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"Why me?" Sam asked. "Why kidnap me? Why help me? Why not Dean? He's the 'righteous man'!" He was upset, he was angry, and most of all, he was confused. He wanted to know why Gabriel took more of a liking towards him than Dean. He wasn't deserving of the archangel's affection- if the attention could be called that.

"Dean has the better soul!"

Gabriel still hadn't looked at Sam. It was beginning to annoy the younger Winchester. He was always given Gabriel's attentions. He didn't like that now, when he wanted an answer, Gabriel was ignoring him, staring at the beautiful beach sunset that made everything seem like a chick flick.

"Dean has the purer soul, so why me?" Sam asked, sounding broken. "Why do you always choose me over him?" He didn't want the archangel's attention but then he did. The selfish part of him wanted Gabriel to want him and love him and never look away, to be around and never leave. He wanted to be loved by the emodiment of love, peace, and shelter. The unselfish part of him wondered why the hell Gabriel chose him. He drank demon blood, he had gotten intimate with a demon, and he wasn't as good as Dean.

And yet, Gabriel chose the younger Winchester to torment. He chose to pop in randomly and "kidnap" Sam and take him to a beach because, "I felt your distress from Tokyo, kiddo," when Sam was positive that Dean's distress- from the time he was in Hell- would have stretched around the world and then some.

"Did you ever consider it's because you have the worse soul, Sam?" Gabriel asked. Sam looked at Gabriel, realizing the archangel had finally looked at him. "Did you ever consider that it's because you have the worse soul of you already messed up Winchesters that I want you?" Sam wasn't sure how to feel about that. The words cut deep into him but Gabriel wanted him, soothing the cut.

"That's…" Sick. Messed up. Not right. Gabriel just smirked, knowing exactly what it was Sam was thinking.

"Castiel pulled Dean out of Hell. There was bound to be some connection because of that but Castiel is drawn to the purer man's soul because it's what he knows, likes, and now misses. He would have been drawn to Dean whether he pulled him out of Hell or not. Anna was drawn to Dean's soul because it reminded her of home- or what home should have been. They need that reminder," Gabriel said. "But I don't. You stink of Earth and humanity, Sammy. Reek of it, actually." Sam wasn't quite sure that that was a compliment but he wasn't going to stop the archangel now.

"And I don't need to be reminded of home. I left home. Sure, the reminder's nice once in awhile, always fun to remember the hellion I was in heaven by annoying your brother," Gabriel smirked, "but I don't need home. I need the humanity."

"But…" I've drank demon blood. How can I be considered 'humanity'? Dean's...

"Humans make mistakes, Sam. That's why they're humans and not angels," Gabriel said, turning back to the sunset. "Dean is a reminder of heaven. He was chosen by it, even if he doesn't practice all their ideas. But what else can you expect from a human?" Sam watched Gabriel watching the sunset and then sat next to the standing Gabriel, realizing that the archangel's attention had turned back to him.

"So… you like me because my soul is impure?" Sam asked.

"Not impure, Sam, human," Gabriel corrected gently. "I never said your soul was impure."

"Does... that make Dean's soul not human?" Sam asked.

"No, it makes Dean's soul closer to heaven- to Castiel," Gabriel paused and then bent down, pressing a gentle kiss on Sam's lips. "And yours closer to mine."