Shinigami's POV

I wake up with a chill. It takes me a minute to realize that I'm cold because I'm wearing nothing but a lampshade on my head. I take a minute to wonder how exactly I acquired a lampshade, considering there are no lamps in the Death Room- or all of Shibusen, for that matter. Yet another minute passes by and I realize that I am sprawled on the Death Room floor in my human form wearing nothing but a lampshade on my head. I'm embarrassed until I realize that I am not the only one sprawled on the Death Room floor wearing little to nothing. In fact, there are bodies around me. About five. Men and women. All naked.

It takes me a minute to realize that I am sprawled on the Death Room floor in my human form wearing nothing but a lampshade and entangled in the limbs of my staff.

Well. This is quite the scandal.

I blink blearily, my vision slowly sharpening. My other senses drag themselves into focus. While I wait for them, I glance around, trying to determine what the hell was going on. A shock of red hair lay on my shoulder, strong arms wrapped around my neck- Spirit, I recognize. Then I realize he's on top of me. Naked. Snoring soundly, I might add.

I glance to my right to see Marie sandwiched between Sid and Stein, her hand in between Spirit and I. I don't have to look to see what she was doing (clearly I wasn't doing an adequate job pleasing- oh, my! What am I saying?). Next to Sid is Nygus, her hand intertwined with her meister's (how cute) and her head suspiciously close to Marie's. I guess Marie was the center of all this...excitement. I, too, am no exception as I find my hand...well, on Marie's breast. I snatch it away, my face heating up. How inappropriate...

This causes Marie to stir. This, because she's connected to just about everybody, causes them all to stir. I try my best to look indifferent as they all slowly come to and blush deeply as they realize the position they're in. Sid, forever a gentlemen, climbs off of Nygus and Marie. Nygus, never one for romance, only blushes and tries to cover up. Stein looks sheepish, but makes no move to shift. Perhaps it's because he is still inside of his blonde weapon. Marie gasps, causing me to bite my lip to keep from snickering.

Spirit, apparently used to waking up like this, starts slightly when he recognizes me but is content with resting his head on my shoulder and enjoying the show. At first, I wonder why he doesn't move. I immediately grasp that it's because I have a firm arm around his waist, preventing him from escaping. I'm sure that it was used for some other purpose the night before. I don't move it, deciding it better to just go on feigning ignorance (like I do every day of my life).

"Well, now that we're all together again," I begin dryly, "does anybody remember how exactly we got here?"

Everyone shakes their heads, too stunned to speak. I sigh.

"That's a shame. This looked like one hell of an orgy." I'm trying to relieve their stress, but, clearly appalled by my language, they only gape at me. Except for Spirit. Spirit smirks as he glances up at me from the corner of his eyes.

"That's my meister."


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