The steam from the Hogwarts Express filled the air and hid many people as they walked. One group in particular was very thankful for the convenience of the steam. At the front of the group was a teenager with messy black hair and brown eyes. He was pushing his trolley towards the engine. His owl sat in its cage upon the boy's trunk with the initials J.S.P. The next person…or persons were two women…or a woman and a little girl. The girl had vibrant red hair and freckles covered her cute face. The mother looked like an older version of the girl except with less freckles. The mother turned and smiled at the last two people to walk into the station. A young boy was standing next to his father and he walked stiffly as they approached their destination. The boy's trunk was initialed with A.S.P. When they were about to arrive at the engine, the boy stopped and pretended to tie his shoe…making the father kneel down.

The father had glasses and messy black hair like his two sons but the difference was his eyes. Powerful green eyes twinkled as he listened to his son. "But dad what if I am in Slytherin?"

The boys father also known as Harry James Potter smiled, "Albus Severus Potter, you are named after two Headmasters from Hogwarts and one of them was the bravest man I ever knew."

Harry turned and smiled at his wife Ginny Potter…wait…Ginny Potter?


Harry's eyes snapped open as he shot up in his bed. He used his hand and wiped away the sweat that was forming on his forehead. Harry quickly recalled the dream and rushed down the stairs to the family room. He threw the doors open and breathed a sigh of relief as he saw all four of his wives sitting there having tea.

Victoria looked up and smiled, "Not that we don't appreciate the view dear but would you mind putting some clothes on?"

Harry looked down and quickly waved his hand making silk robes appear over his nude form. Fleur looked at her husband, "Arry what iz wrong?"

The Sorcerer shivered, "Just a very bad dream."

His wives looked at him funny before Victoria finally stood up and walked over to Daphne, "Alright hun, hand her over."

Daphne pouted cutely before she handed a pink bundle to the vampiress. Victoria smiled and kissed the exposed pinkish skin and walked over to Harry, "She has been fussy all morning…she wants her daddy."

Harry took the small bundle and smiled as he looked down at his daughter of five months. Harry moved the blanket and exposed her face and smiled brightly as his daughter opened green eyes with silver lining the outer edges and smiled at him. The Sorcerer gently ran a finger down her cheek, "Lilith Selena Slytherin…my baby girl."

Victoria smiled at the full name. Lilith was after her mother and Selena was always a favorite name of hers. Daphne smiled at them, "She is defiantly going to be a daddy's girl."

Gabrielle giggled, "Opefully all of our daughters are like zat."

Harry smiled at his youngest wife and nodded, "I sure hope so."

Victoria smirked, "That all depend on if Fleur has a boy or girl." The Veela witch shrugged as she rubbed her small baby bump, "Veela almost always give birth to female offspring…but it would be nice if the Delacour Family would get a boy to carry on the name."

Harry smiled at Fleur, "Don't worry love; we have plenty of time to worry about that."

Harry gave his daughter back to Victoria for the evening feeding and stepped back to watch his small but growing family.


After the death of Voldemort and the end of the war, Harry had been hailed as a hero by not only England but American and most of Europe. Voldemort's reach had extended much farther than anyone thought and he was prepared to invade the mainland after the destruction of Hogwarts. Much to Harry's annoyance the Ministry had insisted upon awarding him the Order of Merlin First Class as well as a large bounty for the death of Voldemort and all his minions. Harry took the money and donated it to the relief fund as an anonymous donor. The young Sorcerer then took his family and left for his manor before anyone else could disturb them.

The final battle had been a very costly one on the side of light. Of the close to six hundred fighters less than three hundred survived the battle. Of those loyal to Dumbledore only a handful survived. Some of the ones who passed were Professors Sprout, Sinistra, Vector, Madame Hooch, Charlie and Ronald Weasley, Dean Thomas, Cho Chang, Seamus Finnegan and countless others. The Battle Mages took a massive blow when Mandelore finally passed away from his injuries sustained while fighting Grindelwald. Those who didn't die in the battle sustained heavy injuries and the majority of them had to spend at least one night in St. Mungo's hospital.

The Battle Mages recovered their dead and went back to America…there mission complete. The US government wanted to award Ky for his services to the nation but, the Battle Master refused to accept any awards unless all of his men, alive and dead, were recognized. So the United States awarded each and every man of the Battle Mages that fought in the war a The Purple Heart, The Distinguished Service Cross and The Silver Star. Once Ky's men had been given the awards, the Battle Master stood up and received the Medal of Honor for going above and beyond the requirements to ensure his nation's as well as other's safety. Major Wolfgang Hochstetter and General Mandelore were also awarded this medal for helping with the same things.

After recovering from his wounds, Major Hochstetter went on to dedicate his life to learning and preserving the old way of magic, specifically Sorcery, which Harry had willingly help with. The former Nazi was in the process of drawing up plans for a national museum for the magical arts.

Mandelore was given a hero's funeral and the honor of being the first Battle Mage to be buried in the Mandelore Battle Mage Mausoleum. The building was put in the center of the burial grounds at the Academy and a large statue of Mandelore holding his helmet under his arm stood in front.

Battle Master Ky was a changed man after the death of his friend. He took several weeks off from active duty and traveled the nation to mourn. Upon his return he reorganized the Battle Mage Academy and rebuilt the program from the bottom up. He put a large amount of money into the funding of magical weapons and soon had the first official American Magical Armored Division, codenamed Heavy Division, rolling out. On a more personal level, the Battle Master took Harry's wives' advice and is currently dating a beautiful witch who has a Master's in Ancient Runes.


Albus Dumbledore's sins eventually got out into the open and destroyed any credibility he once had. The old mage gave a public speech stating how sorry he was and even broke down halfway through. Albus retired from Hogwarts as its Headmaster and officially retired from the magical world. He is rumored to be living in the country someplace close to the supposed ruins of Camelot.

The Potter family also suffered in the spotlight. The news that Michael Potter wasn't the Boy-Who-Lived rocked the wizarding world to its core. For weeks, angry people yelled for the family to pay back all the gifts and money they had accepted under false identities but when Albus's meddling was revealed they backed off. Lily and James continued to teach at Hogwarts with Lily taking up the position of Deputy Headmistress since McGonagall became the Headmistress. Michael Potter did a lot of growing up over the summer, partly due to his friend's death, but also thanks to his now official girlfriend Hermione Granger. Hoping to redeem himself, Michael joined Hermione at Harry's home and worked alongside his girlfriend for his twin. While they are far from being a proper family, Harry has accepted his twin as a human being.

Raven Potter was far better off than the rest of her family. Harry surprised her with a ring on her birthday that not only listed her as being protected by the Slytherin Family but making her the Godmother of Lilith. Raven spent the majority of the summer at Harry's and is due back at Hogwarts once the repairs are completed.

Severus Snape was one of the few servants of Voldemort who didn't parish. The moment he saw the other Death Eaters suffering he quickly used his own curse to cut off his arm, which turned to dust before it hit the ground. He spent the next week in the hospital recovering from the loss of blood and strain on his magical core. Cutting the bond drained his core to the point of near death. The Potions Professor is currently debating whether or not to return to Hogwarts and continue teaching.

Sirius has continued to repair his relationship with Harry and is usually over at the Manor once a month for dinner. The Dogfather retired from being an Auror and with his friend Remus, funded the Weasley Twin's shop for expansion. Fred and George opened a new branch of joke products name Marauder Jokes with Sirius and Remus taking it over.

Remus Lupin is working with Sirius to help their new business grow as well as raise his son Teddy. The child has already shown signs of being a Metamorphmagus much like his mother.


As for Harry and his girls…they waited a matter of days before getting married. The wedding was officiated by Count Victor and with a very small gathering of people. Ky stood in as Harry's best man while each of the girls stood in as each other's maid's of honor. The hard Battle Master blushed when all four girls kissed his cheek at the same time before he moved away grumbling. Daphne's parents and her little sister Astoria all shed tears as they watched the Ice Queen get married to the man she had quickly come to love. Fleur and Gabrielle both prayed to their parents before saying their I do's and Victoria got a double feature by having her father give her away and officiate the wedding. Harry sealed their marriage with a Sorcerer's Oath which bound the five of them together for all of time. The Oath was the most powerful promise a Sorcerer could never be broken…the last one had been performed by Salazar Slytherin to his lover Rowena.

Victoria went into labor just after the group returned from their honeymoon and Lilith was born on July 16th. Fleur announced her pregnancy the next week and Gabrielle has taken to trying to get pregnant, much to Harry's enjoyment. Daphne decided to hold off on the child bearing until she was a little older and has since taken up more of the politics of the Slytherin Family.

Harry now held the seats of the Slytherin, Potter, Greengrass, and by conquest Gaunt family lines. This gave Daphne plenty to do and while she left the Greengrass title to her father, she still worked with him as he would eventually hand the title over to Harry. The Delacour line was going to be held by Harry until his and Fleur's first born son this way the line would continue.

Harry retired from his company and left it in the hands of his board so he could spend time with his family. The Sorcerer stated to in his only public address that he would return if and when the world ever needed him as was the duty of his bloodline. The young man spent days sleeping with his wives expressing the love they had with each other before they finally got back into a normal routine.


Harry was brought out of his thoughts by a gentle kiss from Daphne. He smiled at her and hugged her to him, "You alright Harry?"

He pulled back and nodded, "I was just thinking about the last couple of months."

She smiled brightly at him, "You have your whole life to remember…let's just focus on the now. Besides, we have my family coming over for dinner so we need to get ready."

Harry nodded and took his daughter from Victoria again, "You my little one are Daddy's little princess." The girls all smiled at their husband before Victoria snorted, "I really hate to be the guy that has to ask you for permission to date her love. Hell, I hate to be any of Raven's future boyfriends."

Harry chuckled and kissed Lilith on the forehead making her giggle. "It will be interesting." The young family then left the room to prepare for company and the happiness that awaited them. As the door closed a single figure appeared in the room and smiled as he watched Harry walk away.

Salazar let a single tear fall from his face as he spoke softly, "The truth that was hidden has now been revealed to the world. Let happiness always fill your life my son."

The ancient Sorcerer turned to see Death standing there with his hand pointing to another figure. It was a woman with beauty comparable to none. She smiled at Salazar and the man smiled widely upon looking at Rowena, "Let happiness fill you indeed."

And there you have it my friend….Harry Potter and the Hidden Truth is now officially done.

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