Destination Darkness

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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drove them both

one man forced to devour his own soul,

one man to d e v o u r another's (or a few),

one v-i-c-t-i-m to ruin it

a l l

(oh, no, really, that was just the best thing that could happen…

yeah, right)

"Filthy, f i l t h y, f i l t h y


&& so they went to take her in

because others

shouldn't mix with

witches & wizards

So that

filthy, f i l t h y, f i l t h y




&& poor ickle part-wolfie

started the hunt

After all, it's

Snatcher Season




&& snarls

& still one cannot outmatch the other

So when will it be?

How could one win?

The haggard husband was bound to lose the glint in his blue eyes soon

but the dirty Snatcher was bound to tire of this profession not soon

e n o u g h

and that's how you do it


Bill wore him down

d o w n

d o w n

d o w n

d o w n


until that damned scarf was close enough for him to

reach out &&


& poor little Scabior finally had to


for his own life

But what to do next?

Your move, Bishop


Now that the prey's been caught,

is it really just a

j o u r n e y

back home?

With the con artist

in tow?

Unwise move

It won't bring back Fleur

"Greyback says Veelas are quite

t – a – s – t – y,


It isn't just the beast in him

that's sending the shiver up

Bill's spine anymore




.::h u n g e r::.

(very quite possibly of a

different sort)

Keep your eyes on him, Bill

Scabior's much more cunning than people give him credit for



So don't play on the Beast inside

Yes, t a m e yourself, Bill

You've been good at that for


&& still he's alive

(why is that?)

(are you stupid?)

(Scabior, for Merlin's sake!)


patch –



So what that his hair is long as a girl's?

(yours is, too, much to Mum's dismay)

So what that his eyes & remarks suck you in &

hold your thoughts

longer than they probably ought to?

(Fleur used to do that all the time…!)

So what that he's walking around what used to be your

"s a f e h a v e n"

and…not leaving?

(okay, now that's just boggling—shouldn't he have escaped by now & shouldn't you have done a better job of

stowing him away somewhere?)


"They'll come for me"


"Greyback and the others won't stop until they reach me"

Bill can very easily tune him out, of course

(of c o u r s e)

"I'm sure they'll…they'll kill me"

I g n o r e him

So he'll flop onto a chair

&& cross his legs

&& pretend to stare out the…bloody window

"I should've just taken you in, too"


"She—She was Greyback's"

Bill's growl f i l l s the room,

p o u r s into their ears,

encompasses them completely…

"And you, you bastard, you're fucking

M I N E"


there's that feeling again

a shiver that travels across the skin

&& l o d g e s

itself in the throat


N o

N o

N o

N o


Don't you dare say it, Bill—

"Oh, if I'm 'fucking yours,' shouldn't I do my d a m n e d e s t

to save you?"

And there goes all shreds of light


As the darkness


&& coldness turns to

scaldinghotw a r m t h



Oh, dear Bill

You've never felt so

a l i v e

—raked nails—

—bitten skin—

—tender kisses—

(Godric, what were either of you

t h i n k i n g ?)

But actually…maybe this makes a bit of


Bill can take him with him &&…

find a new


But what better adventure is there

than the tempting one

right beside him?

After all…

Hermione's scarf doesn't smell of Hermione,



YAY! Five pages of yummy, yummy slash-ness and I'm almost in heaven (not quite there, as I have another idea for them, *lol*). I thought of this pairing the opening night of the seventh movie and I was just dying to write them—and now that Scabior was finally added to the character list, I can post this! XDDD

Ahh, slash… B3 YUM! Whatta scary idea of Greyback getting Fleur, though…although I do wonder why Fleur wasn't called into question—as I wrote above, she is technically a half-breed…

Thanks for reading and please review!

-mew-tsubaki ;)