All In The Family

By Magus732

Washington, D.C...

The bright, fluorescent lights on his office greeted an understandably foul-mood Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Director Shepard had dragged him into work on a day he chose to actually use his paid vacation. As one can imagine, he wasn't very happy about it. As he angrily slammed his badge and gun down on his desk and sat in his chair, his subordinate agents looked up with surprise; he wasn't due back for three more days.

"Hey, Boss… have a nice fishing trip?" Anthony DiNozzo joked nervously, grimacing when he received a death glare from Gibbs.

"No, Dinozzo, I did not…" He answered through gritted teeth. Mossad Officer Ziva David, her eyebrow arched in curiosity, leaned forward in her desk chair.

"Is everything alright, Gibbs?" She asked coolly, trying not to make his mood any worse.

"No, Ziva… got pulled in to catch a killer when I should be out catching up on my sailboat's second coat of paint..." As the senior agent then turned his attention to Timothy McGee, who had an almost apologetic look on his face, he awaited to hear about why he was even there to start with. Logically, he'd assumed the Director had informed his team of their new case.

"Well, Boss, we... don't have any cases yet; just catching up on paperwork." He offered hesitantly. Gibbs rolled his eyes. "This is typical," he thought to himself. "Leave it to Jen to call me in on my one, voluntary day off in years, and she doesn't even tell my team about it."

"Agent Gibbs, you have a call coming through from the Director; line one." Cynthia, the Director's assistant/secretary, called down from the upper floor, leaning over the rail to make sure he heard. Gibbs nodded – as close to a "thank you" as she could expect – and sat back down at his desk, gingerly picking up the phone's handset.

"Jen, I hope you have a good reason my team doesn't know about-"

"Gibbs, pack your things; we've got a serious medical problem at a hospital in New Jersey. I'll brief you when you guys get here; Cynthia's got the address. Jethro... hurry." Jennifer Shepard, the Director of NCIS, curtly interrupted, immediately after which she hung up without saying another word. Gibbs slowly hung up, her instructions not fully sinking in; she'd never sounded so worried about a hospital before.

"Pack up, team; we're heading out..." He barked loudly, his team jumping up and following orders.

"Where to, Boss?" DiNozzo asked absently before looking up.

"New Jersey; Director wants us there, ASAP."