This might be the start of a sequel, but it's definitely in honor of New Year's. Have fun everybody!

He'd been introduced as Casey Jones, but North knew the man in front of him was, in fact, Jason Voorhees.

Well, not the Jason Voorhees. The vigilante known as Jason. The one the cops hated almost as much as the Purple Dragons the man fought. He had once crushed a kid's skull in with a golf club for stealing a lady's purse. The PDs were run-of-the-mill criminals, nasty and rude, but Jason was a beast. An animal.

And, if this man was Jason, he was also currently very drunk.

It was late on December 31st, and apparently the turtle boys had concocted an exciting blend of American and Japanese New Year's customs into one rocking party, to which the entirety of their friends had been invited. In addition to Jason—er, Casey, North had been introduced to a young woman with purple hair who seemed to be avoiding him, a humanoid rabbit who had also fought in the Battle Nexus, The Ultimate Daimyo himself and his young son (North was going to have to ask about that; he was certain the Daimyo's son had been older than this when he'd fought in the Battle Nexus, which had been well over fifteen years ago), Leatherhead the giant alligator man who apparently favored wearing lab coats, and several homeless people. And April, whom he'd already met. And Casey, the drunk vigilante.

North looked down into his sake, wondering what the turtles' game was. Had they just not thought of it? Did they think he wouldn't figure it out? Did they trust him not to give their friend away?

Aside from pure logic (if every friend of the turtles were present at the party, and one of their friends was Jason, and there was only one human male at the party aside from North himself, ergo…), he knew very well what the vigilante's stats were: white male, 6'3'', 250 lbs, shoulder-length black hair, very built. A description that Casey fit perfectly.

The policeman in him wanted to get Casey Jones' contact information and then arrange for his arrest the next morning. The part of him that was a friend to the turtles wanted to remain worthy of their trust and leave their friend alone. North watched as Casey got up and began singing a cappella and so off-key that it was almost harmony, before being dragged away by a red-faced April.

He drained his sake and went to get more. Maybe if he got drunk enough he would just forget the whole thing.