V. Light

Beep! Beep! Be—Smash!

Sitting up in my bed, I glared murderously at the smashed remains of my alarm clock before sliding out from underneath the covers and shuffling over to the bathroom. Yawning, I hung my towel up on the rack and looked in the mirror sleepily, eyes shooting open after seeing my face clearly.

My God. I had a zit. Me.

The fuck?

"Jesus," I rasped out, leaning in and inspecting the offending blemish carefully, "I'm hideous." Not only was it a zit, but it was fucking huge; however, the biggest dilemma was the fact that I had to go to 'work' (internship at the local detective agency) and I really didn't want anybody seeing me like that.

Problem: Big-ass zit.

Solution: Super high-tech innovation known as the paper bag.


Needless to say, I got a few weird looks from my co-workers, but L just stared at me like he usually did: emotionless and calculating. "Yagami-kun, why do you have your face covered in a paper bag?" he asked, sipping his tea and raising an eyebrow at me.

"I have a zit," I whispered, lifting the bag to show him the monstrosity.

He leaned in to look over my face before pulling back and snatching the bag from my hands, ripping it into pieces. "Yagami-kun, it is barely a square millimeter. You're overreacting."