Me: hi everyone! Welcome to my third fic.

Bakura: this isn't going to be from one of your weird fantasies is it?

Ryou: Bakura! Be nice. She worked really hard on this.

Me: No it's not a fantasy. It's a story.

Bakura: smart aleck.

Me: anyway, on with the fic!

Disclaimer: I don't own yugioh but if I did there would be hugging scenes!

Bakura: shes really into that hugging crap.

Me: yes! Because there were a lot of times in the show where someone looked like they needed a hug…Bakura…

Bakura: hey!

Ryou: *smiles and giggles*

Me: on with the fic!

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Bakura's First Day of School

Chapter One

(Bakura pov) 10:30 pm

My name is _

Bakura, the incredibly hot and awesome thief king.

No. Okay, how about,

Bakura, the stealer of rare items and souls.

Nope…oh, oh! How about,

Bakura, the guy who's going to send you to the f***ing shadow realm for even making me do this assignment in the first place.


You're probably wondering what the hell it is that I'm trying to do here and to be honest (which I am believe it or not) I don't know either.

When I first got my body back I was excited because I get to be with my Ryou! That's right MY Ryou so keep your hands off you bloody boyfriend stealers! [run fangirls, run]

Anyway, when we first got back to Domino I was looking forward to spending time with my Ryou. [we get it Bakura, he's yours] [Bakura: sod off! I can say it as many times as I want to, he's mine!] [sorry for the interruption, on with the fic] But that joy was soon eliminated as I was told that I would have to attend this 'school' place during the day. I didn't know a lot about this 'school' because I was busy doing other things [I can only imagine] while Ryou attended it. All I do know is that there are teachers and they tell you things then give you craploads of homework due the next day {or so as I was told.} But to put this lightly, I refused to go, there was no way in hell I was going but that didn't stop Ryou or his stupid friends from dragging me there.

*Flashback* (3rd person pov)

beep…beep…beep…beep…bee *smash!*

[was the animated hammer really necessary?] [Bakura: yes it was. It wouldn't stop beeping at me!] [Ryou: that's because Bakura's to incompetent to push the stupid snooze button. *Sighs*]

Bakura grumbled and snuggled tighter into the blankets as the sun's morning rays began to shine through the window his bedroom and because there were no curtains, the light immediately fell upon the now, once again, sleeping form of the former thief king.

Bakura tried to turn away from the bright light now visible through the blankets to try and get more sleep but it didn't last long…

((Bakura!)) sang a voice through the mindlink.

Startled, Bakura flung the blankets upward, but because he was snuggled into them ended up falling off the bed and onto the floor belowl.

((Bakura?)) the voice questioned.


Ryou who had been downstairs cooking breakfast for Bakura, set down the plates and went upstairs to find his unanswering yami.

Upon arriving at Bakura's bedroom door [yes they have separate rooms. Sorry no lemons.] Ryou knocked and called for his yami. Not hearing anything he knocked again finally getting an answer, though it sounded muffled so he decided to see what Bakura was doing and opened the door. As he looked around, his eyes finally landed on Bakura and Ryou tried greatly to stifle the laugh trying to escape his lips as he stared at Bakura's glaring form.

Bakura was sprawled out on the floor, his legs and part of the blanket wrapped up on the bed. His arms were flailing, tugging at the blankets trying to escape the cotton cocoon but he only managed to get himself more stuck. But when he heard Ryou enter he froze, but when he heard Ryou trying but failing to not laugh at his predicament he turned and glared at him. Though that glare soon turned into a pleading look telling Ryou that, as much as he hated it, he needed help.

Ryou, taking pity on him carefully unwound his yami from the cocoon and helped him up.

"There, all better?" Ryou asked mockingly. Bakura just glared.

"Well anyway, come on Bakura I just finished making breakfast and you need to get ready for school."

Bakura stood there for a moment confused. "School?" he asked.

"Yes, you know, the place where all teenagers have to go during the day. We've been talking about this for a month now. Remember?"

It took a few seconds before the light bulb or candle [Egyptian theme] went off in his head. Though his expression didn't change.

Ryou, believing that Bakura wasn't getting the hint, closed his eyes and admitted a slow sigh preparing to explain school to Bakura again for the 10th time since they had returned. But when he opened his eyes Bakura wasn't in front of him. Instead he had somehow, in that short of time, gathered the twisted up blanket and had flung himself back onto the bed with the blanket once again covering him completely, feigning sleep.

"I am not going" came a muffled reply from under the blanket.

"Sorry Bakura but you have to" Ryou said " you said you wanted to live in this time period well, school is a required law, so come on we need to get ready."

There was no reply.





"Hey Bakura."


Ryou walked up to the bed and pulled away the covers and seeing that while he was talking, Bakura decided to go back to sleep.


The yami didn't stir.

"Bakura! Get up!"






"Pshycotic shadow weilder!"


"Demented kitty!" [running out of names]


"Bakura, come on!"

Letting out a frustrated sigh Ryou stomped out of the room, a devious plan working out in his head, oh yes Bakura was going to school one way or another. Ryou let out a silent laugh and went downstairs, picking up his cellphone and pressing the familiar numbers to the two people he knew would help him out.

Bakura slept on, oblivious to what was about to happen.

Me: the end. Of the first chapter! Wow, ryou sounds devilish right now…I like it! That's right, Ryou isn't always sweet and kind and Bakura is about to find that out real soon.

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