Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd were looking for me in the sewers, but in all the wrong parts. Mr. Todd went back upstairs and Mrs. Lovett stayed in the cellar above me. More people fell from that bloody chute. Mrs. Lovett screamed.

Mr. Todd ran back down the stairs. He asked what was wrong. Someone that fell apparently wasn't completely dead. Then they started arguing about some lady named Lucy. Mrs. Lovett screamed, Mr. Todd shut her in the bake oven, and he started talking to this dead old beggar lady that was hanging around the pie shop that whole week.

I killed Mr. Todd with his own razor in revenge. I panicked and ran out of the cellar. I went to go leave the shop, but something was different when I opened the door to go outside. All I know is that instead of being in London, I was in the remains of some old stone house by a forest, almost completely surrounded in dense fog.