I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaackkkk!~

Um, anyway, if you hadn't noticed by now, I've had a huge writers block. I mean a HUGE one. Uragh. I'm back to writing again, but I've decided that I've finished Tokyo Outbreak, for now. I'm still debating if I should continue Mutual Love. I recently moved in with my older sister, since my old home life was hetic. And I got a part-time job after high school. So, needless to say, I'll be busy.

I've got the first chapter of this done, though. This is just a prologue, introducing one of my favourite OC's, Aomi Yue! Yes, this is a OC fic, but absolutely NOpairings for this fic. NONE. I'm mostly doing this to get used to writing Aomi's character, because I'm typing up a original story of mine right now. I've already typed out the first chapter, and I'm proofreading it myself right now.

In case you haven't noticed, I have a knack for weird fan-fics. Though, this one is less weird, I'll admit. The entire story is going to end up serious, sooner or later. Heh.

PS. By the way, the title is based on a Aimee B song, who's better known for singing the forever brilliant Panty & Stocking ending song. The song is entirely in English, and is on Gendou.

PSS. Panty & Stocking is like, my addiction right now. The OST, animation, Stocking, and the tweeeest at the end is all epic. I highly recommend it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Durarara!, nor any of its copy-rights.

If you asked who was the strongest female of Ikeburuko you'd get two reactions;

First, the otaku type would just stare at you, and answer with, "Girls don't fight. They just flash their panties and make their breasts bounce for our pleasure."

The second reply would be from those yanki type guys, who have fought with girls who're yankis. "I dunno girls can put up a fight when they want to. That's jus' my opinion tho."

The third would name some examples, and then be on their marry way.

Why do I bring this up? I'm normally one of those said examples. I get into trouble a lot. And I mean a lot. I don't mean those petty class clowns; I mean I fight with people a lot. People in general, get on my nerves a lot, but I mostly ignore them. But they keep on picking fights with me, so uh… I can't exactly ignore them. Who wouldn't start a fight if someone punches you for no reason, other than to get punched back?

I'm not really nice, to be truthful. I'm brute, rude, and swear a lot. It's mainly due to my past, I'm an ex-yanki. I know, that's already got me a rep in school, it's all my fault, really. I'm really screwed up.

What's worse, my little sister is better than me. In a lot of ways, she's always the one who'd break up the fights that someone else starts, well, sometimes. I really cannot control myself at times, and I'm much faster than her. You can guess what happens. My little sister runs out of breath, tries to calm me down, only for the guy to get punched in the face. Or get his breath get knocked out of him by one of my very own kicks.

In no way have I been a bad influence to my little sister, which I'm so, so thankful for.

Half of my bad rep with yankis/delinquents is because of my hair color. It's natural dark blue. Yeah, I have natural dark blue hair. According to mom, it's been running in the females veins of her side of the family for ages, in fact, mom had it too. My little sister doesn't have dark blue hair; she has dad's hair color, dark natural red hair. People, even girls, always ask me if it's dyed, I always reply with a scowl and a 'no.'

As you can imagine, it gets annoying after awhile. A few people even tell me that it's impossible to have natural dark blue hair. No freaking way, I didn't know that already! Yet, here I am, with my unnaturally blue hair!

And, yes, before you ask, my eyebrows are the same color of my hair.

Another reason why my rep is so bad is because I know all kinds of fighting moves. I took karate, sho Lin, bushido, tie kwan do, and you name it, when I was three till I was ten. My mom was big on martial arts; she was extremely good at them. I'm not near as good as she was, but I'm getting there. I think.

I'm often called 'The blue butterfly of Shibuya', my yanki name of course. I'm currently seventeen, and in my second year of high school. I would be in my third year of high school, if I wasn't a yanki that is. I let my grades drop a lot in grade and middle school.

I'm stupid, yes. One of the only things that I care about anymore is my little sister. She means the world to me.

Before I forget, my name is Naomi Yue. But call me Aomi, or else.

Notes: Yanki is a Japanese delinquent. They're known for being trouble makers, and fight A LOT. In a way, Aomi was a good delinquent, but she still loves fighting.

Before anyone asks, I mainly wanted dark blue hair for Aomi because it sort of reflects her personality. She's brash and rude, but at the same time she carrys regrets in her heart.