Something, Anything...Everything.

Shows: Supernatural & Psych

Characters: Sam & Shawn

Rating: T for swearing and bit of violence

Genre: Family/Friendship

Summary: Shawn is ignored by his mother and Sam by his brother. Both are insulted and seen as disappointments by their fathers. When they run away they are depressed to realize that they don't have anywhere to run to, or anything to run from...but at least they aren't alone. They have one another. Another who understands completely. And what could possibly go wrong with a real psychic and a future fake psychic?

"Sorry about this man," fourteen year old Sam Winchester said.

"Don't worry about it. So long as we hang out dude. It's like impossible to get any time outta ya," fourteen year old Shawn Spencer replied.

"Yeah but I doubt hanging out in the library is your idea of friends hanging out," Sam said.

"Eh, I've heard it both ways," Shawn said.

"You don't have to suffer with me. You can hang out with your other friends," Sam offered, though he secretly hoped Shawn wouldn't leave. He liked the other boy's company. It made him feel semi normal not hanging out with hunters all the time, but he wouldn't be a burden for Shawn like he was most of the time for his family.

" of right're my only friend," Shawn said quietly while shifting in his seat.

Sam looked up surprise all written on his face, "Huh?"

Shawn looked away and ran a hand through his shaggy hair, "The kids in class aren't really my friends. They're just like acquaintances that laugh at my jokes and pranks and stuff. Not really 'friends'."

"What about Gus?" Sam asked.

"The same reason the other kids aren't allowed to be my friends. Gus' parents just finally made it official. I'm a bad influence dude. No one wants their kid around me. Only reason you're still my friend is because you're new. Trust me, if your old man knew about me..." Shawn trailed off.

"I've heard about what you've done. My dad would probably wish you were his son. You're like creepy brilliant," Sam said.

"Yeah well that's good to hear...I think. So yeah I'm stuck here, unless you just want me gone?" Shawn asked.

"NO!" Sam said a b it too loud. He got the old librarian to "Shh" at them.

"Sorry..." Both boys whispered.

"I just know that this is boring and I didn't want you getting bored is all," Sam said.

"Well you've been doing this for a long time so it might be boring to you. But looking up supernatural things for your old man? I wish my dad made me read stuff like this," Shawn said as he grabbed one of the books Sam had been reading.

"Yeah but it gets boring eventually," Sam said.

"Not for your dad. Gotta give him props though. Being a mythological investigator? He's kind of like the ghost hunters from SciFi," Shawn said.

"Yeah...Ghost hunters...You sure you don't mind?" Sam asked.

"For the hundredth time dude, its fine. This way not only do you not get in trouble but its easier for my dad to keep tabs on me, and I'm actually at the library."

Sam smiled and shoved a few books Shawn's way, "Then here. My dad needs to, uh, write a paper...for his friend about ghost and needs to learn about metals and their properties. Take some notes on the metals and what their good for."

"Right O, boss man," Shawn replied and took out one of his notebooks and started to investigate. He liked Sam a lot. He was different from the other kids. He wasn't normal or fit in. For some reason Sam didn't like that. Shawn would give anything to be like Sam. From his clothes to the things he does, and Sam was really smart, just shy. And when Shawn walked to where Sam was staying he saw his father teach his older brother how to use a crossbow! A freaking for real crossbow! His dad only taught him to use a gun because a good cop has a good shot, but otherwise, Shawn wasn't allowed to have anything that can potentially be a weapon in his hands.

Once they had a good amount of information Sam said that they should go get a bite to eat and then head home. They stopped at a burger place and sat down.

"So...any possible chance your old man will let you hang this week end? Men in Black comes out and I hear it's gonna be awesome!" Shawn said.

"I'll have to ask but maybe. Seeing as how much info we got today it might make him happy enough to let me go," Sam replied.

"I hope so. I really need some time with someone who isn't old or in a uniform. I have a feeling I'll be spending some time in the police station when I get older so I'm not fond of spending time there now," Shawn said dryly.

Sam laughed, "I guess that's a fair point. I'll let my brother know and have him help me in getting my dad to agree."

"If it helps, tell your brother I think he's awesome," Shawn said.

"Well he does love himself so it might help...though I'm not sure what boosting his ego will do in a long run," Sam said.

They finished eating and Shawn walked with Sam until they reached the current Winchester home because it was first. Shawn waved at Sam as he entered the old house. From where he was he could see inside and saw Sam give his father their notes. It was faint but Shawn saw a grin, even if minuscule, on Mr. Winchester's face. Sam then whispered something to his older brother, who smiled a goofy idiot smile and winked at his little brother, who seemed to relax. It looked they he might have plans after all.

Walking up his street Shawn saw that Gus was outside of his house. He wasn't alone though. He was playing chess with another kid. Shawn recognized him from the church he used to go to. They were laughing and talking happily. As he passed the house Gus looked at him and Shawn raised his hand to wave and was about to say hi when Gus' mom came out and blocked him from view and she held a tray of cookies and ushered the boys inside. Shawn frowned. So much for their friendship...

Walking to his own house Shawn thought that he'd get the usual mouthful from his father about some sort of responsibility he shirked, some lesson he needed to learn, or something else his father needed to tell him that would belittle him and make him feel stupid or insignificant like his dad always did.

But no one was home.

Walking into the kitchen he saw a note on the table. Picking it up Shawn read it and sighed heavily.

"Got called out for a stakeout. Be home late. Make sure you do your homework or so help me god I'll punish you."

Putting down the note Shawn ventured to the rest of the house. There were so many things he could do. So many mischievous tricks he could play and whatnot. But despite popular belief he didn't feel like it. He walked to his room and laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

He just laid there and after a minute shut his eyes shut and grabbed two fistfuls of hair. A long time ago he wished for the silence. He wished that for once his house would be quiet and that no one would be loud.

Before, if there was silence, that meant that no one was fighting, no one was yelling, no one was angry, and no one was crying.

Now the silence meant that the house was empty. No one was fighting because they had abandoned the house...they had abandoned him. The silence that at one point had brought him comfort now tortures his ears with the loud deafening silence...


Startled by the sudden interruption of said torturing silence Shawn sprang out of bed and ran to answer the phone.

First he just stared at it. There was a chance it was just some operator or sales person trying to sell him the latest gadget that was completely useless. could be some police officer calling him that his dad had died in the line of battle as a hero and he was sorry without actually meaning it. When he was little he remembered going to the hospital one time because his father had been shot. His mother had been too shocked and confused him making him think his father had died. It was all because of one phone call.

His mother was gone now. She loved him and he loved her, but she was very absent of mind especially when it came to him. He knew his father never told him and never will but he could read people and knew that his mother wasn't really a 'motherly' woman. She hadn't really wanted a child. If his father was gone too...what would happen to him?

When he finally stopped his thoughts and was about to pick up the phone he realized it had stopped. But then it started again and Shawn debated again. It could be his dad's partner trying to get a hold of him...

With a deep breath Shawn answered with a weak hello.

"Shawn! I thought you weren't home yet," it was Sam.

"So, your dad said yes then?" Shawn asked already knowing the answer.

"How'd you know?" Sam asked in the questioning voice of his.

"Well its only been like twenty minutes since I left you, you don't always get to go out, and your voice was a bit eager to tell me something," Shawn answered.

"You're good, dude," Sam said.

"Wow...feels good to hear that every once in a while," Shawn meant it to sound like a joke but even to his ears it was the truth.

"So...we're on this weekend?" Sam asked trying to change the subject.

"Most old man isn't home. I'll asked later, but I'll end up going either way. I can't miss one of the few times Samuel Winchester is actually allowed to be off his leash now can I?" Shawn teased.

"Oh ha ha, you're worse than my brother," Sam muttered.

"I'm being compared to Dean Winchester? That means I am so awesome. Hey, maybe I should start gelling my hair...and get a hair cut. Right now my hair is more in the Sammy phase..."Shawn ranted.

"Whatever dude. But we can go to the movie theater down the pier. It's the closest," Sam said.

"Sure thing Sammy Whammy," Shawn said knowing it annoyed Sam when he called him that.


"Oh, gotta go. I gotta stay on my dad's good side if I wanna go," Sam said.


"I gotta go too..."

Hanging up before his dad went upstairs Shawn listened to the noise downstairs. His dad was taking off his belt and credentials and placing them on the table. Shawn let out a sigh of relief. Even if they constantly fought and his father didn't really seem proud of him, Shawn always felt better knowing his dad was home, even if it was to just yell at him, at least he was still alive, and that meant that Shawn wasn't alone. And from what he's learned on TV, all the yelling his father does is because he cares. If he didn't yell then he didn't care. And despite how awful the words got Shawn repeated the mantra that his father yelled at him because he cared deep down inside rather than just hated him and was only tolerating him because his ego wouldn't let him send him away, because real men don't do thing just because their easy. They do the honorable thing. And when men have children they care for them until said child becomes an adult...

"My dad cares...he doesn't tolerate...he cares...he doesn't tolerate...he cares...he has to...he's all I've got left..."

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