Harry Potter and the Hidden Truth

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Chapter 1

A lone figure walked down a path that led up to a large manor. The path was made of white marble and was lined with hedges planted with red wood around their bases. The Manor itself was like a large castle that eerily appeared out of the mist that seemed to come from it.

The figure stopped as it looked upon the castle and then directed its attention to one of the rooms on the far tower. A light was coming from the window and the shadow of a person could be seen sitting at a desk. The figure pulled down its hood and let long raven hair fall around the now obviously feminine face.

The girl's skin was as pale as a full moon and her blood red lips seemed to shine in the darkness. Her beautiful face graced a small smile as she looked again at the tower before moving to the door and opening it. Her feet were silent as she walked to the stairs leading to the tower. The main hall of the manor was as large as the entrance hall of one Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Pillars of marble were placed about a quarter of the way from each wall, providing structural as well as visual support.

The staircase itself was made of black marble that seemed to disappear in the limited light. The girl continued to her destination until she reached the door of her choice. She took a shattered breath to calm her nerves as her excitement grew before she opened the door. When she arrived inside she found it empty. Several books lay open on the desk and candles burned all around. A low hissing sound could be heard from the dark hallway that led out of the room and the girl turned towards it.

She was about to move when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around her waist. "You know you have never been very good at coming into my home without me knowing."

The girl closed her silver eyes and felt the pleasure of the hands that held her. "Who says I want to enter without you knowing? I always enjoy it when you catch me."

A shiver went down her spine as the hands moved up and slowly caressed her very attractive figure before coming to rest just below her firm breast. "So you have always wanted to me to catch you is that it my Victoria?"

Victoria shivered at the low voice as it spoke softly into her ear. She gasped slightly as the hands move up and cupped her chest and slowly caressed her feminine assets. Not being able to hold off much longer, she turned and wrapped her arms around her mysterious man's neck and smashed his lips to hers'.

The kiss was powerful, passionate, and lust filled causing her to moan out as he masterfully maneuvered his tongue into her mouth and kissed just how she liked it. After a good minute she pulled back and stared into the powerful emerald green eyes that looked down at her. "How do you always know what to do to me Harry?"

The person with his arms around her stepped back and looked at the beautiful vampire. His raven hair was in an untamable mess but was pulled back into a ponytail that hung down below his shoulders. His skin was lightly colored from being outside and his muscular form showed in his clothing. When he ran a hand through his hair a scar could be seen in the form of a lightning bolt. Harry smiled and kissed her softly, "I keep up practice with some help."

Victoria raised an eyebrow, "And that help would be in the form of Fleur or Gabrielle?"

Harry looked at her for a moment, "I resent that, Gabrielle has only just gone through her Veela maturity so I will not do anything to her until she has had time to get her powers under control, out of respect for her. Fleur on the other hand is a completely different story."

The vampire gave a saucy smile, "I realize that. She is a Veela and there is no other being in the world that has that kind of power over men."

Harry pulled her to him causing her to literally melt into his embrace, "Yes there is, you." Victoria kissed him again before pulling back and opening her robes.

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Not now you pervert, it's getting warm in here and I want to take off my robe."

"Victoria, you are a vampire."

The girl rolled her eyes and took out a newspaper clipping that was hidden in her upper body. Harry looked at her, "Where were you keeping that?"

Victoria turned and smiled, "That's for me to know and you to find out later."

Her expression then turn serious as she gave him the paper, "This was from the Daily Prophet a few weeks back." Harry looked down at the headline.

He Who Must Not Named Returns!

Written by Rita Skeeter Daily Prophet

It with a heavy heart that I must inform you all of the tragic truth. Not a week ago, Ministry officials have confirmed the return of the most feared dark wizard of our time. After events that occurred in the Department of Mysteries, involving Michael Potter (The Boy-Who-Lived) and several of his friend, Minister Fudge made an official statement about the return of the Dark Lord. It is unknown why Mr. Potter and his friends were in the Ministry or for that matter how they got out of Hogwarts when not only Albus Dumbledore but both his parents were present.

This reporter was able to talk with Lord James Potter, Michael's father, and get some information. Quote "We are very happy that my son and his friends managed to escape the Dark Lord once again. This shows that Voldemort is a coward and still isn't able to fight our savior and my son. I have never been happier to call someone my son." It is clear that Lord Potter has summed up all our feelings on the matter. Michael has done many amazing things in the past few years and it has been my privilege to report on everything from his first year up until the Tri-Wizard competition last year. That being said, we must all hope that our savior will be able to stop the Dark Lord once again as he did so many years ago.

Harry's eyes seemed to glow with rage as he read the article. He crumpled it up and tossed behind him, causing it to burst into flames mid-air. Victoria looked at her lover and wrapped her arms around his waist, "Love, what's wrong?"

Harry sighed, "That moron wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for me and here they all are claiming he is the prophesized one? It's because of this damn scar that I was able to figure out Voldemort's plans and help in some way shape or form."

Victoria sighed, "Harry, you are ten times the man anyone could hope to be and you are the only true Sorcerer since Lord Slytherin himself. Despite how you feel about your family and how you were treated you will have to return."

Harry nodded and slowly ran his hands down the back of her dress, savoring the feel of her smooth skin through the v-cut in her in her dress.

She shivered again, "You know it won't be easy. I will be considered a dark and evil person for the magic I use. Not to mention the things I have done."

Victoria smiled sadly, "Love, I will be there with you every step of the way as will Fleur and Gabrielle. You have three very powerful witches that would gladly give up their lives for you and we will be with you every step of the way."

Harry nodded, "Not just powerful, you all are beautiful, loving, and incredibly sexy." Victoria smiled and kissed him, "You seem to have forgotten what day it is." Harry thought for a moment, "What would that be?"

He never got a chance to answer as Victoria pulled the strap that was tied around her neck and caused her dress to drop to the floor, leaving her standing there in nothing but a pair of black panties.

Harry grinned like a child in a candy store, "It's my birthday!"

Meanwhile, at Potter Manor a large party was going on. It was to celebrate the birth of Michael Potter, the savior of the wizarding world. Hundreds of people turned up with gifts and well wishes for both the boy and his family. James Potter stood up at the front with his son at his side, both loved the spot light. But the other parent, Lily Potter, was currently in the basement of the manor.

She was sitting in front of a small chest and was holding onto a stuffed animal that looked like a shaggy black dog. Her beautiful face and eyes were stained with tears and she hugged the animal. Lily heard movement behind her and turned to see two men standing there. Both had black hair, one had a goatee while the other had a greasier look to his. Both men walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. Lily turned and cried into the arms of her best friend Severus Snape while Sirius Black picked up the stuffed version of his animagus form and clutched it tightly as the three all remembered the other child that was supposed to be with them, Michael's twin, Harry Potter.

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