sounded so upset on the phone. He's so nice, taking care of Roma. I was starting to worry about him when he didn't come home last night. He didn't even call. Any time he stays at big brother Spain's house, he calls me. I insisted that Ludwig stayed with me, since I was so scared. Of course, if Romano knew that he slept over, he'd jump to ridiculous conclusions. And he doesn't even know that we're dating.

The nurse walked over to us and smiled. "Okay, Romano is finished with his tests. You can visit him now."

"Grazie." I say, smiling back. With an exuberant flounce, I stood up and took Ludwig's hand. I bounded towards Romano's room, boyfriend in tow.

He was on the bed, rubbing his temples. To my horror, he had bandages all over his head. When he looked up and saw me. He smiled. Then he focused on Ludwig. He frowned.

Oh, I should have expected this.

"Feli, who is this guy? What the hell is he doing here?" He looked at Ludwig mistrustfully.

I turned to Ludwig, saying, "Vehh?"

He quickly said, "Hello, Romano, I'm Ludwig."

"Stupid-ass name." Roma mumbled, squirming in his hospital bed. Then he looked at us expectantly. "Well? Do you have any reason to be here?"

I beam. "Of course we do."

"I'm talking to your bodyguard—or whatever he is."

Boyfriend, I tell him mentally. But he didn't catch my telepathic message. He just glared.

"Um, I'm here with Feliciano. To support you."

Romano glared harder. "And how do I know you?"

An inner voice panicked. He's forgotten everything! Everything!

Before Ludwig can say anything, I intertwined my hand with his. He looks at me, a what-the-hell-are-you-doing expression on his face. I shrug. Of all the times to tell Romano about our relationship, I think this will be the best. He's less likely to blow up. At least, he won't blow up yet.

"He's my boyfriend." I explain. I love saying that out loud. It's true, and declaring love is one of the best feelings ever.

Romano stared at us again, his mouth gaping open. Then he closed it. Then he opened it again, as if to say something. Then he closed it, yet again. He was acting like a fish. I had to contain my giggles at the thought of my brother as a fish. First, I need to stop saying fish, because it's impossible not to laugh at a funny word like that. Almost as if on cue, Ludwig squeezed my hand to make me focus. I remember, and manage to contain my giggling.

"You're dating my brother." The words were said coldly, but his eyes still showed confusion. He was trying to intimidate Ludwig. Good luck with that, fratello.

"Yes I am."

I smile at Romano, "And we're happy!"

His entire face softens at this. It was the winning argument. I'm good with words sometimes!

"I don't want him here." He pouts, although I think it was meant to be a scowl. Either way, I understand.

I give Ludwig an apologetic glance, and he shrugs back. He says, "It's nice to see you, Romano," and rushes out of the room. I probably did him a favor.

The silence, though, was deafening. Romano looked angry, confused, and desperately miserable. I needed to be a good little brother and help him.

So, I casually walk up to his bed. He pulled his knees close to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, a little ball of despair. I felt embarrassed to see him acting weak. He's never weak. Unlike me, he's strong.

"I'm sorry you don't remember things." I say simply, unsure of if it would work. He focused on the space in front of him. His eyes are tearing up. I look down, blushing. I'm pretty sure he's blushing even more.

"Everything's so confusing. I need a fucking nap." I returned my gaze, and he was wiping away tears angrily.

I nod, glad to have the distraction. "I guess it's been hard. You hit your head, right?"

"Yeah. And it really hurt." He pouted again.

I look at him sympathetically. "I was so worried about you! When you didn't come home or call me, I started to panic. Then big brother Spain called, and I—"

"He's our brother?" Romano stopped crying, and his face went a sickly white. I looked at him funny.

"Yeah, he's big brother Spain. Didn't I say that?"

"But I…" He gulped. "So he's not…"

He suddenly appeared weary, and reiterated, "I need a fucking nap."

"I can tell." I smile jokingly at this, but he's too deep in thought to notice.

"How much longer do I have to say here?"

What? He sounds like I'm supposed to know. "As soon as you're better."

"Ugh, I don't feel so good."

In a moment of compulsiveness, I do what we always do when one of us says we feel sick. It's nostalgic, and sweet. It always brings a smile onto his face. I put my forehead against his and compare temperatures.

"You don't feel sick." I say mildly, grinning.

He frowns and moves back. "What the hell are you doing?"

It was one of the worst things he could say. I stepped back, astounded. I only wanted to make him happy. Romano always smiles, always. But now he's angry with me. What did I do?

"I'm checking your temperature." I say, disheartened.

He crosses his arms. "Why can't you act mature?"

"W-we always do it this way, fratello!" I felt myself starting to cry.

This seemed to strike him. He paused, looked at me, and almost said an apology. I could tell it was right on his tongue. But he second-guessed himself. "I need a fucking nap."

I bite my lip so I don't start sobbing, and stumble out of the room. I'm undeniably hurt. Something must be distracting Roma, or something. Yes, that must be it. I didn't do anything wrong.

With this in my head, I start to blindly run to Ludwig. He surely couldn't be far.

Someone crashed into me. I exclaimed, "Oof!" and skidded out of the way, landing on my butt. He continued to rush in the opposite direction. Then, he turned back to apologize to me. It was big brother Spain.

"Feli, what are you doing? Are you here to see Lovi?" Spain bent over, panting. I smile at him hopelessly.

"Veh~ I…" I didn't think he'd take it well if I said I was going back to Ludwig. I wiped the tears from my face.

He extended his hand to help me up. I took it obligingly and stood up. "I'm sorry about knocking you over. I just really wanted to see Lovi."

I nod. "It's okay. I think I may go home now, actually. I'm really tired."

"But… you just got here." He blinked at me.

"Actually, I…" I stammer awkwardly, not sure how to finish my sentence without raising questions. He got distracted soon.

Spain's face lit up with excitement. "Come on, we can see him together!"

"But, big brother, I don't think I should. It's just… I already went to see him."

He took my arm and pulled me along. "Well, it's impossible to get enough of Lovi."

"Actually, I really should go…" I move away from him and explain, "Ludwig is teaching me how to tie my shoes today."

Okay, he taught me that last week. But I don't think Romano wants to see me again. And he seemed tired. Maybe things will be better when he's gotten out of the hospital, though...?

"Oh, that's probably important. I don't want to keep you from that." He grins. "Just make sure to visit him a lot, okay?"

I nod, and turn to leave. At least I know my fratello is in good hands with big brother Spain looking out for him.