I do not own High School of the Dead, in either of its glorious manga or anime forms. It belongs to Madhouse and Yen Press, who are probably a lot
richer (and undoubtedly a lot smarter) than I shall ever be. I do own the original characters contained herein, however, for what little value they are
worth. Which is probably nothing.

The World is dying, and the Dead have risen. You've followed the story since the beginning. Now follow the saga as the survivors of Fujimi High
School, and their newfound friends, attempt to survive and find their place in a world that is growing ever more dangerous. Takes place about a
week or so after events in the manga at the police station, though it is based primarily upon the anime version. Rated R for zombie violence, some
death, light and heavy cursing, and some sexual situations. Do not enter expecting a happy ending. No one will be spared. And on that note, enjoy.

Special Thanks:
Many thanks goes to James Mirachi, aka JM1681, for serving as my beta reader for this story, a first for me. Not only did he catch innumerable tiny
grammatical and spelling errors that could've interrupted the story flow, he also proved an excellent sounding board for plot elements. And fortunately
for me, is something of a gun otaku himself, so was most helpful in the element of weapons which I am most lacking.

Following its vast success and the input of reviewers, I've decided to scrap the original Chapter Eight and continue with a NEW story from where
Chapter Seven ends. New Stories, New Characters, More Violence, More Sexuality and, of course, your favorite High School of the Dead characters.
Expect the latest chapter out sometime in late August.