Chapter 11:


Walter was sitting at his desk in his studio drawing the newest strip for his book. He had gone on to draw adventures about a boy and his lion friend. It was a big hit, and he enjoyed doing it. He and his sister had gone off to a university gaining their degrees in three years time. Walter obviously got his in art while Penelope went and got hers in landscape and design. He was still a bachelor but wouldn't have it any other way.

Penny went on and got married three years after graduation to a boy she met her junior year named Nathan. She was genuinely happy, although everyone wondered if he would survive the first meeting with the uncles. Both sat on the porch with their rifles in hand and as his car drove up, they sat up straighter. Penny came out of the car when Nathan opened her door for her. It took a while for them to hit things off but the moment they started talking airplanes, he was an instant member of the family.

May had still gone on to marry Stan only to die four years later from one of his more violent beatings. He is currently serving life in prison.

The phone rang on his desk, "Hello," Walter answered.

"Walter this is Sheriff Grady, I'm afraid I have some bad news, it's your uncles, they have passed away. There was an accident, and it's a blessing they didn't suffer, and that they went together. I'm at your uncle's now and I think you need to come over here."

"Ok I'll be there in an hour."

"Ok we'll see you soon son." Walter Hung up and called Penny to give her the news but no one answered, so he left an plain message stating she needed to meet him at the Uncle's place. He quickly packed a duffle and got in his car before driving down that familiar path home. He arrived on the property that was all too quiet. H saw his sister sitting on the porch dried tear stains rolling down her face, one hand was in her husband's and the other was on her swollen belly. Grady came up to him and greeted him warmly.

"Best I can figure Walter is that they were trying to fly upside down through the barn."

"Sounds like them." Walter said with a teary smile.

"Walter?" Penny approached them alone.

"Hey you," He hugged her gently so as not to bother her stomach, "Wow look at you?"

"Yeah sorry I haven't had time to tell you yet, things have been pretty hectic."

"No I understand."

"Umm, I found their will in your old bedroom, in the trunk." She handed him an informal piece of paper and he read it aloud.

"The kids get it all; just bury us in the garden next to the stupid lion." Walter laughed through his tears before he looked at his sister. "Well, shall we get…" A helicopter broke off his sentence. When the three looked up to find a helicopter heading to land right on top of them.

"We got company." Sheriff said.

After the helicopter landed Walter read the label on the side of it, it said 'Western Sahara Petroleum.' He tapped his sister's arm and said, "That look like it should mean something?"

"Yeah a bit." She said with a knowing smile. The helicopter was cut off and a man about the same age as Walter and a young boy got out of the cabin.

"This is it, this is where they lived," the man said looking around. He turned to his son and said, "Look at this." When he saw Walter's face that basically said, 'what the hell man,' he said, "Please forgive me we were in Texas when we heard their names on the news. We had to come." As Walter and Penny approached, he said, "When I was a boy, my grandfather told me such stories."

"Your grandfather?" Penny asked.

"A very wealthy sheik." He said to her, squinting from the sun, "He used to love to tell me stories about his wild youth. Amazing unbelievable stories about Hub and Garth McCann, he told me how brave they were; he called them his most honorable advocacies. The only men who outsmarted him." The three had a good laugh at that. "So you two knew these men?"

"They raised us." Walter said nodding.

"It's an honor," the three shook hands in amazement that the stories from all those years ago were true.

As they looked around the property the man said, "Aha, well I see they spent my grandfather's money well." Penny followed his view to the yacht sitting in the pond.

"There was that one traveling salesman," Penny said laughing.

"So the two men from Great grandfather's story, they really lived?"The man's son asked.

Penny and Walter shared a look and smiled at each other before Walter said, "Yes, they really lived."

The great decedents of the McCann brothers and the wealthy sheik lived happily ever after.