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Brandy Manhattan

"So, you and Aldo huh?"

I turned my head sharply, looking over at Donny as the car went through deserted country roads.

They were on their way to what would be their new home, belongings in the backseat.

Buried beneath expensive dresses and makeup that Elise would use to fit in, was nothing short of a complete artillery. Once the rest of the Basterds arrived at the home, new weapons would be delivered and the house would become the last place any Nazi would want to be.

"What?" I asked, looking up from the book I had been reading.

"Any other time we've had a girl working with us Aldo always said that he swore on his honor he would never go after her. The whole house had a bet on it actually."

"...There's nothing going on between Aldo and I." I said, feeling my face burn.

Donny glanced at me, and I noticed his grasp on the steering wheel had tightened slightly.

"What? I walked in on you two-"

"There's nothing going on between us." I repeated sternly, not quite wanting to explain that Aldo had been taking care of my bruises and I myself had been extremely horny. That would do nothing but make me seem like a whore. Despite the fact that I was.

"Oh. Fooled me." he chuckled.

So far we had been riding for about 25 minutes in complete silence, although this was not really the conversation I had envisioned having.

I turned my head, looking out the window again and trying to let my face cool before Donny said something again.

"So. You got a boyfriend or something?" he asked.

"Um...no." I replied, turning and looking at him.

I studied his profile. He had a long nose, pointed at the tip. I followed his arms, covered by a leather jacket to his hands, which grasped onto the steering wheel tightly.

"Brothers? Sisters?" he continued.

"No." I replied again, staring at the veins which protruded from the skin on his hands. He had very strong hands, large enough that I envisioned he could strangle a man without much trouble. As I stared at his hands, I could not help but imagine them on my own neck.

My face burned fiercely, and I leaned forward, hoping that my hair would shield my flaming cheeks from his sight.

"We haven't really gotten to talk a lot. Tell me about yourself." he said, slowing down as we barreled along a hill.

I turned back, sighing before looking up at the ceiling of the car.

"Well...I was born in France. My father fought in the first war when he was a teenager, came back a hero, then moved to France and married my mother. Couple of years later they had me." I shrugged, surprised at how easily the words were escaping from my mouth.

"That's it?" Donny chuckled.

"Yeah. I had school...now I'm here?"

"So...I mean, begging my pardon, but when did the whole dominatrix thing come in?"

I prepared for my face to flame, but to my surprise it did not.

"I ran away a few years ago. I had Jewish boyfriend, and my father had already joined the Nazi Party. As you can imagine it didn't go over well with him. My dad had the guy arrested, couple of days later I found out his family had been too."

"Have you heard from them since?" Donny asked, his voice suddenly becoming stern.

I shook my head.

"Auschwitz." I replied softly.

"So you've got a real ax to grind." Donny said.

"Not really, I mean I-"

"Aldo told us. That guy we got was your dad. I love my old man to death, not sure I could even do it if he did half the things yours did. Not sure anyone could."

"Is that a compliment?" I asked.

"Ugh, slightly." he said honestly, turning and looking at me.

So the guys in the house thought I was some sort of daring cold-hearted murderer. Even better.

"What about you?" I asked, wanting to push the subject away from myself.

"Well, grew up in Boston with my parents. Used to want to be a baseball player, then I enlisted when I turned 18. At first it was just to impress my pops, but then I realized that I really wanted to do something for my country. Then all this Nazi shit started happening, and Aldo and I met up. Decided we would make a group of Jews that would make those fuckers pay for everything they'd done."

"Oh." I replied shortly, because asking the question that had stumped me. "What's baseball?"

At that point I thought that he just might crash. Donny's hands twitched on the wheel, and the car swerved for a moment before he whipped his head around at me.

"'What's baseball?'" he exclaimed wildly.

"Well...yeah?" I said, suddenly feeling stupid.

"You don't know what baseball is?" he exclaimed again.

"No." I said again, this time slightly agitated.

"Well it's only the greatest game in the world. I mean, do you know any sports?"

"Of course I do, I'm not stupid! I know soccer, tennis, diving, croquet and polo."

"What the hell is croquet?" Donny asked.

"What is baseball?" I shot back, allowing myself to smile this time.

Donny chuckled, before explaining.

"Okay, baseball is a type of spot with nine members on each team. Baseball has this special field, with different positions. Now, each guy plays a different position."

"What's the object of them game?" I asked, mildly interested.

"Well, there's a guy called a pitcher from one team. He throws the ball, and a player from the other team tries to hit it and get from one base to the next and all the way back where he started without getting out. The pitcher's most important job is to try and throw the ball so fast that the guy from the other team doesn't even get to hit it. That's called a strike."

"Huh. And you played?"

"Yeah, used to. Still do when I get the chance." he shrugged.

"Well...that's nice. Are you married?" I asked, glancing at his empty ring finger.

At this Donny chuckled loudly.

"No, no, no. Not ready for that yet. None of the guys are. Aldo used to be. His wife died after we got over here."

At this I did not know what to say, and looked around, silently fishing for something else.

"I almost did once. There was this girl. We dated through all of high school, you know, first love and everything. I thought she was The One."

"What happened?" I asked, my heart sinking. Would I ever be able to compare to that girl? Wait, why did I even give a damn?

"We just grew apart. See, I mean, the way I was raised...over where I live, women still don't really have a place yet. Of course I'd like to come home to a hot meal every night and have a girl that will take care of the kids, but I want one that will do more than that. I wanted a girl who actually wanted to do something other than mosey around the house. Become a doctor or lawyer or something."

I absorbed his words. In my entire life, I had never heard any man say anything remotely like that. My father wouldn't even allow my mother to speak without his permission, and here was a guy who basically wanted a wife that would have a status only slightly lessened than his own.

"Wow." I breathed, staring at him.

"Yeah." he chuckled. "What about you, what do you look for in a guy?"

I was slightly taken aback by his question, and took a moment to consider before answering.

"I've never really given it much thought. I guess just someone who is kind, loving and respects me. That's all you can really ask for no?"

"Smart girl." Donny nodded, before hitting the brakes.

A flock of sheep were being herded across the street slowly, loudly bahhing. I smiled. I had always loved animals of all sorts.

I rolled down the window, before sticking out my hand as the sheep turned, surrounding the car on both sides.

One of them moved past me, stopping to smell my fingers.

Vont! Vont! a voice cried out loudly as several sheep stopped around out door.

(Go! Go!)

One of the sheep refused to budge, sounding off loudly before sticking out it's long tongue and licking my finger.

"What the hell are you doing?" Donny asked.

The sheep flocked around the car, and their owner suddenly emerged, trying to get them to move faster.

Some did, but the one that become interested in me simply stood there, continuing to lick and smell my finger.

Viennent. the Shepard suddenly appeared beside the car, picking up the sheep.

(Come on.)

It protested, turning it's hand as he grasped it's fluffy wool.

Paresseux et têtu celui-ci est. he said in a deep voice, chuckling as he looked at me.

(Lazy and stubborn this one is.)

Il est très beau. ! I exclaimed, smiling.

(He is very handsome.)

The Shepard bowed his head in thanks, before shooing several more sheep down the dirt road.

We waited about another 10 minutes before they all cleared out, then Donny started forward.

"So you like animals?" Donny asked.

"Love them. I have always wanted a farm or something when I was older."

"Well, the mansion we're staying in has a lot of farmland. I know Aldo said there used to be some horses around. Maybe we can get some." he said.

I smiled, sitting back in my seat and thinking about everything Donny had said. After getting over my initial discomfort, he was really easy to talk to. Usually when I got nervous I had problems with my English, but for the first time it seemed like I had gotten through everything fine.

Seemed like things were really looking up for me.

Mon dieu.I whispered as I opened the door to what would be our bedroom.

The house itself was beyond lavish. Every single centimeter of the place was covered in beautiful lush carpet and no part of the walls were bare. They were covered in expensive replications of paintings from The Louvre and mirrors.

Beautiful chandeliers hung from the ceilings, and the home was seemed like anything but. It was a castle.

We had taken a quick tour, trying to remember where everything was before making our way tot he second floor. It was located in the country, with several other mansions dotting the countryside. Each was spread apart so far one would have to drive just to visit their neighbor. The only reason we were able to see the other homes from our windows was because we sat atop one of the hills.

"So, I can take that guest room down the hall, you can sleep in here." Donny said, interrupting me from my thoughts.

"What?" I said, turning around.

"I could sleep in that guest room down the hall." he repeated.

I hadn't even thought about our sleeping arrangements. Of course, there was nothing I would love more than sleeping in the arms of a hunk, but we had only just gotten to know one another.

"You don't have to. I mean, I don't mind sharing the bed..." I said quietly, feeling my face heat up.

Donny paused for a moment, before clearing his throat.

"Um, no the guest room is fine. We've got about a million of them anyway. It's the closest to, so come down if you need anything."

With that, he bent down and grabbed his suitcases before leaving the room. I sighed, sitting down on the edge of the firm bed, running my fingers over the finely stitched gold bedspread.

This was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

I knocked on the door to Donny's bedroom, taking a deep breath.

In my hand was a bottle of bourbon I had found in the liquor cabinet in the kitchen.

I had willed away the last two hours unpacking. Tomorrow would be the part where I would introduce myself to our newest sought-after target.

Before leaving, Aldo had given me all the information I needed on the aliases Donny and I would assume. Other than that, we hit Paris so I could do one of my favorite things: shop.

I had still been squeezing into the clothes I had found in the closet back the hideout, so Aldo had taken me to buy some clothes that would help be fit in with the aristocratic crowd.

The door opened, and Donny stood before me wearing nothing but a pair of pants, his broad muscles gleaming before me.

I myself had on one of Aldo's shirts I had lifted from the hideout, and a brassiere and panties underneath. I hadn't really been so much on a mission here, I just wanted to get comfortable.

Donny looked down, glancing at my legs before shaking his head.

"Hey." he said, grinning slightly.

"Um, I found this downstairs. I was wondering if you wanted to have a drink or something." I said nervously, toying with the bottle.

I tilted my head slightly so that my hair fell forward and I would be prepared to hide beneath it at any hint of the word "NO".

"Sure." he replied with raised eyebrows, opening the door wider to let me in.

Stepping inside, I looked around the room. It had not been quite as luxurious as the master bedroom, but it really was still something.

In the corner there was a chair, facing the television on top of one of the dressers. His legendary baseball bat (which I now knew it's true purpose) was propped against the chair.

He closed the door behind us, and I stood there for a moment.

"Oh, you can sit wherever." he shrugged.

I nodded, moving to the bed before uncapping the bottle.

As I did so, the handsome scent wafted from inside, and I closed my eyes, inhaling its warmth.

I placed it around my lips, taking a long swig before swallowing down the fiery liquid. I held out my arm, offering the bottle to Donny.

He grasped it, and sat down on the bed beside me before taking a drink as well.

"So, you ready for tomorrow?" he asked, after swallowing.

"Yeah." I nodded, taking the bottle back.

"I remember my first job. I wasn't nervous so much as excited. It's weird though, pretending to be someone else."

"Well, I do that every day." I shrugged, taking another drink and handing the bottle off.

"What do you mean?" he asked, pausing and staring at me quizzically.

"Well, I mean...with what I used to do. I'd have to break men, and that's not really who I am deep down."

"Did you...sleep with them?"

I looked away, focusing on my feet.

"No. Even if I did, it wouldn't have been meaningful. The only guy I've ever actually had intercourse with was my first boyfriend. With my clients it was just...maybe I'd rub myself up against him but that was the most."

"Wow." Donny said, suddenly looking at me with a strange expression on his face.

Setting the bottle down on a dresser beside the bed, he moved over slowly, his dark eyes boring into my own.

"What are you doing?" I whispered, feeling my heart pound in my chest as I zeroed in on his lips.

He said nothing, but moved in before putting a hand on my cheek and giving me the softest of kisses.

My eyes fluttered open, and I stared at him.

"I wanted to do that for awhile." he chuckled, before standing up.

"Wait..." I trailed off softly, feeling my stomach leap inside of me. He kissed me. He kissed me!

And now, he was going to fuck me.

"I really wanted to do that, but I shouldn't have. This is the first actual conversation we've had." he sighed.


"Calm down." he chuckled, giving me a sly smile.

I sat up, and began to unbutton the shirt, throwing my hair out of my face as my shy personality was replaced by the cougar as I had deemed her.

"Woah, what are you doing?" Donny asked.

I said nothing, and opened the shirt, revealing lacy undergarments. Donny simply stared, his eyes roving up and down my body. He walked over, before grabbing the shirt and closing it up over me.

"You don't want to?" I asked, feeling slightly hurt.

"No...I do. I really do I just...I dunno, shouldn't we actually get to know each other before we jump into bed. I shouldn't have even kissed you yet."

"I'm a big girl, I can handle it." I replied, leaning forward so that my legs were spread on either side of him.

"Elise...I've fucked girls back home. I've even banged a few here, but I'm starting to like you. I just think we should really take things slow."

I listened to his words, trying to absorb, although the cougar wanted other things.

"Okay..." I trailed off, nodding softly.

"Why don't you head off to bed. We should get up early tomorrow." he said quietly.

I stood up, not even looking at him before making my way towards the door. As soon as I reached it though, he grabbed me and spun me around, proceeding to dive for my mouth.

This time, the kiss lasted longer, and I felt as though I was Ilsa Lund from Casablanca. I threw my arms around Donny, and he parted my mouth timidly with his tongue, just brushing my lips before pulling away.

"Well then...good night." he said, panting a little.

"Night." I smiled, walking backward right into the wall.

Embarrassed, I turned around as Donny chuckled and opened the door before slamming it and walking back down the hall towards my room.

Cue the orchestra.

Brandy Manhattan

5 cl Rye

2 cl Sweet red Vermouth

1 Dash Angostura bitters

Maraschino Cherries