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Together, they had resoluted that relationships with any other glee club members were out of the question. She had three exes, he had two, and it was starting to get messy, all the romantic ties the members of the club were forming with one another.

But it wasn't an easy New Years resolution to make.

Especially with him sitting there, cheeks rosy from the warmth of the fire, red suspenders against his white t-shirt making him appear super hot to her.

Especially with her kneeling at his feet, head against his knee, hazel eyes gazing into his, green sweater conforming to her figure.

Especially when his fingers lightly brushed a few strays hair from her forehead, causing her to shiver, despite the warmth.

Especially when her eyes closed at his touch and her pink lips lifted in a smile.

Especially when all he wanted to do was hold her close to him, hearing her heart beat next to his.

Especially when she desperately wanted to kiss and be kissed by him.

Then he was tugging on her hand and she was moving to his lap.

Somewhere in the house, they heard the countdown.

"Screw resolutions," she whispered.

"Especially," he replied, his voice as soft as hers. "This one."

And then it was midnight and people were screaming and fireworks were being set off and…

…they kissed.