Episode 1

Shin chan is kidnapped

Shin chan was walking to a juice machine and saw Action Kamen going in a car. Shin chan though "Action Kamen is looking taller Shin chan followed the car by tying a rope from the car to his bike and his hand" The driver had noticed Shin chan and thinking "Why is he holding my car like this, I'll just make him crash" Moving car here and there. Shin chan saw Kazama and sayed "Hi Kazama, want a ride" Kazama said "No! You idiot, I am coming from tution class" Following Shinchan because he thinks that Shin chan is in danger. The man was driving the car like a mad person. Shin chan lost balance from his bike and the bike fell on the road but Shinchan had tied it to his hand also so he continued to follow him till he became dizzy because of the speed. The man stopped and said "You are mine you child" Kidnapped him He didn't now that Kazama saw him and informed everyone, Everyone were surprised