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Chapter 1:



That's all I heard. I ran as fast as my feet would carry me – I needed to get away from there.

A gunshot sounded behind me. I screamed when I heard footsteps running closely behind.

I tripped over an exposed root and closed my eyes waiting for what was to come.

*The morning before *

I whistled a happy tune to myself as I worked in the garden behind the castle my parents had left for me. Today was the ten-year anniversary of their death.

My parents had been coming back home from a High Council briefing about the progress of the war between our Sakura Kingdom, and the Koizumi Kingdom. The Council had been deciding tactics to prevent the Koizumi's from breaching our borders. That's when scouts from the Koizumi Kingdom had attacked killing everyone in sight, including my parents. My Jii- chan had then took over the reign of the throne and remarried to his wife, Lucy. I'm expected to be able to take the throne away from him in a couple years, seeing as how I am the only heir.

That had happened when I was 6– 10 years ago.

Right now my Jii- chan was in a meeting with the High Council trying to make a better plan of attack against the Koizumi's. A couple years ago they had put together a group of highly skilled Alice users and trained them in combat to help protect us from the soldiers that lay just behind the trees lining the kingdom.


That's what this whole war is about – seeing who would come out superior to the rest.

I don't have an Alice, well not that I know of any way. My mom, Yuka, had a bunch of different Alice's. She had been one of the most powerful Alice users in the whole Sakura Kingdom aside from my dad. My dad, Izumi, had the most powerful nullification Alice ever. Plus he was trained in Martial Arts and was the perfect leader.

My Jii-chan says I'll probably be really special just like they were and have amazing Alice's. I doubt that I will – I'm 16 and still don't even have a hint of power inside me. The Royal Doctors all agree with Jii-chan, they say my body is still getting over the death of my parents, and my Alice will activate when I need it most, Or something.

I reached down pulling a weed out that had been blocking the growth of a rose.

"Mikan-hime!" I stood up at the sound of one of the maids calling for me.

"Back here!" I called. My angelic voice echoing off the stone walls.

The maid Tarisha rounded the corner, her fair skin sparkled with sweat from running and her light green eyes downcast.

She bowed "Yes Tarisha?"

"Mikan-hime, the master wishes to speak with you" she replied.

Wiping my dirty hands on my kimono I thanked Tarisha and ran off to the castle. I pulled my hair band out, letting lose my waist length chestnut hair. It blew in the breeze behind me.

I entered the throne room and bowed in curtsy to Jii-chan and the Queen.

"Mi-chan," he called out, his warm tone surrounding me – bringing with it the happiness he always had in him.

"I hope you are well. Have you finished with the preparations for tonight?"

"Yes, Jii-chan" I answered looking into his eyes seeing my bright hazel orbs reflected back at me, "I have gathered all the roses and other flowers you will need tonight for the ceremony "

"Splendid!" Lucy Sang, "Good job, dear. I hope to see what wonderful things you are going to have done in the temple!"

I smiled, nodding my head.

Jii-chan smiled at me "How is the garden looking?"

"It's going really good. The flowers have all bloomed and they smell extremely sweet at night," I replied. This garden had belonged to my Mother and Father, they had personally seen to it that it was properly weeded and the flowers were always watered. "I wish for you to come see it later on, after the ceremony maybe?"

"That would be perfect. We could relax and eat those wonderful cookies that Lucy here makes so well" his laugh lines crinkled as his smile stretched further up his face.

"Yes, I will have to go prepare right away. Those cookies are very difficult to make you know!" Lucy chirped. She got up and left the room, her beautiful kimono trailing behind.

I giggled. Lucy's cookies never get cooked right—they always end up burnt. One of the maids would have to clean up her mess and make some more… edible tasting ones. Yet for some reason she loves to make them regardless.

Jii-chan clearing his throat brought me back to look at his face.


"Mi-chan, the maids have made you something for tonight. They will help you get ready as well, you may go now"

I curtsied again and turned to take my leave.

"You have become a very beautiful young lady, Mikan. You look more like your mother every day" he called out as I left the room.

I walked into my room and headed to the bath I had asked Tarisha to get ready for me.

I slipped off my kimono, then took a tentative step into the hot water. I poured the strawberry scented body oil onto me and found myself falling asleep.

*Flash back *

I looked around everywhere for Shi-chan. my beloved cat that my Mother had gave me as a birthday gift-I would lose my extra cookies for losing him outside! I ran down to the brook at the bottom of the hill.

"Shi-chan!" I yelled.

No answer.

"Shiiiii- chaaaaann!" I yelled again.

I fell down onto a rock and scraped my knee. I brought my knees up to my face and start to cry.


I sniffled. "Shi-chan?" I looked up.


In front of me sat my cat, staring at me with her big yellow eyes.

I gasped and grabbed her bringing her to my chest.

Somebody cleared their throat, it was a young girl about my age with raven locks and she was staring at me with deep amethyst orbs.

"That will be 100 rabbits," she said her face completely stoic.

I stared at her, completely dumbfounded.

"The finders fee," she continued.

"Yo- you found Shi-chan!" I jumped up and tried to give her a hug.

Baka Baka Baka!

I fell back and landed on my butt.

"Owwww" I rubbed my now bruised head, "what was that for!"

"Baka gun, invention #01393. Used for shooting Baka's" She replied coldly.

I stared at her. She stared back.

"Your Mikan, right?" She asked me. She offered me a hand and I gladly accepted.

"Yup! Mikan Sakura, that would be me" I giggled.

"Your Parents have been looking for you, you're late for dinner" Then she turned and started to walk away.

"Wait!" I ran up beside her, holding Shi-chan in my arms, "What's your name?"

She looked at me "Hotaru Imai,"

My face made a big "O" shape. "You're the guests my Parents were having over! Hey, lets be friends" I asked running to catch up with her.

"Sure," she replied, then gave me a small smile. " That will be 500 rabbits"

"What!" I yelled sprinting to catch up with her as she jumped on some floating duck car and zoomed off towards the castle.

* End of Flash back *


She was my best friend. The only one I could get close to who wasn't just using me.

Her and her family had gone missing 2 years ago. No one had known where they had went, people had suspected they were spies for the Koizumi's the whole time they spent living in the Sakura Kingdom. Others had thought they had run off looking for a better place to live, one that didn't risk their lives. But I knew Hotaru—she wouldn't have left unless it was a good reason. She's not like that, she helps people even though she acts very cold and has a stoic expression. I think she was kidnapped along with her family when the Koizumi's had learned that they were staying here.

I will definitely find a way to save her and her family.

A knock on the door forced me to stop thinking about Hotaru.

"Mikan-hime," called a muffled voice. "Its almost time for the ceremony, we have to get you dressed"

"Be right out" I dried my self off, and put on my favorite polka dotted bra and panties. I walked out of the bathroom and entered my closet where the three maids waited for me.

There was Ada, a 20 something year old with long red hair, and striking green eyes. She had been working here at the Palace since she was 12 because her parents too were killed in an attack from the Koizumi's. She was wearing a knee length kimono, with beading up the sides.

The next was Rene, Her kimono was a deep blue to match her big orbs and she was quite fair skinned. Her Blonde hair was pulled up into a loose bun.

Last there was Tarisha, who had changed into a green kimono to match her eyes, and her caramel hair was tied in beautiful braids that trailed down her back.

They were all holding a light pink kimono that looked like it would reach about just under my knees, it had beautiful beading sewed all along the silk lining – it would sparkle every time it caught the light. They wrapped me in side the kimono and had it fitted so that it would flatter my figure perfectly.

I twirled around in it to take a better look "This is so beautiful!" I laughed as the beads glimmered and sparkled. "Who made this kimono, I must remember to thank them" I turned to look at the maids.

Rene giggled. "Actually, Mikan-hime"

"We were the ones who made it" Finished Ada.

I gasped. "But when could you have the time to…?" I asked breathlessly. They were extremely talented, I should tell Jii-chan about this so he can offer them a part time job with sewing me more kimonos and dresses.

"We all took turns sewing it when we weren't busy or we didn't have a shift. We know your favorite color is pink so we had to put that into this, and the sparkling beads will help to make you shine much more beautifully for tonight!" Tarisha answered with a small grin on her face.

"Mikan-hime," Rene called.

I turned around to look at her, my face still in awe.

"We all have Alice's for sewing and beading"

My eyes went wide. "What, really?" I turned towards Ada and Tarisha, who nodded their heads in a silent yes.

"Mikan-hime, sit down here" Ada pointed to a makeup table.

"We still need to do your hair and makeup" Tarisha pointed out.

Each of them grabbed a tool and started working away, Ada and Rene were curling my hair and they added beads like the ones from the kimono on to the side of my head to add to the beautiful waves that reached down to my waist spiraling at the ends.

Tarisha swiped black eyeliner around my hazel orbs to make them pop, and a light silver eyeshadow to add even more sparkle. When she finished with that she added a light pink lipstick over my lips.

"Finished!" They called at the same time. They stood back to examine each others work.

They high fived and did a little victory dance. " Beautiful!"

I stood up and twirled again. This time though, I really felt like a beautiful princess. I giggled and gave the three maids hugs.

I was so ready for the ceremony for tonight! I grabbed the multicolored roses off the table, carrying them downstairs as I hummed a lullaby my dad used to sing to me before bed.

I walked down the aisle towards the huge temple situated on the top of the hill—It sat right beside a huge Sakura tree, which loomed over top of us. As I passed, the villagers stopped talking and turned their attention to me as I walked on by. About half way up to the hill, I started to let my mind wonder to times when my Mother and Father would take me up here as a kid. The view was amazing you could see past the castle down to the village, and the huge forest that lined the border.

"Mi-chan" Jii-chan called me.

I looked up to see my Jii-chan standing beside Lucy. They were standing in front of the temple entrance.

I walked up beside them and stood to the right of Lucy.

The horn blew, signaling that the ceremony had begun.

Jii-chan cleared his throat, and activated one of his Alice's. The Alice of Speech—he could project his voice to reach even the back of the crowd.

"Welcome, everyone!" He called. Everyone went silent and listened to him.

"We are here today to have a ceremony for the anniversary of the death of Queen Yuka and King Izumi – and the deaths of all that were lost that terrible day 10 years ago."

The Guardians had already took up positions lining the aisles and there were about three more guardians behind us. It was just standard procedure but it still creeped me out, even though we were safe inside here, that didn't mean it was safe outside the border.

"Mikan, in honor of your late parents, please step inside the temple and hand over your offering to the gods!" Jii-chan finished, giving me my cue to go.

I stepped off the platform and headed towards the temple. There was a low hum of excitement passing over me, I reached the temple door and pushed.

I placed my flowers onto the ground, and started my chant.

"Oh gods, hear thee daughter ask. Take of these offerings and spread them above! Hold thy stem and taste thy scent, give peace to thy souls of Yuka and Izumi. Take thy innocent and grant them safety above. Grant thee eternal rest of happiness, surrounded by each other." I raised my arms up, "Take thee offering with thy, as they sleep in each others arms. Let this night be finished with our offerings and let this night pass by!" I dropped my hands and kneeled above the grave of my Mother and Father.

"Hold thy hands in this pray, and kiss thee forehead in eternal blessing" I finished.

I returned back to the platform as my Jii-chan activated his Alice once more and started the conclusion of the ceremony.

"Now we shall all hold hands and we will pray…" Jii-chan started off.

Lucy started the pray, 'Hold thy up, and grant us rest. Give us thee power to protect, keep thy strong. This is our blessing to hold true, keep us alive and true. Hold thy up, and'—

She was cut off by screaming. I raised my head sharply, and took a sharp inhale of breathe.

Fire was spreading all throughout the villages quickly running up the hill. Someone screamed again. I turned my head towards that direction and what I saw made my blood run cold. Coming over the opposite end of the hill was an army of Koizumi's soldiers.

"No, no, no…" I whispered horrified. I jumped off the platform and followed my Jii-chan and Lucy as they ran to the opposite end of the temple, towards the forest.

The sounds of fighting sounded behind me as The Guardians rushed into battle positions, and started taking defensive actions.

"No, no!" I cried in a low whisper.

"Protect the Sakura's!" yelled one of The Guardians.

"Mi-chan! Hurry!" My Jii-chan called out for me. Why isn't he running?

"Mi-chan take this" He handed me a pouch of medical supplies, and a bag of Alice Stones.

He gripped my shoulders. "Mi-chan, you take these and you run to the border and don't stop! You hear me, you keep running."

Tears burned at the back of my throat. "What about you and Lucy! I can't leave everyone behind!" I choked out.

"Mi-chan, you have to. You must protect yourself and stay safe, do this for your parents. Do it for the freedom of everyone here!" he told me. He grabbed me into a tight hug.

"I love you Mi-chan, don't forget that" he whispered. The tears that were threatening to fall rained down my cheeks.

"I love you too, Jii-chan"

He pushed me away towards the forest. "Go!" He yelled.

Screaming and crying was every where I turned. Yet I still ran, I ran as fast as my feet could carry me with the pouch gripped tightly in my hands. A gunshot sounded behind me—and I screamed when I heard footsteps running closely behind.

I was nearly to the forest line. I ran at a full sprint, my pursuit still following closely behind me.

I tripped over an exposed root and closed my eyes for the impact. It wasn't that bad, I landed in a bush and scraped my self—I could live with that. What I was worried about was what was behind me.

I open my eyes when a hand clamped down on my shoulder. I came face to face with one of the Koizumi soldiers.

I screamed, and kicked his shins. "Get off me!"

"You little brat! You're coming with me" I landed a good solid kick to his knee and made him let go of me.

I stood up and made another attempt at running for the forest. I was so close!

"Oh no you don't!" He grabbed my wrist.

I started to panic. "Somebody help!" I cried.

As if a blessing from the gods a Guardian came out and bulldozed right into the Koizumi, taking him by surprise he let go of me and went grappling with the man.

"Run, Princess!" He told me. I gave him one last glance over my shoulder and gave him my blessing.

"Sakura!" I heard the Koizumi yell at the soldier.

I pushed deep into the forest and ran straight ahead watching my footing—I ran for about an hour straight. I fell down against a tree; looking back I saw the fires smoke in the distance. I sat there and cried, cried for the loss of my Jii-chan and Lucy. I cried because I was once again alone in life.

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