All Dogs Go To Heaven / Back At The Barnyard / Scream Crossover 2

Barnyard Episode 21: Screaming Again At San Francisco

All Dogs Go To Heaven Story 2: Screaming Again At San Francisco by rocker54

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening


"I'm afraid it's Woodboro."

As Sasha was walking up stairs, a hand grabbed a hold of her leg.

"Aaaahhh! Charlie!" screamed Sasha.

"Reveal yourself, Ghostface."


"Mission failed."

"I'm Hayley Shafer."


DJ swore to himself he'd love no one other than Daisy. But when he met Sasha LaFleur-Barkin, feelings spoke louder than swears.

It was Daisy and DJ's honeymoon. They sat under a tree DJ lit up light green under the starry sky.

DJ's cellphone rang as they were about to kiss.

"San Francisco call." said DJ and answered it.

Daisy rolled her eyes and started toward the barn.

"Hold on." said DJ. "Honey, what's your problem?"

"Normally, you don't answer other states' numbers, but here lately, you always answer San Francisco calls!" said Daisy. "DJ, I can't live like this!"

"Baby, she's not my girlfriend!" shouted DJ. "They've had more evil attack than we've had. They have a child, Daisy. I can't just protect everyone and leave them alone!"

"I'm going to the barn!" said Daisy.

"Sasha, can you please call me back?" asked DJ.

"This isn't Sasha!" said a familiar guy's voice. "And I know what you did last month."

"How can you speak to me if I cut your heads off?" asked DJ.

"Because I'm not Hayley or Mickey." said the voice. "Your San Francisco friends are dead meat."

DJ ran back to the barn, packed his bags and grabbed the keys to the Dodge Ram.

"What's wrong now?" asked Daisy.

"Ghostface is back!" said DJ. "They're planning on killing Sasha and Charlie!"

Everyone got in their cars and drove down to San Francisco.

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