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Conan and the Cat

Continuation Finale: Epilogue

It took one more week, after the arrest of Kenta for the murder of his father, before the DNA results came in. They revealed what everyone pretty much knew, that Tantei Tenshi was Monarch Tenshi. When this came about, the next day was declared to be the day that Tantei Tenshi would chose her owner and this removed her from Conan's care for that night. However, Joesph had requested for him to be present among Monarch Tenshi's choices, so everyone was kept for one last night. The children remaining had all been commanded to pack in the event that they weren't chosen by the cat herself.

Conan had slept restlessly that night, though he honestly wasn't sure why. Although he did suspect that it was because Tantei Tenshi or Tantei Monarch Tenshi, as he now renamed her to combine her names, had grown on him. He felt sure, somehow, that she wouldn't select him at all. Boy was he wrong...

On the morning of the next day, everyone was summoned to the sprawling courtyard, where a pond lay full of Koi and where nature ran abundantly with beauty. Conan stood among family friends, the children, maids, butlers, and everyone else. Rachel and Richard were inside, watching from a window as only Conan was required below. After a good wait, Tantei Monarch Tenshi was brought outside in a carrier by Joseph Clore. Setting her on the grass, he opened the cage and released her. Silver marks glowing in the sunshine against her white fur, her silvery blue eyes sparkling brightly with great life, the cat walked out royally. Raising her head, she scanned the several people littering the yard, awaiting her decision.

The instant she saw Conan, Tantei Monarch Tenshi went running to him and leaped, bunking down onto his shoulder and mewing brightly. He looked up at her in shock and she merely smiled down at him, nodding ever slightly. Truthfully one of the most loyal animal friends in existence, she truly was a great detective's cat. Her addition meant that he also gained control of the estate though too...

So, another week later, the famous Liam Moi Mansion is now Tenshi Bed and Breakfast Inn. Not only that, but business is already booming and the greater majority of the fortune went to grants, scholarships, and charities. Satisfaction reached, Joseph and many of the original maid staffs were left in charge with the children completely cut out. The time sent Conan home with Rachel, Richard, and the precious detective cat. Her name is fully Tantei Monarch Tenshi, but she hears Tantei Tenshi more often and it's simpler that way.

The evening of their first day back home in Beika, Rachel goes into Conan's room to say goodnight. However, she finds that he has long fallen asleep with Tantei Tenshi resting on his chest. She smiles, walking to the bed and petting Tantei Tenshi slightly.

"Take care of him Tantei Tenshi. I will too, I promise, but I appreciate the help."

She opens an eye slightly, the cat having fully not been asleep. Rachel smiles, petting Conan's black hair as the cat mews.

"Mew merow," she meows softly, 'I will. Promise.'