Chapter 7

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***** Megatron

Quickly Mikaela, Sam, and I finish hooking Bee up the truck. Sam hurriedly grabs the Allspark from where he sat it down earlier. (AN: I spelled it right!)

"I have to get going now," Sam tells us as he gives me a quick hug.

"Be careful," I smile worriedly, "I don't want to have to come save your butt!"

Sam laughs, "Don't worry I'll be careful."

Ironhide and Ratchet come over to us in their robot forms.

"Sam, we will protect you," Ironhide tells Sam and I feel a little bit less worried. But only a little bit.

Sam nods and begins to run. I turn around to say something to Mikaela and notice the conflicted look on her face. I feel surprise hit me. Mikaela likes Sam. Wow, I am such an idiot. How did I not see it before? I told you I need to start paying more attention.

"Mikaela," I smile. She looks up at me still conflicted. "If you're going to tell him, then tell him now."

Mikaela looks shocked, but then smiles. She runs to catch up with Sam.

"Sam, wait!" Mikaela yells. Sam stops and turns around surprised.

"No matter what happens, I'm really glad I got into that car with you," Mikaela tells him emotionally. Suddenly they're kissing and I want to squeal happily, but I don't want to ruin their moment so I hold myself back. Sam pulls away and smiles at her softly. He mutters something to her and turns around and runs off with Ironhide and Ratchet guarding him as he goes.

Gun fire is going off all around Mikaela and I as we watch Sam go for a minute.

"You girls get out of here now!" one of the soldiers yells at us. I roll my eyes.

"Let's go, Mikaela," I smile at her. Mikaela smiles happily at me.

Mikaela jumps into the driver seat as I climb into the passenger seat. Mikaela drives carefully trying to get us somewhere safe. Bee shoots at a Decepticon as we go past him from afar, but Mikaela gets us into a wide alley safely. She pulls to a stop and leans her head against the steering wheel breathing deeply. I get out of the truck to let her get control of her emotions and go to Bee in the back.

"How are you doing, Bee?" I ask him gently and he smiles at me. He picks me up and brings me to his eye level, so that he can gently nuzzle me. I can't help but giggle which makes him smile wider. "Guess that means you're fine, hehe."

"I'm great as long as you're here," he whispers to me. Well, as much as you can whisper when you're using a song from a radio station to talk, but it was still extremely sweet. I blushed deeply.

I'm so used to blushing around Bee now that it doesn't surprise me that he just got me to blush so easily. He's Bee after all. Mikaela hops out of the truck and comes around back to us.

"I have an idea!" Mikaela tells us excitedly.

"What is it?" I ask while I relax in the comfort of Bee's hand.

"Bumblebee's legs may not be working, but his gun still works fine," Mikaela smiles.

"Mikaela, you're brilliant!" I laugh. I look up at Bee, "You up to it, Bee?"

"Let's do it," he smiles as he slides his face armor down. He gently sets me on the ground and Mikaela and I get back into the truck.

Mikaela starts the car and pulls out into the street. I turn around to watch out the back window as she punches it into reverse.

"You shoot we'll drive," Mikaela calls to Bee. We start speeding up faster and faster as we go backwards.

"Turn right turn right!" I yell helping Mikaela as Bee has to push some cars out of our way.

"Okay!" Mikaela yells back. Bee starts shooting as I see the Decepticon tank robot from before. The Decepticon was focused on shooting at Lennox and his team, so Bee's shots hit his mark. In surprise, the Decepticon looks over at us angrily. In his distraction, Bee hits him again while Lennox's team is able to get in some good shots at him of their own. Bee's last shot hits the Decepticon's spark and he falls backwards dead.

Mikaela pulls us to stop as we stop near the fallen Decepticon. Mikaela shakily gets out of the truck as she takes deep breathes. Me on the other hand….

"Oh my god! That was AMAZING, Bee! You looked so cool! You were like bam bam bam and he was like 'ahhh!'," I imitate as I pretend to have a fake gun with my hands and dramatically put my hand over my heart in front of Bee. Bee looks at me amusedly and chuckles.

"Well, he's definitely dead now. Good job, girls," Lennox tells us. "Let's go. We got more to take care of!"

All the soldiers rush off to kill the next Decepticon that they find. Mikaela and I hug each other tightly.

"How do you think he's doing, Jeanette?" Mikaela asked worriedly. I immediately knew she was talking about Sam. I pulled out of our hug and thought about my answer for a minute. I sigh and sit down next to Bee on the truck.

"Honestly?" I ask as I look up at her. She nods as tears start to gather in her eyes. "I don't know. Sam's never been one for a lot of running, but being chased by giant alien robots trying to kill you will definitely help motivate a person. At the same time, he's so determined when it comes to taking care of his loved ones."

Bee rubs my back with one of his fingers comfortingly and I moan softly at the feeling. I immediately flush cherry red. Oh my god, I can't believe I just did that! Lucky for me Mikaela didn't look like she noticed. I could see that she was thinking intensely. Thank god.

I peeked up at Bee to see him slightly blushing but looking pleased with himself. Stupid smug robot…

"I think he'll be okay," Mikaela said shakily. "But I'm still worried."

"Well, there's only one way to find out," I said pointedly trying to cover my embarrassment. Mikaela contemplated it for a minute and nodded.

"Alright, let's go," Mikaela said determined and got back into the truck. I give Bee a scolding look as soon as Mikaela got into the truck.

"I can't believe you did that!" I said embarrassed. I can't believe I'm turned on by a robot! Bee smiled innocently and picked me up so I was eye level with him.

I scowled at him still thinking about how embarrassing it would have been if Mikaela had heard me. Bee gave me a little pout. I stick my tongue out at him. Bee chuckles and gently nuzzles his face into me. I feel my heart melt and uncontrollably wrap my hands around his face as he chirps delighted. I run a hand down his nose as I look into his baby blue eyes and forget what I had been so embarrassed about a few minutes ago.

I lightly place a kiss on the tip of his nose and Bee's eyes close as he still nuzzles into me. I smile and place another kiss onto his top lip. Bee sighs happily.

"Hey you two hurry it up," Mikaela calls. I blush cherry red as Bee's eyes open. His eyes sparkle as he gave another chirp and smiles before setting me back onto the ground.

I had a little trouble standing because of my now weak knees, but I got into the truck.

"What took you so long?" Mikaela asks raising an eyebrow at me.

"Umm, just talking to Bee," I smile.

"Uh huh, sure," she rolls her eyes. I laugh and shove her a little jokingly.

"Come on, let's make sure Sam is being careful. Otherwise I get to kick his butt," I laugh with Mikaela.

Mikaela starts the truck and drives us close to the tall white building that Sam was supposed to go to, but not close enough where we could get hurt.

Imagine how terrified I felt when I saw my twin brother standing right on the edge of the building while holding onto the Allspark and barely holding onto a statue to keep him from falling.

"Oh my god," Mikaela says terrified. But that was nothing compared to when I saw Megatron standing practically right by him.

"Oh my god," I repeated after Mikaela. Helplessly we watched as Megatron ripped off one the statues and seem to be snarling something at Sam. Suddenly, Megatron hit the edge of the building where Sam was holding onto and Sam started falling.

"SAM!" Mikaela and I both scream as we watched horrified and with no way to save my brother. Out of nowhere, Optimus appeared and caught Sam before he could get hurt. I am going to give Optimus a huge hug the next time I see him.

Megatron saw Optimus catch Sam and jumped off the building after him. He slammed into Optimus causing all three of them to go crashing to the ground.

"Disgusting," I heard Megatron mutter as he flicked a random human. Which, if it weren't for the situation and the fact that Megatron was trying to destroy Earth, would be kind of funny in a really weird way.

Now that they were on the ground, we were close enough to hear and see everything while not getting hurt or into the fight.

"Sam," Optimus said to Sam, "you risked your life to protect the cube."

"No sacrifice, no victory," I heard Sam reply using our great great grandfather's old saying.

"If I cannot defeat Megatron, then you must push the cube into my chest. I will sacrifice myself to destroy it," Optimus said. How in the world would it be fair if Optimus dies? Even if he dies, Megatron would still be around afterwards to kill and harm as many humans as he can.

I saw Sam get away from both Megatron and Optimus, so that he hopefully wouldn't get hurt.

"It's just you and me, Megatron," Optimus said.

"No, it's just me, Prime," Megatron sneered as he got up to fight Optimus. What a conceited, evil jerk.

"At the end of this day, one shall stand and one shall fall," Optimus said wisely. Megatron grabbed Optimus and chucked him at a building.

"You still fight for the weak and that is why you lose!" Megatron said as he picked Optimus up and threw him at a different building. I resent that statement. Humans may be tiny, but we're not helpless. Besides Optimus is too kickass to lose. Right?

For a while, the fight was going pretty evenly. Every punch or hit Megatron threw, Optimus would deflect and every time Optimus tried to swipe as Megatron, Megatron would catch it before it did much harm.

However, Optimus didn't last long before the odds started turning to Megatron's favor. Megatron started mixing up his moves and confusing Optimus. One harsh hit caused Optimus to go crashing to the ground and before he could get up, Megatron swiftly kicked him. Come on, Optimus get off your butt and start actually fighting! It was obvious Optimus was holding back for who knows why.

Loud jets suddenly came out of nowhere and were aiming shots at Megatron. He stumbled as missiles started hitting him accurately causing him to fall to the ground also. Yay! Oh yeah! What did I say about humans not being weak? Uh huh, that's right.

Megatron tried getting back up, but fell down again as another missile hit him. Before the next jet came, Megatron started crawling towards Sam to get him. Wait. Sam? Get out of there you idiot! You are in so much trouble when we get home mister!

"Allspark mine!" Megatron sneered as Sam crawled backwards helplessly.

"Sam, put the cube in my chest now!" Optimus demanded. Before Optimus could stop him, Sam stood up and pointed the cube at Megatron's chest. The cube started disappearing as it melted Megatron's chest and killed his spark. Megatron shook for a minute, then finally fell dead. WOO HOO, GO SAM!

Optimus stood up and looked at Megatron sadly, "You left me no choice brother."

Well, that explains the holding back thing. With Megatron finally dead, Lennox's team started coming towards them and all the Autobots started to gather. Mikaela started the car and drove us near Sam and everyone else.

"Sam, I owe you my life. We are in your debt," Optimus told him. I jumped out of the car and tackled Sam in a hug. Then I hit his arm. Hard.

"Ow!" Sam yelped as he frowned at me.

"If you EVER risk your life again so carelessly, I will give you a lot more than just a smack on the arm. Do you hear me mister?" I scolded Sam. He rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

"Yeah, I love you, too, Jen," Sam smiled. I smiled cheekily.

"I'm really feelin' the love yo," Jazz said from where he was standing. Everyone laughed. (AN: Yes I made Jazz live cause he is just too amazing to kill. When he died in the movie I stared at my TV in shock for like five minutes.)

"Thank you all for being so brave and helping us," Optimus said to everyone gratefully.

"Permission to speak, sir," I heard a deep voice rumble and almost melted at the sound. I looked around confused as I saw Sam staring at Bee in surprise. My jaw dropped shock as I stared at Bee.

"OH MY GOD! BEE, YOU SPOKE!" I stared at Bee slack jawed. Everyone laughed around me.

"Permission granted old friend," Optimus smiled.

"I wish to stay with Jeanette and Sam," Bee said as he smiled at me.

"If that is their choice," Optimus replied.

"Hell to the yeah!" I had a huge smile as I looked at Bee.

"Yes," Sam smiled at he also looked at Bee. I ran over to Bee and held up my arms like a little kid wanting to be picked up. Bee chuckled and picked me up so I could hug him. My Bee.

***** Bee

All felt right in the world as I cuddled against Bee's spark and we watched the sunset. Sam and Mikaela were making out beneath the tree while Optimus was making a message to send to any Autobots still in space.

I crawled up from Bee's chest to his face. He looked at me happily and curiously. I held onto his face as much as I could as I placed a kiss onto his top lip.

"I love you, Bumblebee," I smiled softly as I stared into his baby blue optics. His eyes lit up.

"I love you, too, Jeanette," Bee smiled at me as he nuzzled me gently.

I comfily cuddled with Bee to my heart's content and a thought suddenly entered my mind.

How am I going to tell my parents I'm dating my car?


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