Genre: Romance

Rating: T for language, violence, and suggested themes

Pairing: AtemuxYuugi, BellaxEdward, NessiexJacob, and others later on

Summary: Just when Yuugi found his sister and has gotten used to being a vampire more troubles start to arrive. With the Cullen family getting so big they have caught the attention of the Volturi, the ones who are the true leaders of the vampires. Along with that, two more vampires decided to join the Cullen family when two local boys of Forks catch their attention. Can Yuugi get passed everything going on and protect his husband and son at the same time?

Sakura: The long awaited sequel of Twilight! The story can stand by itself but if anybody reading this did not read Twilight I would. Also on an important note chapter 10 in Twilight I said Ari eyes were crimson I meant to say amethyst, so that has been changed…

This Disclaimer is for the whole story and will only be shown once in this whole story.

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Without any more delay welcome to the sequel of Twilight… Eclipse!

The house was quiet except for the kitchen where the distance sound of running water was heard. A young teen stood at the sink washing dishes from that afternoon's lunch. He had a slim well-built body of five foot one and a childlike face. His beautiful doe like crimson eyes bought out his perfect pale complexion that most models wished for, while blond bangs framed that face. The rest of his hair was naturally spiked up black in a star shape and the tips of his hair a dark crimson color. The clothes he wore was a simple pair of black jean shorts, a black tank top, with a plaid red, black, and gray button down shirt over it with only the first three buttons undone, along with a pair of black combat boots that adored his feet. The sleeves on the long sleeve shirt were rolled up to the elbows so they would not get wet from the water.

An iPod lay on the counter beside the sink with the headphones leading up to the teens ears. He was happily minding his own business listening to music.

While the teen was not looking a small tan hand of a toddler reached up and felt around on the counter until it hit a plate near the iPod that had cookies on it. When the hand almost grabbed a cookie, a pale hand reached out of nowhere and slapped the hand trying to get the cookie.

A little boy let out a cry and held his hand close to him. This boy had the appearance of the teen at the sink, but his doe like eyes were amethyst and his skin was an almost bronze color. His shoulder length black hair was pulled into a low ponytail and his blond bangs framed his face. The clothes he wore were a pair of dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt that said 'Too Cute'. His feet were bare and dirty from playing outside.

"Ari I already gave you a cookie after lunch." The teen said as he turned to the small boy beside him and took out his head phones.

Ari crossed his arms and pouted.

A few minutes later a young girl who looked around the age of sixteen walked into the room. She had pale skin with chocolate brown eyes and wavy light brown hair that went to her shoulder. Her outfit was a simple knee length blue and white plaid dress with thin sleeves along with a black belt wrapped around her waist. She wore no shoes, but had a black choker around her neck with a seashell hanging off.

The girl put her hands on her hips and gave Ari a stern look. "Ari, you had me and Jacob worried. How many times have I told you not to run off like that without telling me?"

Ari looked at his feet. "I'm sorry Nessie."

Nessie walked over to the boy and picked him up before turning to the other teen. "Sorry about that Yuugi. I should have kept a better eye on him."

"It is alright, but next time watch him and stop making out with your boyfriend." Yuugi teased, which caused Nessie to blush.

Ari giggled. "Nessie and Jacob sitting in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g," The little boy sang.

Nessie pretend to almost drop Ari, which caused him to cry out. "What did you say you little imp?"

Ari jumped out of her arms and ran off somewhere to hide with Nessie not far behind him.

Yuugi shook his head and went back to washing the dishes. He let out a sigh before looking out of the window in front of him. The site that met him was of tall trees that went on for miles. Evergreen trees covered the area around their current home and there was even a river behind their house. The weather outside was slightly chilly because of the upcoming fall weather in Forks, Washington.

It was strange to be living in the states, but it was nice for Yuugi to get out of Japan. Only a few weeks after his grandfather's funeral, Atemu came up with the idea for Yuugi and their son to go traveling. Travel was easy for a vampire and it would give Yuugi the chance to get his mind off of his grandfather's death. The small travelling they were going to do turn into two years of travel.

The rest of the Cullen family decided to move back to Forks a year before Yuugi and Atemu returned home. Bella wanted to introduce Yuugi to her real father and there really was nothing else in Domino. It would continue to get hard to keep hiding Yuugi since he was supposed to be dead. That and Nessie was starting to miss her boyfriend, which she likes denies and everyone likes to tease her about.

Forks was not so bad and with their house being in the middle of a nowhere forest it gave Ari plenty of room to run around and play. Carlisle worked down at the local small community hospital, while Esme stayed home and took care of Ari. Atemu, Yuugi, Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie were all going to start at Forks High school as sophomores and juniors. The later they started out in a school the longer they could stay. Nessie was the only one who was going to be a freshman.

It really explained how Atemu was so smart and why he was a senior at Domino High. They planned on staying in Domino only long enough for Bella to see Yuugi, before packing up and moving again. No one thought Atemu would fall in love and all the crazy trouble would follow.

Often Yuugi would find himself doing different house chores and reflecting back on how things turned out for him. If he had not become a vampire he would be twenty seven, already have graduated college, possibly have a job and getting ready to settle down and start a family. He had settled down and he did have a wonderful family, but it was a little strange going back to high school at his age. The idea was a little unsettling, but it was either that or be bored out of his mind at home. Yuugi loved being a parent, but sometimes he needed a break and school would be the perfect outlet. There was nothing wrong with him getting more education, since the first time he went to high school his grades were only average.

Another sigh left his mouth as he looked down for a moment, before looking back up. The new sight that met him made him jump back and if his heart had been beating it would have started going a hundred miles per hour. "Good grief… Bakura if I was alive I would have had a heart attack…" He said, while opening the window.

The one named Bakura was hanging upside down outside the window with a little grin on his tan face. He was using the top of the window to hold on to as he hung their like a monkey. Long silver white hair hung just below his head and his bright crimson eyes held mischief.

With the skill of a cat, Bakura climbed in through the window without disturbing Yuugi's cleaning and jumped onto the floor. His hair fell to just around his shoulders and was slightly spiky at the top where he looked like he had horns. His outfit was dirty probably from his long travels to get there. Mud coated his bare feet and the ends of his black leather pants. He also wore a silver belt around his waist, no shirt, and a red leather trench coat. His skin was like all vampires beautiful and godly, except for the scar below his left eye that he got before he was turned. It ran from just below his eye to just above his chin with two other scars running across it.

Bakura let out a chuckle and ruffled Yuugi's hair. "Hey runt, how have things been for you?"

Yuugi pushed Bakura away and fixed his hair. "Not much has changed since we last saw you a year ago." He took a quick look around. "By the way where is Marik?"

"Right here…" Another male appeared out from behind Yuugi, scaring him again. This one was tan also with sandy blond hair that went to his shoulders and had crazy spikes all over. He too had crimson eyes and they held a little bit of crazy in them. His outfit was similar to Bakura's, but he wore a dark purple tank top that cut off at the bottom to showed off his flat stomach and a black trench coat. He also had on a gold choker around his neck.

Yuugi glared at them both for giving him a fright. "What is with you two and scaring me all the time?" He asked, but really wasn't expecting an answer.

As predicted his question went unanswered as Bakura and Marik made them-selves comfortable on a couple of stools that sat by the island in the middle of the kitchen. They sat there with these little smirks on their faces.

Bakura and Marik were the two individuals Atemu changed back in Ancient Egypt when he was pharaoh. They did not live in one certain place, but moved around all the time. When Yuugi and Atemu had stopped by in Egypt to give Yuugi a chance to see Atemu's home land, Bakura and Marik happened to be in the neighborhood. It wasn't a bad meeting at all and the two weren't that bad if all their prankster qualities were looked past.

The ex-pharaoh himself seem to have the perfect timing by walking into the room at that moment with a brown paper bag. He was dressed in dark blue jeans with a black belt, black dress shoes, a crimson t-shirt, with a white leather jacket. His black hair with red tips was still spiked up into five points with some of his blond bangs running up into it like lightning bolts. The rest of his bangs framed his tan face and bought out his crimson eyes. "Honey lunch is…" He stopped talking when he saw Bakura and Marik in the room. "Alright what are they doing here?"

"I thought he would have missed us…" Marik complained to Bakura.

They both tried to use sad eyes on Atemu, but he just rolled his eyes at the two.

Yuugi dried his hands on a dish towel before taking the bag from Atemu and pulling out two cups from the cupboard above the counter beside the sink. He sat the bag beside the cups and pulled out two glass containers filled to the top with blood. One was label A positive the other was O positive. He poured two cups full of A positive before putting both containers in the fridge.

Atemu took his drink when handed to him and was quick to drink some of it. He had not had anything to drink for three days because he and Yuugi had to wait until Carlisle was able to sneak some blood from the hospital without anyone knowing.

If Atemu and Yuugi had wanted blood sooner they would have had to leave town to find a human to feed off of. Forks was protected by a wolf tribe and an agreement was made long ago between the Cullens and wolf tribe that vampires were not allowed to feed off the humans. It was not a problem for the Cullens, except Yuugi and Atemu who hated the taste of animal blood. So Carlisle would sneak blood out of the hospital when he could and bring it home so the two would not starve themselves.

While the two were enjoying their blood, Bakura and Marik were drooling at the site of the blood. Sure they had just eaten before getting to Forks, but they would never turn down blood when they saw it.

"Hey Yuugi…" Before the question could even be asked, Atemu shot both a glare. It shut both of them up and they kept quiet, knowing no matter how much they begged Atemu would never cave.

Yuugi finished his drink before putting the cup in the sink. "As we've been trying to say… what brings you two into the neighborhood?"

Bakura crossed his arms on the island and shrugged. "Nothing really… After we last saw you two we left Egypt and came to the States. Marik here caught wind that you were living in Washington while we were passing by and thought we would stop in and see you for a while."

Atemu finished his drink and sat the cup in the sink. "How long is a while?"

Marik grinned up at him. "Maybe a day or two… Could decide to stay a week or two… Never know when we might leave."

A long sigh escape Atemu's mouth, before he kissed Yugi's cheek. "If you need me I will go set up the guest bedrooms." A small breeze was the only thing felt after Atemu made a fast exit.

Nessie popped back into the kitchen a few minutes later with Ari in her arms and a tall teenage boy behind her, who smelled like a wet dog. The boy had dark good looks, short raven-black hair, russet skin and dark brown eyes. He wore nothing but a pair of tan shorts and had a tattoo just below his right shoulder.

"Hey Yuugi…" Nessie said while handing Ari to him. "Jacob and I are going down to La Push make sure mom and dad knows when they get back from hunting."

Yuugi agreed. "Just make sure you are back before it gets too dark you know how your father gets."

Nessie rolled her eyes and grabbed Jacob's hand. "The guy is too overprotective…" After that they were off.

Ari wrapped his arms around Yuugi's neck and snuggled into his shoulder. "Papa I'm sleepy…"

"This little two year-old needs a nap…" Yuugi said before turning to Bakura and Marik. "You might as well make your selves comfortable. I'm going to take him upstairs."

Bakura and Marik saluted him like soldiers before running off into the living room to watch the flat screen. Yuugi shook his head at them heading out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

On his way to Ari's room he ran into Atemu who followed him.

"Is it time for Ari's nap?" Atemu asked as he saw his son falling asleep on Yuugi's shoulder.

Yuugi nodded and entered Ari's room laying him down on his bed before tucking him in. "He is always tired after lunch."

Atemu chuckled. "That is one thing I do not miss about being human. As a vampire we never feel tired."

The two stepped back and watch their son as he slept. Yuugi looked up at Atemu. "I do miss going to bed at night and dreaming." He explained, "It was the one time I could let go of everything that happened that day and wake up feeling brand new."

Atemu hugged Yuugi from behind and put his head on Yuugi's shoulder. "I see where you are coming from, but if I could go back and change what happened I do not think I could. Thanks to you becoming a vampire we were able to start our own family."

Yuugi smiled at the thought. "Do you think we are good parents?"

"We do seem a little young to be parents…" Atemu joked because of their looks. "But I think we are raising our son the best we can and that is all that matters."

They quietly left the room a few minutes later turning out the lights on their way out.

Sakura: That is it for chapter one. There will not be much happening in the beginning but later on their will be more action.

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