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Chapter Five

Christmas Eve night was surely freezing. Lovino sighed as he aimlessly walked the streets of the city, wanting to be anywhere but home. The tears had stopped running down his face long ago, and now he just stared blankly ahead, deep in thought. Why would someone do that? Why would someone want to purposefully ruin another family's Christmas? He held back a slight sob as he began to think about the feelings he had had when he had seen their distorted Christmas.

Lovino could feel his cell phone vibrating in his pocket, but he didn't bother answering it. The ringing echoed in the empty streets, void of any life besides him. Minutes passed and the phone did not stop ringing, but he was not going to answer it.

Buses had stopped running about an hour ago, and barely any cars drove by. The ones that did sprayed slush in his direction and didn't so much as slow down as they went past him. As he pulled his jacket tighter around himself and heard the old fabric of the jacket ripping, Lovino winced. "Damn, how fucking old is this thing anyway?" he whispered.

Taking a break and huddling into a small alleyway, Lovino tried to conserve as much body heat as he could. He tried to remember when he had even gotten the jacket. A cold breeze blew though the alley, and he shivered as he let his head rest on the wall behind him.

"This jacket…came from…" Lovino closed his eyes in thought, racking his mind to remember. "I think…I remember." He folded his knees up to his chest, thinking deeply and trying to get his thoughts away from what a terrible Christmas this was sure to be. "Feli gave it to me when I turned sixteen." Lovino buried his face into the worn cotton of his jacket, trying to bring that day back into his memory.

He had been in his bed, sleeping peacefully, when a large weight had suddenly pounded into his stomach. Feliciano had woken him up and pushed a small wrapped package into his chest. "Happy Birthday Lovino!" he yelled at him.

At the time, Lovino had not gotten anything for his brother, seeing as he had no job and no money to buy him anything. He looked at the present, firmly held in his brother's hand as it was pushed into his face. "Whatever. Just put it down and get out."

"Ve~… But we share a room!" Feliciano whined.

"I don't care." Lovino rolled over and pushed his head underneath his pillow, trying to block out his little brother.

Feliciano left the present at the end of the bed and looked sadly at his brother. "Well… Dad said that he wanted you to come down soon. He made us breakfast."

A pillow chucked at his head was the only answer the younger brother got. Without the aid of his pillow, Lovino ducked his head under his blanket and went back to sleep.

Lovino knew that, deep down, he had always cared about his little brother, despite how he had always treated him when they were younger. Almost every day, he realized again how much nicer he should have been to him. Growling in frustration, Lovino turned his head upwards and looked at the falling snow around him.

"I've taken… so much of my life for granted," he whispered. Gripping the jacket Feliciano gave him, Lovino let his head drop again, not wanting to stare at the falling snow.

"What now…?" he asked himself.

For a moment, he thought about going home. But he wasn't in the mood to see the crying faces of his family, so he crossed that off his list. Next, he thought about possibly trying to call Tempest on his cell; however, Lovino knew that the older man was not in town, so he crossed him off the list of people to call as well. Biting his lip, Lovino thought about the only other person that he somewhat considered as a friend.

He pulled out his phone and looked though his contacts to see Antonio's number, just waiting to be called. Lovino pulled in a deep breath, hovered his finger over the call button, and then closed his phone.

"No… He's probably pissed that I ran off this morning." Lovino could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he thought about Antonio. "Fuck!" he yelled as he slammed his phone into the ground. "I don't fucking need him!"

The phone smashed against the concrete. Sighing, Lovino picked up the phone to make sure that it was okay, only to realize that the screen was now cracked and completely blacked out. "Great, what do I do now?" Lovino stared down at the phone in his hand. Most of his numbers were not memorized, and he only had three numbers on speed dial.

With another sigh, he put the phone back into his pocket as it began to ring again. Even though he had a good idea about who could be calling, Lovino did not feel like talking to anyone now. The phone eventually went silent, and the only sound was his own breathing. The icy air felt like needles piercing his lungs as he breathed. The snow had not yet slowed in its pace.

"It's… cold. I wonder if I should go home…"

He stared at the falling snow, wondering what he should do. Christmas was ruined, and he really did not want to head home. For a moment he thought about possibly going to a friend's house, but then he realized that, after he had dropped out of high school, he had lost contact with everyone he knew from school.

"I don't need them, though. I don't need anyone… no one…"

He buried his face into his knees and began to cry again. The tears fell freely from his eyes as he tried to figure out what he was going to do. The most obvious thing to do was to go back home, but, as he told himself over and over again, he would not do that, for the simple reason that he was not in the mood to see his father and brother. He could feel his body rock with each sob he let fall from his lips.

"I have no one. I have nothing," he whispered to himself. He gripped his knees hard, nails digging deep into his jeans.

"I fucking screwed up everything. There isn't a fucking thing I can do right."

He let his head fall against his shoulder as his eyes began to droop.

"I'll forever be…useless Romano…"

There nothing more relaxing to do on a lonely Christmas Eve than to eat as much ice cream as you could buy with the small paycheck you earned each week, after having the one you loved run away and not answer your calls – or at least that was how Antonio felt about it. He rolled onto his stomach, pulling his carton of extra-chocolate-chip chocolate ice cream closer to his chest.

"Ah~ another lonely night," he sighed, taking a bite of the ice cream.

Antonio kept his eyes glued to the TV as he watched "A Christmas Story" for the fifth time that night. He was lonely, sure, but at least he had a half-eaten carton of ice cream and a marathon of his favorite Christmas movie to cheer him up. Another spoonful of the sugary treat was pushed into his mouth as he rolled onto his back to look up at the ceiling.

Though he really did enjoy watching this classic movie, he would much rather have someone to watch it with. Putting the lid on and placing the entire carton on the floor, Antonio rolled onto his side, facing the wall.

"Lovi, why do you always run away from my love?" he asked himself.

He ran a hand down his stomach, fingers lingering on the button of his pants. Quickly unbuttoning them, he began to slide his legs out of the garment. With his eyes closed, Antonio slid his hand slowly into his boxers, gasping lightly when his hand made contact with his slowly growing member. He bit down on his lower lip as thoughts of Lovino began to fill his head.

He was lonely – he needed someone, something to ease the empty feeling inside him.

Gently, Antonio slid his hand down himself, gripping tightly at his base and pulling up. He slowly stroked himself, rubbing his fingers over the tip of his member, then back down. He pushed his face into his pillow when his hand began speeding up, attempting to stifle his moans. With his free hand, he rubbed his stomach, trying to get every bit of pleasure that he could out of it.

"Ahh… L-Lovino…" he whispered.

His breath began to hitch as he felt his climax nearing, and he started pumping even faster. Moaning softly, Antonio arched into himself when he knew the time was about to come. However, the sound of a ringing cell phone interrupted his fancies. He was close, but that phone – it was ringing. He could not stop, but he had to.

Stopping himself, Antonio sighed, knowing that he probably wouldn't be able to start again. He reached over to his desk to answer the call. Looking at the caller ID, he noticed that it was Feliciano. "Hola, Feli, is there something you need?" Silence. "Feli? Are you there?"

"Y- yes, I'm here," Feliciano's voice whispered back into the phone. "Is Lovino there?"

Antonio could hear the slightest bit of a sniffle in Feliciano's voice. Wondering what had happened, he responded, "No, what happened?"

More silence, then a slight sob. "He…. ran off. And he won't answer his phone," Feliciano told him.

Antonio was not sure what to think of that. He talked to Feliciano for a while, trying to calm the now-crying boy. Near the end of the conversation, he even volunteered to try to look for Lovino. After hanging up the phone, Antonio pulled his pants back around his waist, then began looking for his shoes. He found them a moment later, near his closet with his socks still stuffed into them from that morning.

A soft sigh escaped his lips as he smiled. "Oh, Lovi, I wonder what you are getting yourself into right now." He pulled on his shoes, grabbed his jacket off his desk chair, and pulled it over his shoulders. "Well, whatever it is that you are up to, I'll be there to find you." He giggled to himself as he left to try to find Lovino.

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