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Shizuo insisted that I'd go to work with him the next day. He didn't trust me to stay alone in his home all day, I guess. I did however, learn something new that day; I never knew that debt collectors needed body guards. It makes sense, considering how violent humans could get at times that they're desperate. I couldn't help but think of that as cowardly and pathetic.

"Will you promise not to get in the way? I can handle everything on my own." Shizuo said for the millionth time.

"Yeah, I'll stay behind you. I promise." I said, smiling. I was starting to get used to smiling. If I ever did smile before I lost my memory, that is. After a few more steps, we reached the collection agency's office. It was falling apart; a few bricks looked ready to fall off at any moment. A dark skinned man came up to Shizuo and me, with a confused look on his face.

"Who's this with you Shizuo?" He asked, looking at me. I frowned and answered him before Shizuo could.

"Kazumi. Nice to meet you." I put out my hand, while smiling.

"Just 'Kazumi'? Don't you have a last name?" He asked, clasping my hand as I shook it. "You could call me Tom, Kazumi-San."

"I uh… don't remember. I don't exactly remember my own name, really." I said, turning my face away. I felt like it was better telling the truth to Tom, since I'd likely be horrible with lying anyway.


"She has amnesia, Sempai. She can't remember anything, besides how to talk and function." Shizuo said for me. "I couldn't exactly leave her alone in my apartment, so I brought her with me today. Sorry."

Looking down on the ground, I shuffled my feet with my brand new knee-high black boots. Shizuo and me ventured out to the clothes store to get me some new clothes. I now have a light blue sweatshirt, and a light blue denim skirt. "Um, yeah, what Shizuo said."

Tom let out a sigh, and shrugged. "Oh well. Kazumi-San can come with us."

Smiling, I started walking with Tom and Shizuo. Shizuo unexpectedly had a bad temper, and I kept my distance from him when he punched someone so hard they flew into a building that was fifty feet away. Tom joined me, and sighed as he wrote something down and stuck it on the man's head as soon Shizuo was done with him.

When it was almost one o'clock, Tom suggested we go out for a late lunch at this sushi place. I met possibly the largest person I've ever seen, with very broken Japanese. "Shizuo! You found pretty girl! Congratulations!"

"Hi Simon." He said, as he walked past the tall man, waving. He just completely ignored his comment, didn't he? Sighing, I followed Shizuo's suit and waved hello at the tall man.

"Kazumi-San, what kind of sushi do you like?" Tom said, adjusting his glasses while looking at a menu.

"Um, whatever's fine. I'm not a picky eater. Or at least, I don't think I am." I said, sitting down next to Shizuo.

"Okay then." Tom said, placing an order for three shrimp sushi, two glasses of water, and a glass of milk.

"You like milk, Tom-San?" I asked, confused. He didn't seem the type who'd like milk, at least to me he didn't.

I saw Shizuo's face turn away, rubbing the back of his head. "Uh, I like milk, actually. I always have."

I almost wanted to giggle, but I kept my giggle to myself, and shook it off as a bad idea. I didn't even talk until the sushi came. Looking at the sushi, or even smelling it, it looked very... inedible. "Am I supposed to eat this?" I asked, trying not to belch at the sight of it.

"You don't have to. I mean, this sushi joint is known for some weird stuff. The shrimp sushi is one of the more edible ones, just so you know." Tom said, eating his sushi. He made a strange face as he ate it.

Shrugging, I plopped a sushi roll into my mouth, hoping not to throw up. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad, but it had wasabi in it. In the end, I could only eat three out of the five sushi rolls that were on my plate. Shizuo only ate two, and Tom ate four. I figured that Shizuo wasn't a big fan of spicy stuff.

After we left the sushi place, Shizuo and Tom yet again went on a debt collector hunt. I was mostly on the sidelines, trying to stay out of Shizuo's way as he beat up various crying men. They were really pathetic, which somehow annoyed me.

"Does Shizuo normally beat up pathetic men like this?" I asked Tom; as yet again Shizuo threw a man into a brick wall, only this time with a stop sign.

"No, normally he doesn't. I guess he's mad today or something." Tom said, shrugging. Shizuo dropped the stop sign, and stalked back to us, grumbling under his breath.

Yeah, Shizuo was in a bad mood.

"Aomi's finally changed? About time, I was tired of waiting for her eighteenth birthday." A tall girl said, her light blue eyes lighting up with excitement as she waved her white wings back and forth.

"You're never patient, are you?" Another smaller girl said in a monotone sounding voice. She was leaning on a wall with her arms crossed between her chest.

"Of course not. Especially when it comes to things like this! I know Aomi very well after all." The tall girl said, pouting a little.

The other smaller girl sighed. "Naomi was supposed to change on her eighteenth birthday to a full fledged Shinigami. At least, that's what I saw, but my predictions are sometimes wrong. I was a bit worried that she may turn on humanity, but I have to say, she's adjusting well thanks to Heiwajima."

"I wonder why she grew like she did, though…" The taller girl cocked her head to the side, her long chestnut colored hair falling to the side.

"It's because her Shinigami side of her is an entirely different being. That's the reason why she lost her memory during the change. Sometimes when she was extremely angry, she'd not remember a fight she was in. That's because her Shinigami self would take over, instantly winning every fight for her."

"That's strange. Having another self locked up within you, and not even noticing it." The taller girl tapped her chin. "I feel sorry for Aomi now…"

"Don't be, this is for the best. Maybe she'll give up her annoying delinquent roots and finally become more mature, and lady like." The smaller girl said, tying her long black hair into a ponytail.

"Awww, Hannah, don't be that way. Aomi's strong after all." The taller girl said, pouting again. "She's one of the most strong hearted girls that I know. Compared to me, at least."

"Angel's aren't supposed to be strong hearted; they have to be free from all worries, basically." The girl, Hannah, said, sighing again. "Your basically one of those carefree people, Elizabeth."

"How many times have I told you to call me Misaki, Hannah?" The girl, Misaki, stomped her foot in anger, crossing her arms in the process.

"I refuse to call you by that silly name you made up for yourself." Hannah said.

Giving up, Misaki shrugged, and floated in the air a little. "Oh, fine. I'm going to go around town now, Hannah. Want to join me?"

"I'd rather not. You get so caught up in flying at times, that you start rambling on how great it is." Hannah said, jumping up into the air herself. "I'm going to go visit somebody anyway."

"Who? I'm bored, so I may come with you." Misaki said, flapping her wings.

"Somebody you went to school with." Hannah said, flying ahead of Misaki. "Orihara Izaya. I have a few questions I want to ask of him."

"… You know, I always hated that guy. Even though he said that I was pretty, and spoke fluent English with me, and complemented by singing voice." Misaki said, catching up with Hannah. "And would it kill you to not fly so fast once and awhile, Hannah?"

'Well, she's strange looking.' I was currently looking at a pale looking girl, with dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and she was really small. She looked different from everyone else, probably because she was staring at a cute dress, her expression was black however. 'Her aura's… grey for some reason.'

"Hm? Shizuo, don't you know that girl?" Tom asked, noticing that I was looking at the girl myself.

"… I dunno. She looks familiar. There aren't many people in Tokyo with strange hair colors like that." Shizuo said, as he swung the stop sign that he was carrying over his good shoulder.

Hoping for the best, I walked over to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hi!" I waved my hand, smiling as best as I could. It still looked creepy, I'll bet.

Turning her head and looking at me, the girl blinked. Without me ever noticing it, the girl drew some sort of gun and pointed it at my face. She now had a smile that was even crazier than mine was last night. Quickly jumping back, I put my hands up in protest. "Um, uh, sorry for startling you!"

"Oh crap, now I remember her." I heard Shizuo slap his head. "I don't remember her name, but she often came to school with a gun. Even the teachers were afraid of her."

Growling, the girl took out another gun underneath her skirt and pointed it at Shizuo. "You fucking asshole. I'm Maxi; I fought with you and that fucking annoying pest Orihara a lot in school. How could you remember Orihara, yet not remember me?"

"Sorry. I'm pretty bad with names." Shizuo came up to me and Maxi, with his stop sign still swung over his shoulder.

Blinking, Maxi smiled once more, and pulled back on the both of her guns triggers. Acting quickly, I pulled on both of her hands, making her fire anyway. Right into my right legs thigh, and my stomach.

Falling to the ground, I coughed up blood. I heard Tom yelling, while Shizuo stared at me. Maxi started laughing like a maniac. Gritting my blood stained teeth; I got back up, even though I was heavily bleeding. "That wasn't very nice, Maxi."

Another shot rang out; I quickly dodged the bullet before it could even graze me. Moving in quickly, I jumped up and did a roundhouse kick, until Maxi dodged it. Laughing again, Maxi ran off before I could have the chance to kick her again.

"Are you okay?" Tom said, staring at my wounds. Not like I was really hurt, that's one of the biggest perks of being a Shinigami.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I sighed, looking at my wounds for myself. They looked bad sure, but they didn't hurt. That badly anyway.

Rubbing the back of his head, Tom looked tired. "Shizuo, you can have the rest of the day off. Please take Kazumi to the hospital while you're at it."

Without even blinking once, Shizuo suddenly dropped his stop sign and lifted me over his shoulder. "I don't want sempai to yell at me, so please go with the flow, Kazumi."