"Well come on, Ichi, show me what you've got."

Ichigo doesn't know how things ended up like this. A moment ago him and Grimmjow were wrestling around on their floor, kissing each other hard and swift, and fighting for dominance. Ichigo had finally pinned the older man beneath him, and nearly lost his breath as he stared down at his gorgeous lover of three years. Grimmjow's cheeks were red, his eyes wide with excitement, his lips swollen and parted, his bangs falling over his brow and sticking to his forehead. God he's beautiful.

"I wanna fuck you, Grimm," He had murmured, sounding much more desperate than he had liked to have.

Grimmjow should have laughed like he would usually do, but this time he had reacted differently. His expression did not change, his lips didn't even twitch, but his stare intensified. Ichigo held the stare, starting to feel a bit embarrassed at even suggesting being on top. He had never topped before, though he never really minded; Grimmjow was an excellent lover and always left him more than satisfied.

Suddenly, Ichigo was pushed off and Grimmjow was standing up and heading towards the bedroom. Ichigo had first worried if the other was mad at him, and swiftly moved to follow his lover.

Soon enough, his feet had hit the carpet of their bedroom and he was standing in the doorway. "Grimmjow-" He'd said, the other words dying in his throat when he witnessed a very naked Grimmjow on their bed. Said man had his back against the wall with his legs spread wide, looking oh-so inviting, and his hands crossed behind his head. He was grinning at Ichigo, waiting for him.

And now here they are. "Well come on, Ichi, show me what you've got."

He can't be serious; He's never bottomed before. He's just pulling my chain...

Ichigo lustfully eyes the bead of precum gathered at the tip of Grimmjow's hard and pulsing member.


How could he resist?

His knees are hitting the bed before he knows it, and the tongue peaking out to lick Grimmjow's lips drives him forward until he is once again hovering above the older man. Grimmjow isn't making a move, though Ichigo is feeling a bit too anxious to make the first move himself.

His nervousness is getting the better of him, and he considers taking back his words.

Just as he's about to voice his thoughts, Grimmjow's hand comes up and fists itself in Ichigo's orange locks, forcing him down slowly so that their lips can touch. This kiss is unlike their previous ones; It's slow and soft. Ichigo wonders why Grimmjow's keeping his lips sealed; Both of them knew that closed-mouth kisses weren't nearly as satisfying as open-mouthed kisses.

Ichigo, needing more, parts his lips and pushes them just a bit harder into his lover's, his tongue lightly prodding against the seam of Grimmjow's mouth. The bluenette beneath him shifts unexpectedly and causes Ichigo to pull away confused.

"What's wrong?"

"Ichigo," Grimmjow starts, smiling lightly, "If you wanna top me, you've gotta be dominant, mkay?"

Ichigo's face reddens and he wishes he had said nothing in the first place. God he feels stupid.

His lover doesn't want that, though. Smirking somewhat deviously, he suddenly lifts his hips and grinds into Ichigo's still-clothed groin, eliciting a surprised gasp.


Before he can say any more, Grimmjow leans up and kisses him hard with parted lips and an eager tongue. Ichigo assumes that this means Grimmjow is going to once again take over. Kissing back just as eagerly, their kiss quickly becomes a heady and sensual and fierce make-out session. The wet sounds of their lips smacking together are making them both aroused and Ichigo cannot help but to grind into his lover's lower abdomin to get give him some relief.

Grimmjow growls and sits up more so that his dick can get some friction, and Ichigo is starting to thrust his hips faster and faster; He doesn't care if he gets cum all over his new breifs, he just needs to get off.

Sucking hard once more on his lover's bottom lip, Grimmjow pushes the other away roughly, not wanting to climax yet. Ichigo lands on his ass with a surprised yelp.

"C'mon Ichi, we're just gettin' started," The bue-haired lover states, trying to control his heavy breathing. Ichigo shakes his head defiantly.

"No, Grimmjow, I can't wait," The orange-top moves his hand to palm himself through his jeans, biting his lip forcefully. Grimmjow watches hungrily, having to stop himself from jerking off to the sexy sight.

"Damn, you're horny today..." The bluenette changes his position and crawls on his knees over to Ichigo, pulling away Ichigo's hand along the way so he can pin it to the bed. The carrot-top can't help put pout a little, though it doesn't matter since a moment later Grimmjow swallows his lips into a kiss. As the bluenette continues to ravish his lover's lips, his hands busy themselves with pulling on Ichigo's shirt.

They both sit up so the orange-top can get it off of him, and after he throws it somewhere over the bed, Grimmjow pushes him back down. The bed creaks beneath them, but their minds are far too gone to notice. Grimmjow's lips and hands are everywhere, making Ichigo heady with lust and before he knows it he doesn't even care that the sounds he's making are pathetic and embarrassing.

Grimmjow cares, though. Those whiny groans and sweat moans and high-pitched whimpers are making him high and he never wants them to stop. His hands hurry to get the rest of his lover's clothes off, because god he needs him now.

"Grimmjow...!" Ichigo all but screams his name when his lover engulfs his dick in hot, wet heat. He wants to look, to watch those slickened lips take his cock in again and again, but the heat in his face makes his eyes water and shut. "So good...! Fuck, Grimmjow!"

He can't stop his hips from bucking up into sinful mouth and he can't stop repeating Grimmjow's name over and over again. The bluenette doesn't mind, though. He pulls off of Ichigo's erection and starts to jerk him off with fast and almost harsh strokes.

"That's it baby, just keep saying my name..." His voice his hoarse but it only makes Ichigo's balls tighten further. "C'mon baby..."

"Fuck!" Ichigo screws his eyes shut and his hands are gripping the bed sheets so hard his fingers are hurting. But it doesn't matter cuz he's finally there and Grimmjow is milking him for all he's worth. He feels his own cum hitting his stomach, but god he feels so great and nothing can ruin his moment.

Grimmjow watches him with satisfaction, feeling smug at getting his lover off so beautifully.

It takes many moments for Ichigo to come off of his high and he notices he's grinning when he does.

"How do you feel?" His lover purrs with a stupid grin, running his finger through the small puddle of cum adorning Ichigo's lean stomach.

"Mmm..." Is all the other can say, feeling his dick twitch at the sight of Grimmjow licking his finger clean.

"Heh, I thought so..." The bluenette bends down to lick up the rest of Ichigo's mess. The carrot-top lets out a tiny groan at the feeling of Grimmjow's soft, warm tongue gliding across his skin.

"You're gonna make me hard again if you keep doing that..." Ichigo mumbled, noticing that his lover continued to lick and nip at his skin even after it was clean of his semen.

"Good," Grimmjow says simply, sucking on one of Ichigo's nipples like an infant. He pulls off after a moment, looking into Ichigo's darkened eyes. Those darkened eyes become comically wide, though, after Grimmjow's next sentence.

"You still wanna fuck me, don't ya?"

A/N: Naughty Grimmjow really does seem to wanna bottom tonight!

I'll write the second chapter shortly. ;) I wonder how "dominant" Ichigo can actually be?