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This fiction under the Category Twilight will be a series of one-shots which features the songs from Taylor Swift's latest album: Speak Now. Most of the one-shots are all human. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.


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Disclaimer: ALL the characters from Twilight belong to Stephenie Meyer and ALL the songs and lyrics featured rightfully belong to Taylor Swift. I do not claim the Twilight Saga to be mine as well as the songs features written below. Again, I OWN NOTHING. Except this collection of song-fic one-shots.

Speak Now


Sparks Fly


Speak Now

Dear John*


The Story of Us

Never Grow Up

Better than Revenge



Last Kiss*

Long Live



If this was a movie*

Back to December

Speak Now © Album by Taylor Swift

***Dear John - Still thinking if I should include this song, I can't think of any ideas for this one because it's negative. But there are thoughts of Dark Jacob and Bella.

***Innocent – it's too complex, can't think of anything. If I figure out the meaning behind the song I'll try to include but if you have ideas please message me, thanks. I'll be more than happy to use your concepts and I'll gladly note who you are.

***If this was a movie/***Last Kiss – Bit of a New Moon scene. Edward leaves Bella…. and yada-yada….


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