The Chase Makes It Better

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not to me. This pairing is a Mew and Mor's Weird Pairing, which you may find in the M&MWP forum (see my profile for details). Check out and join the forum FUN! Read, review, and enjoy! Originally written for Morghen.



what matters?

Lost time

Forgotten moments

Her wish that you would



·a l l·

a w a y

So why should it


when you see her

in her



Okay, so you were

just-a-bit b/o/t/h/e/r/e/d

but anyone would be,


when they thought they really desired someone

(especially a young wizard,

one much like the one you

u.s.e.d t.o b.e)

But a


& a


add up to a ride


more fun than one to

protect your team's Seeker


"Loony Lovegood"

&& a



produced a riled-up Eagle


so it's those c-o-m-p-a-r-i-s-o-n-s

he despises so muchtoomuch

Let him shove you

Let him tell you he's


& don't correct him

Because if he were that,

then why would he have

g_i_v_e_n · i_n

& presented you with what you couldn't believe you'd ever


M:O:S:T ?


Ooh… B) As for what Lorcan did to return George's affections…well, I'll let your imagination nicely finish that thought for you.

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-mew-tsubaki :)

2017 note: I like this take on Georgecan, with George thinking winning Lorcan is the consolation prize for not winning Luna—tho I write Lorc as a v diff charrie from his mum, tbh. :O