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Chapter 4

All was quiet, too quiet for Bakura's liking because with those two, anything could happen when least expected. Bakura was more on edge due to the fact that since being pounced on in bed he hadn't seen hide or hair of Marik which, if you know him, is never a good sign.

*clink* thump.

*clink* thump.

*clink* thump.

*clink* thump.

"What the…?"

Bakura listened as the sounds got louder until he realized that they were coming from upstairs.

Fearing what could possibly be up there, Bakura grabbed whatever was near him, which happened to be a lamp and headed slowly up the stairs.

Upon reaching the door the sounds were coming from he went to open it only to see the lock jiggle.

Pulling his hand back and stepping away he saw Yami open the door and shoot out as though running from a ghost but before running to the stairs he turned to Bakura.

"Bakura! Run! He's gone nuts! He's insane! Run for your life!" Yami yelled running downstairs and out the door.

Bakura stood there. What was wrong with Yami? What had the almighty pharaoh screaming and running away? Bakura had to see. [the phrase curiosity killed the cat would work nice here]

Reaching back towards the door he peeked in, only to be met by a solid object blocking his view.

Looking up he saw just what that object was…


Bakura's eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. Standing still staring t eh other, he dropped the lamp completely.

Marik had somehow taken the knives from Bakura's collection and stuck them everywhere.

Long steel knives adorned his hair, [don't ask how, just go along with it] two huge blades sat on his shoulders, and smaller knives ran along his arms, legs and even fingers giving a claw-like look. [Freddy Crougar x 2] On his face was a mask with a bloody slash through the black eye sockets and in his hands was a large chainsaw. [where did he get that?]

Even with the mask on Bakura could tell he was smiling, smirking evilly as he let out a creepy laugh.

"Here Bakura…I have a surprise for you" Marik said, his laugh darkening while he revved the chainsaw to life.

"Bye, bye hehehehe" he maniacally cackled as he swung the chainsaw by Bakura's head.

Finally able to move Bakura raced away towards the stairs, hearing Marik's cackle once again.

"Come on Bakura…I just want to play" he revved the chainsaw once again. Bakura, freaked out of his wits, just kept on running as knives flew on every side of his body, hitting the walls near him. Letting out a yelp as one came just inches from his face, Bakura raced downstairs and out the door looking for anyway to get out of the situation when he spotted Ryou and the other hikaris just ahead he started towards them, not noticing Yami appear from behind the house and hi-fiving a laughing Marik at the front door.

Running to the group of slowly walking hikaris, Bakura panted as three seemingly surprised teens watched him try to catch his breath. When he found it he said only a few words that he never saw escaping his lips.

"Okay…okay…I'll go to school just don't leave me with that pshyco!" he pleaded. Ryou smiled at him hoping Bakura didn't see the laughter in his eyes. And with that the group headed off to school, Yami and Marik joined them a little later. Bakura keeping his distance from Marik.

It wasn't until the end of the day that Bakura had learned, by overhearing a conversation, the plan that had been set for him and as everyone else laughed he stormed to his room, grabbing the Ryou plushie and falling asleep.

*End Flashback*

(Bakura POV)

So now you know why I'm stuck here doing this homework at 11:30 at night, but I did learn two things about this experience.

1) Never let your hikari wake you up almost four hours before you have to get ready for school.

2) Ryou is so going to get it tonight *evil grin* oh yes.

[and he calls Marik psychotic?]

The End

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